Timesplitters 2: Let’s Jump Around Time and Kill Everyone

Hello everybody! Today we have one of my favorite games on the Gamecube, Timesplitters 2.


Developer(s) Free Radical Design
Publisher(s) Eidos Interactive
Genre First Person Shooter
Series TimeSplitters
Platform(s) PlayStation 2

In TimeSplitters 2Sergeant Cortez and Corporal Hart are sent to the Space Station which is the TimeSplitters’ main base of operations during this period. In order to protect the Time Crystals, the TimeSplitters take nine crystals and hide them through out time. Cortez and Hart manage to take hold of the Time Portal room and during which, Cortez leaps through the portal into others in order to regain the crystals to take back to the Space Station. TimeSplitters 2 was also the game which introduced Main Objectives and Secondary Objectives, which appear in all missions.

Timesplitters 2 consists of ten levels:

  • 1990 Siberia – Oblask Dam
  • 1932 Chicago – Downtown
  • 1895 Notre Dame – Cathedral
  • 2280 Return to Planet X
  • 2019 Neotokyo – Tek Quarter
  • 1972 Atomsmasher
  • 1853 Wild West – Little Prospect
  • 1920 Aztec Ruins – Guatemala
  • 2315 Robot Factor
  • 2401 Space Station

The presentation is awesome, everything is quick: Load times, respawn times, animations, etc. Good all around. High resolution textures and great animation are slightly thwarted by generic characters. Still, a respectable looking game in every way. State of the art console (gamecube, xbox, ps2) first-person shooter action: The popcorn multiplayer is deeper than before and the single-player missions are just short of excellent. An enormous amount of replay value with tons of cheats, easy, medium, and hard missions (with changing objectives), and 120-plus characters.

While the Story mode is 100% better than the first game, it’s still not a story-driven game, and at times I felt a little empty running and gunning with little empathy for the characters. All in all, TimeSplitters 2 is an excellent choice and a highly recommended game, deep with choices, options, and tons of cheats, rewards, and bonuses. However, during the single player episodes, it’s apparent that the AI is not all it could be, and TS2 flatters to deceive all too often. There are more than a few occasions where the holes in the system are all too apparent, and conspire to give the appearance of an undercooked product. For example, witnessing baddies running around in endless circles like headless chickens is certainly never going to win any awards, neither will the scrappy, almost absent, boss AI. On more than one occasion it was possible to dispatch our foe with ten quick blasts without so much as having to strafe out of the way – hardly groundbreaking enemy behavior by anyone’s standards, least of all in one of the most eagerly awaited games of the year.


  • Presentation.
  • High resolution textures.
  • Multi player variety.
  • Massive amounts of characters.


  • Running and gunning story mode.
  • Dumb ass AI.

SCORE: 8.4 / 10

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