Canadian Dubstep Producer Releases New EP “Experiment 1.3.2”


So it is time you went out and made a name for yourself…but you don’t know where to start. Take notes from SakkieFTW people. Hailing from our northern neighbor of Canada, this EDM and dubstep producer is the exact blend of both the club and the art of electronic music. Taking some serious influence from the likes of Zomboy, SakkieFTW plans to turn dubstep into his own art form. Many have traveled the road before him, but not in the way he has planned.

SakkieFTW’s latest release, the “Experiment 1.3.2” EP, is already making waves in the Canadian EDM scene. Being praised by critics for his interesting dubstep blend, we here at Neon Vision tend to actually agree. While dubstep has fallen out of the limelight for a quite a bit now, it is EPs like “Experiment 1.3.2” that are breathing a little bit of life back into the genre.  A quick but different and unique EP plus two music videos? What else do you need?

Remember to go ahead and stream the EP from Soundcloud below! Also be sure to check out both music videos for tracks “Spiral (feat, Kaeli McArter)” and “Experiment 1.3.2“.

Spiral (feat. Kaeli McArter)
Experiment 1.3.2
In Chains

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