Canadian Pop Artist Van Norden Releases EDM EP “At First Sight”


It’s time to bring back some quality sounds to the EDM scene. Let’s bring Van Norden up to the stage with the release up his first EP At First Sight. The EP is really a piece of work for its time, a unique combination of acoustic performances and the electronic essence of EDM. Alright, that may be going a little far. Regardless, At First Sight is definitely worth the time to sit back and listen to a few amazing tracks. None of the tracks sound forced, feeling organic as they flow in and out of each other. From beat to beat, At First Sight will satisfy your new music craving for the day.

Van Norden could easily be a new master of EDM. While he normally hails from our neighbors in the Great White North, Norden is much more a LA folk star at heart. You can hear this in the radio edit of “Love At First Sight”, as hidden among all of the delicious electronic beats is a cautious yet well crafted acoustic guitar. You just have to listen for it.

Whether you want more of a pop or EDM feel, Van Norden has you covered!While you can check out the full EP as of Nov. 17th, 2015, check out the music video for the remix for his first release from At First Sight by Subliminal, “Love At First Sight (Subliminal Remix)”:

Also feel free to stream the original radio edit from Soundcloud here:

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