The Return of Killswitch Engage

Hello everybody! Here is my first music review, hope you all enjoy it!


disarm the descent

ARTIST: Killswitch Engage

GENRE: Metal

YEAR: 2013

COUNTRY: United States

Killswitch Engage is an interesting Christian Metal band that has gone through many changes over the years.  The have overcome controversy, vocalist changes, and even temporary haitus, in order to keep pumping out good music for their fans.  Killswitch Engage is quite popular in the metal genre, most notable for their songs: Holy Diver (Dio cover), As Daylight Dies, This Fire Burns, The End of Heartache, My Curse etc.  You can find the links to them below:


The Current Lineup of Killswtich Engage

Now enough bio, back to the album review.  Disarm the Descent is Killswitch Engage’s sixth studio album since forming in 1999.  The album also marks the return of Jesse Leach (who last performed vocals for the group in 2002) after ten years apart.  As for the album itself, it sounds just like Killswitch Engage did when they released Alive or Just Breathing (Leach”s last album with the band), just audibly older.  The album gave me almost a nostalgic feel, as I am a Killswitch Engage fan that prefers Leach’s vocals over that of Howard Jones (2003-2012).  Disarm the Descent truly shows the evolution of Killswitch Engage and is absolutely amazing to Leach and the band play again after ten years.  If you want to listen to some the album there are some links below.


SCORE: 7.5 /10 Stars

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