Justin Timberlake’s Tunnel Vision Ban Lifted

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A ban on Justin Timberlake’s new video for “Tunnel Vision” has been lifted after being briefly removed from YouTube. The racy video hit the web last Wednesday, and features topless women dancing lithely while a fully-clothed Timberlake dances in various montages. The seven-minute video also features images of the singer’s face projected onto the naked dancers while long-time producer and collaborator Timbaland provides additional vocals.

The video was taken off YouTube hours after its debut for violating the site’s explicit content policy, but was later reinstated with a content warning requiring users to sign in and verify their age.

The video violated You Tube’s explicit content policy, but is allowed due to a clause that states:

“While our guidelines generally prohibit nudity, we make exceptions when it is presented in an educational, documentary or artistic context, and take care to add appropriate warnings and age restrictions.”

The video can be seen below:


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