Epic Rap Battles: Season 2 (Finally Over!)

Hello everybody!

Well looks like Season 2 of the Epic Rap Battles is finally in the books with the new ERB released today (Rasputin VS Stalin)  If you feel like checking them all out, check the links at the end of the post.  Here is the Epic Rap Battle season 2 finale:

The show is absolutely hilarious and you can’t help but sing along.  While some of the lyrics are elementary, most of the time you can learn quite a lot about the rappers that you didn’t know before. If you feel like having a laugh, check them out.

SCORE: 8.2 /10



#33 Rasputin vs Stalin

#32 Skrillex vs Mozart

#31 Babe Ruth vs Lance Armstrong

#30 Nicola Tesla vs Thomas Edison

#29 Gandhi vs Martin Luther King Jr.

#28 Adam vs Eve

#27 Moses vs Santa Claus

#26 Sherlock Holmes vs Batman

#25 Bruce Lee vs Clint Eastwood

#24 Doc Brown vs Dr. Who

#23 Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama

#22 Frank Sinatra vs Freddie Mercury

#21 Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates

#20 Cleopatra vs Marilyn Monroe

#19 Michael Jackson vs Elvis Presley

#18 Mario Bros vs Wright Bros

#17 Master Chief vs Leonidas

#16 Adolf Hitler vs Darth Vader (ROUND 2)


#15 Nice Peter vs EpicLloyd

#14 Captain Kirk vs Christopher Columbus

#13 Mr. T vs Mr. Rogers

#12 Dr. Seuss vs William Shakespeare

#11 Gandalf vs Dumbledore

#10 Ben Franklin vs Billy Mays and Vince Offer

#09 Napoleon Bonaparte vs Napoleon Dynamite

#08 Genghis Khan vs The Easter Bunny

#07 Albert Einstein vs Steven Hawking

#06 Justin Beiber vs Ludwig Van Beethoven

#05 Kim Jing-Il vs Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage

#04 Sarah Palin vs Lady Gaga

#03 Abraham Lincoln vs Chuck Norris

#02 Darth Vader vs Adolf Hitler (ROUND 1)

#01 John Lennon vs Bill O’Reilly



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