I Am Legend: Will Smith, the Last Man on Earth

TITLE: I Am Legend

DIRECTOR: Francis Lawrence

STARRING:  Will Smith, Alice Braga, Charlie Tahan

GENRE: Post Apocalyptic, Science Fiction

YEAR: 2007

COUNTRY: United States

I am just going to throw this out right now, this review is based off of my second viewing of I Am Legend. This is also my first viewing of the film since watching the original version.

I Am Legend stars Will Smith as Lieutenant Colonel Robert Neville, the last human in New York City, quite possibly the last human on Earth. He spends most of his days still trying to discover a cure for this disease (disguised as a cure for cancer) that has ravaged Earth. We follow his day to day activities which include scavenging, hunting wild life, and broadcasting for survivors.

I Am Legend is definitely one of those films that has its success based completely on the main star’s performance. This is increasingly evident because for the majority of the film the only person we see on screen is Will Smith. Despite his character being incredibly flawed and even to the point I lose interest, Will Smith actually does a decent job. I could actually see him as the last man on Earth. Definitely not as a scientist like he was in I Am Legend but maybe as a soldier or something else in the military.

While I really enjoyed Will Smith’s performance, I have plenty of issues with I Am Legend. One of my biggest gripes for this film was the CGI. I don’t normally have a huge problem with the use of CGI in films, but I really had an issue with the monsters. They definitely could have looked a hell of a lot better than they did, especially with the technology we had only a few years ago. My second issue I had with I Am Legend was the ending. They should have made the DVD alternate ending the actual ending, it was so much better and made a hell of a lot more sense.


  • Isolation.
  • Will Smith Performance.
  • Car commercial in first act.


  • Outdated CGI.
  • Very uninteresting story.
  • Ending

SCORES: 7.0 / 10

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One thought on “I Am Legend: Will Smith, the Last Man on Earth

  1. Good review. The ending may be a bit of a disappointment, but everything leading up to then is still quite compelling.

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