The Indie Shelf: Hidden in Plain Sight

Hello everybody?! On the second installment of The Indie Shelf we have an interesting party game called Hidden in Plain Sight.


DEVELOPER: Adam Spragg Games
GENRE: Action, Casual
PLATFORM: Xbox Live Arcade
PLAYERS: Single Player, Co-op

Hidden in Plain Sight is one of the first Xbox Live arcade indie games that I had ever played. I don’t visit the marketplace very often, but I sure as hell will now. Hidden In Plain Sight is a pretty fun party game with a variety of cool game modes. Despite the games’s mediocre graphics, the game looks awesomely retro for a major nostalgia feeling. The game modes consist of:

  • Death Race.
  • Knights vs. Ninjas.
  • Catch a Thief
  • Ninja Party
  • Assassin

The Ninja Party game mode is the simplest realization of the concept, with victory coming to the first player to kill the others or to touch five statues dotted about the screen. Catch A Thief splits players into two camps: thieves roam the screen collecting as many coins as they can, while other players act as snipers, picking out – and picking off – the thieves without killing NPCs. To prevent accidents, you can tag characters as innocent, highlighting them in green, if you’re sure they’re not players. Assassins is similar, with one team trying to kill as many NPCs as possible before the sniper players bring them down.

Hidden in Plain Sight isn’t going to win any awards for visual flair, with characters that are only slightly above stick figures and a fairly bland brown arena. In terms of gameplay, however, it’s a blast.

This is a local multiplayer only affair, with absolutely no single-player or online play, and when played with four players the concept absolutely sings. It’s so simple, yet taps into something so basic, that milling around in a crowd of pixel people, trying to act nonchalant while viewing everything around you with suspicion – it’s just fantastic fun, the sort of immediate and engaging party game that transcends graphics and polish. If you can gather together the joypads needed, then Hidden In Plain Sight is a must have.


  • Retro graphics.
  • Variety of game modes.
  • Multiplayer madness.


  • Too simple.
  • Gets boring quickly.
  • Very amateurish and unpolished.

SCORE: 8.0 / 10 If you have any suggestions for films/TV/Games/Music for me to review, drop me a comment! Remember: Like Media In Review @ Follow Media in Review @

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