Postal 2: Soccer With Human Heads

TITLE: Postal 2

DEVELOPER: Running With Scissors

GENRE: Sandbox

YEAR: 2003

Postal 2 is a highly controversial and success full sequel to 1997’s Postal. The game game is highly controversial for over the top and gruesome gore, unnecessary violence, desecration of human corpses, animal cruelty, and the collapse of society. The game has been banned in numerous countries most notably: Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, and New Zealand. In New Zealand the purchase or possession of Postal 2 can be punished by up to three years in jail and/or a fine of $250,000. As of the 2011 re-release on Steam the game is now available worldwide. Postal 2 is on multiple top ten lists of highly controversial games right behind Manhunt.

The plot of Postal 2 is simple, complete up to four tasks a day over the course of the week either as peaceful or as violent as you wish. The full game occurs over the course of one week, Monday – Friday. You are assigned mundane tasks like picking up/ cashing your paycheck and finding a Christmas tree. There some more specific tasks like getting Gary Coleman’s autograph and getting tested for Gonorrhea. The closer you get to Friday, the more society collapses.

Despite of what I have heard about Postal 2, I actually really enjoyed playing the game. My favorite way to “go postal” was to either burn elephants alive with gasoline or playing soccer with dismembered heads. I have to praise it foe the uniqueness of the game, despite its shortcomings. One of the major goals of Postal 2 was to create an actually “living city”. They wanted the people to act just like they were in any backward ass town in Arizona, and they definitely succeeded.

He didn’t want to sign my petition.

Alright, so there are many problems with Postal 2, despite how much fun the game really is. Here are many actions you can commit a n game that I would be disgusted by, only if it wasn’t Postal 2. I mean, one of the tasks is to urinate on the main character’s father’s grave. You even have to go get tested for Gonorrhea! Luckily, I started Postal 2 knowing fully well what I was getting myself into.


  • The game’s “living environment” is actually pretty awesome.
  • Innovative ways to kill people.
  • Violating Cats with guns.


  • Over the top Violence
  • Buggy game engine.
  • Way to much animal death for any normal person.
  • Why does everyone just randomly shoot each other?

SCORE 6 / 10



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