Gravity: The Most Intense Film Ever

Hello everybody! So I am an active member of Source Fed/ Source Fed Nerd’s Anime/New Movie/ Movie Clubs and over the weekend I saw Gravity. Here is my review.


TITLE: Gravity

DIRECTOR: Alfonso Cuaron

STARRING:  Sandra Bullock, George Clooney

GENRE: Science Fiction, Thriller

YEAR: 2013

COUNTRY: United States

Alright, so as an avid participant and many different movie clubs, the majority of the wanted me to go and see Gravity.   I have to say, I wasn’t necessarily disappointed.

Gravity is a different film, definitely to say for sure. The film was directed by Alfonso Cuaron and stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as two astronauts Dr. Ryan Stone and Matt Kowalski respectively. Dr. Ryan Stone (Bullock) is on her first space shuttle mission while Matt Kowalski (Clooney) is one his final mission (Which means he is going to die :D). The film follows the final maintenance space walk on the Hubble Space Telescope and their journey to the International Space Station.

I really enjoyed Gravity for multiple reasons. While the plot is actually quite lackluster, I though Sandra Bullock did an amazing job as Dr. Ryan Stone. Gravity is a very visually appealing film, it looks absolutely amazing and easy on the eyes.  The film is hugely intense, definitely to the point of being anxious and uncomfortable. It made me scared to the point of dreading what came next. Despite that, I loved it!

Even though I thought Gravity was absolutely amazing, it definitely has its faults.  The film is way too intense for the majority of people, I went with my roommates and they thought that it made them way too uncomfortable and they actually had to leave the theater…twice. Also, George Clooney could have been replaced. I thought Clooney did a decent job as a “mentor” but then again I could have seen anyone else in his role.


  • Sandra Bullock at her finest.
  • Very intense.
  • Amazing visuals.


  • Lackluster plot.
  • George Clooney could be replaced

SCORE: 9 / 10

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2 thoughts on “Gravity: The Most Intense Film Ever

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