Brotherhood: Are You In or Out?


DIRECTOR: Will Canon

STARRING: Jon Foster, Trevor Morgan, Lou Taylor Pucci, Arlen Escarpeta

GENRE: Thriller

YEAR: 2010

COUNTRY: United States

Alright, today’s review is for a film that I am actually kind of biased about. As apart of a fraternity, I have my own views on hazing policies.

Brotherhood is an interesting film following the initiation ritual of the Sigma Zeta Chi fraternity. The pledges had to rob a gas station for exactly $19.10, the year the fraternity was founded. Before the pledges ran in the store, a brother was to give them the money and to tell them to act like they robbed the place. After a mix up in stores, a pledge actually robs the store and is shot in the process. The rest of the film we follow the fraternity as they try to cover up the night’s events.

Brotherhood is an entertaining film, especially since I don’t normally like these kinds of films. I really liked the performances of the two main stars as they butted heads against each other. President of the chapter versus the pledge class president. Since I am apart of a fraternity (which one I will not mention), I can relate to the events of the film. While I was far from being hazed, I do know some good friends that had to endure.

After my second viewing of Brotherhood, I see how much is wrong with the film. I really didn’t enjoy how it stereotyped the fraternity and sorority. Not all of Greek life is like that, damn it. We do our part to help the community, we don’t just party. End rant…


  • Jon Foster performance.
  • Trevor Morgan performance.
  • Anti-hazing tones.


  • Fraternity stereotypes.
  • Unrealistic examples of hazing (not by far though).
  • Disappointing performances from majority of cast.

SCORES: 6.0 / 10

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