We’re “Back to the Battlefield” with Max Rael’s Raelism


Hello everyone! Media in Review is back with another music release for you (We sure are doing quite a bit of those aren’t we?). Its time to check out the second EP release from Max Rael’s newest project Raelism. “Back to the Battlefield” is a perfect example of when a master can clash genres to make an entirely unique beat. The track is brought to us by Raelism, Max Rael’s latest exploration into the world of electronic and IBM. Did he find gold? You tell us.

Now to big question is, who is Max Rael and why should we care? Good question. Max Rael is a rather skilled individual in the realm of music, not only being a producer but a songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist. He is definitely not a newcomer to the scene either, as he as worked with many artist in the UK underground during the early 2000’s.

He hasn’t only been interested in electronic music either, as while he has worked with powerhouses such as Fish, Last July, and Kommand + Kontrol, he has also jumped into the metal scene. Working on two albums with experimental death metalists The Meads of Asphodel and collaborating post-industrial rockers History of Guns is no minor feat.

What Max Rael can do with music is absolutely astounding. He is able to take many different genres, somehow able to extract the best parts and form them into his own little masterpiece. “Back to the Battlefield” is no exception, as it as a dark electronic undertone but has the IBM charm that isn’t too common nowadays.

Be sure to stream “Back to the Battlefield” , as well as five other tracks in their entirety below.

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