First Look Archer Season 5: No More ISIS

********************************************SPOILER ALERT*********************************************

The ISIS office is blown up by the FBI, who then arrests all the ISIS agents. Mallory gets them out of it by agreeing to shut the office down permanently. The characters go back to the office and muse about different professions they could try, with Cheryl insisting she’s going to become America’s top country sensation and Archer reviving his dream of playing professional lacrosse. Pam is happy that she still has underground fighting to fall back on. Just as the episode reaches a point where everyone would hug goodbye, Mallory reminds them that they have one last thing to deal with: the “not-figurative-at all” ton of cocaine in the secret vault.

So they decide to become a drug cartel. Which, apparently, is what’s happening in Season 5.

I’m so excited for this season I can barely breathe.


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