Dishonored: A First-Person Assassin’s Creed

Hello everybody! This Videogame Saturday we have the first-person stealth game Dishonored.


Developer(s) Arkane Studios
Publisher(s) Bethesda Softworks
Director(s) Raphael Colantonio
Harvey Smith
Designer(s) Ricardo Bare
Artist(s) Sébastien Mitton
Writer(s) Harvey Smith
Austin Grossman
Terri Brosius
Composer(s) Daniel Licht
Engine Unreal Engine 3
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Release date(s) NA October 9, 2012
Genre(s) Action-adventure, stealth

Set in the plague-ravaged city of Dunwall, Dishonored follows the story of Corvo Attano, the last bodyguard to Empress Jessamine Kaldwin. Framed for her murder and the abduction of her daughter, Emily, Corvo is falsely imprisoned by the Empress’Royal Spymaster and usurper, Hiram Burrows.

Six months later, on the eve of his execution, Corvo escapes confinement with the help of a shadowy group of loyalists who seek to eliminate those involved in the assassination of the Empress and restore Emily to the throne. He is further assisted by an enigmatic god called The Outsider, who grants him Supernatural Abilities for reasons equally mysterious.

Corvo takes on the role of fearful and infamous assassin as he pursues members of the coup one by one–but whether he is out for justice or revenge is another question. Dishonored features multiple endings, which are dependent on Corvo’s actions and player choice throughout the course of the game.

Dishonored is a very fun game to actually use your mind and figure out tactically how to kill people (that’s the most fun way to do it anyway). The fighting and stealth mechanics make the game a thrill to play. Not to mention the story, while filled with traditional tropes of betrayal, is still interesting enough to keep me playing. The game definitely looks decent too, especially since it was made recently (2012).

While I had a lot of fun playing Dishonored, I understand why it flew off of my radar when it first came out. The level design, while allowing multiple ways to complete each mission, felt that it was incredibly bland. Nothing stood out to me like I thought it would. Also, by the time I reached the climactic event of the plot, I just wanted it to be done. I was finished with Dishonored before I finished the game, and I was disappointed.


  • Fighting/stealth mechanic.
  • Main character design.
  • Interesting story.
  • Graphics.


  • Level design.
  • Third act interest.

SCORE: 7.2 / 10

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