Chrome Shelled Regios: Roaming Cities Across the Wasteland

Hello everybody, our anime club is finally back on its feet. Over the last three weeks my writers and I were able to catch up on quite a number of submissions, so we will have plenty over the next few weeks.


GENRE: Fantasy, Adventure, Post-Apocalyptic

DIRECTOR: Itsuro Kawasaki

WRITER: Shūsuke Amagi

YEAR:  2007 – 2008


Hello again everybody! I have to say I am glad to be back for our anime club, it has been too long. Anyways let me start the review.

Chrome Shelled Regios was a short but an enjoyable anime. Here is a quick synopsis of the story:

“In a post-apocalyptic polluted earth overrun with mutated beasts called Filth Monsters (Contaminoids in Funimation’s translation), humanity is forced to live in large mobile cities called Regios and learn to use weapons called DITE and harness the power of Kei to defend themselves. In the Academy City of Zuellni, Layfon Alseif is hoping to start a new life without Martial/Military arts and forget his past. However, his past has caught the attention ofKalian Loss, the Student Council President and Nina Antalk, a Military Arts student and Captain of the 17th Platoon, who instantly recognizes his abilities and decides he’s the perfect candidate to join her group. The series follow Layfon’s life in Zuellni and occasionally has flash backs of his life in Glenden.”

I have actually been meaning to write this review for a while, I believed I finished Chrome Shelled Regios three months ago and I swore that I already wrote a review on it, but when I was looking through our anime club posts I couldn’t find it. Anyways, overall I enjoyed Chrome Shelled Regios quite a bit. What I really enjoyed about the show was that while it focused on teamwork in order to “survive” in this post-apocalypse, it stressed the individuality of each of the characters just as much. The setting of the show is pretty legit too, everything is completely turned into a wasteland except for roaming cities? That is pretty awesome.

While I did really enjoy Chrome Shelled Regios, I did have some qualms about it. One, I wasn’t exactly happy with how it ended. It was quite disappointing, yet I felt it did wrap up the series. There was also an overabundance of characters and I felt the story could do well without many of them. One last qualm about the story, I felt that they didn’t fight the Contaminoids enough. They were supposed to be such a huge threat but they didn’t really fight them too much.


  • Focus on individuality, but also teamwork.
  • Awesome setting.
  • Interesting weapons.
  • Main characters.


  • Too many characters.
  • Not enough Contaminoid confrontations.
  • Simple dialogue.

SCORE: 8/10

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