New Album “Cent Soleils” Brought to You by Swiss Electronic Artist Larmheim

What makes the world of EDM special is experimentation. A relative newcomer to the professional world of EDM, this Swiss producer Laermheim is the embodiment of experimentation with computer music.  He brings us his first experimental LP, titled Cent Soleils, where he explores just how far he can push the boundaries of electronic music. Two standout tracks from the album are “Streichgraben” and “Video Game Soundtrack”, as they both show two ends of the same spectrum. “Streichgraben” feels much more savage and jungle, with each individual beat continuing the jungle sound. On the other hand, “Video Game Soundtrack” shows off just what exactly Laermheim can do with no limits onhis experimentation. He may have a style unique to himself only, but if you are a fan of Ben Frost, Kangding Ray, or Apex Twin you will feel right at home!
But who exactly is Laermheim? Born in Geneva in 1989, Henri de Saussure began to study music at a very early age, initially starting with drums at a mere six years old! Once he was old enough to fully dive into his musical studies, Laermheim studied all kinds of music, from oriental and jazz to computer music. He claims he discovered his love for computer music as well as production and the recording studio environment when he began his Bachelor’s Degree in Music & Media Arts in Bern.  Aside from the thrill of experimentation and the history of electronic music, he also has a deep interest for music production in the broadest sense, the real bare bones of music production.
Be sure to check out “Streichgraben” and “Video Game Soundtrack” below and listen to the entire LP over on Bandcamp.
“Video Game Soundtrack”

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