American Psycho – What Her Head Would Look Like On A Stick!

Hello everybody! Today we review A Cult Classic, American Psycho!

American Psycho

Director – Mary Harron

Starring – Christian Bale, Willem Dafoe, Jared Leto, Josh Lucas, Samantha Mathis, Chloe Sevigny, Cara Seymour, Justin Theroux, Reese Whiterspoon.  

Genre – Drama

Year – 2000

Country – United States

Patrick Bateman (Bale) is a wealthy investment banker living in Manhattan in the late 1990s! Bateman’s life revolves around dining at popular restaurants, and keeping up appearances for his fiancee, Evelyn (Whiterspoon)  and his friends, most of whom he dislikes! but he also leads a secret life as a serial killer! Jealous of one of his co workers, Paul Allen’s business card sends Bateman into a rage, as he makes dinner plans with Allen at a Christmas party just to get him drunk and lure him back to his apartment to murder him with an Axe while playing “Hip to Be Square” by Huey Lewis and the News! Bateman then covers his tracks by packing all of Allen’s clothes and leaving a fake voice mail on his answer machine claiming Allen was out on a trip in London, but after Paul Allen’s family grows suspicious of his disappearance, Patrick Bateman meets Detective Donald Kimball (Dafoe)  who is on the Allen case! Now Bateman has to trick the detective, while attempting to control his murderous ways!

I was originally told that the TV Series Bates Motel was based of this movie, but after watching it I believe I was lied to! That doesn’t take away from this movie at all because it was great! Christian Bale was at his best here, as he manages to play a Psychopath brilliantly! Not only does the numerous ways he murders people draw you in, but the character of Patrick Bateman draws you in as you try and figure him out! Even though Patrick Bateman is engaged, that doesn’t stop him from cheating on his fiancee with her best friend and some Hookers! and its here were the murdering really begins! We see numerous times how Bateman lures women to his apartment and hes sex with them, just to murder them afterwards! At one point one almost gets away from Patrick, but is stooped when a Chainsaw is dropped onto her from the top of a Stairway!

The only real problem with this movie I have, is that I’m honestly still confused with the ending. At the end after confessing all his murders to his Lawyer over the phone on his answer machine, he later meets up with his Lawyer to learn that Paul Allen can’t be dead, because his lawyer had lunch with him in London 10 days ago! If its a Twist ending, and all the murder were inside Bateman’s head than its a brilliant ending, but if he just go away with it all, than it doesn’t explain who his lawyer really had lunch with. I honestly believe it was all in Bateman’s head, but I can’t be to sure, because the movie never says anything about it. Unlike in a movie like Fight Club where it is addressed that Tyler Durden and the narrator are the same person, this one honestly leave you confused!


  • Christian Bale is at his best!
  • Plenty of Blood and Gore!
  • Patrick Bateman is a great Character!
  • Perhaps a Great Twist at the End!


  • Focuses way to much on Patrick Bateman!
  • Waste of a great cast!
  • Confusing ending!

Score – 8\10

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