Anime Club: Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak Academy (Hope)

Hello everybody! For the next couple weeks we will be analyzing multiple parts of perhaps my favorite modern anime series Danganronpa. As the third season was split into essentially three arcs (2 seasons and a finale) each one will get their own special review. It’s about time we looked at Hope dead on.



CREATED BY: Seiji Kishi, Daisei Fukuoka

NO. OF EPISODES: 1 Episode

GENRE: Action, Horror, Mystery, Psychological

YEAR: 2016


downloadThe series serves as a conclusion to the storyline of Hope’s Peak Academy, the elite school where the Ultimate Despair, Junko Enoshima, played hostess to a “killing school life” among its students under the guise of the evil bear Monokuma. The story is split up into two chapters: Future Arc and Despair Arc. In the Hope Arc, we wrap up the events after the Future Arc, including the return of Junko Enoshima’s Remnants of Despair and determining the fate of the old world and a creation of a new one.

Alright, so here we go. About time we wrapped this up right? Unlike most anime series, Danganronpa wraps everything up in a nice little bow, serving as essentially the series finale for the “Hope’s Peak Academy” story arc that we know and love. I will let you know now, that you may be confused if you don’t know the story of Danganronpa 2 (the only game to not have an anime adaptation) as I was. It has rather interesting twist at the end, with the re-introduction of the Remnants of Despair. Are they still filled with despair? Of course!


As far as the Hope Arc is concerned, it served its purpose as a finale. Again unless you know the story of Danganronpa 2 rather well then you will be easily confused. While it was made out to have Naegi to be the hero and the “Ultimate Hope” like he was in the original animation, that quickly unraveled and turned in an entirely different direction. Sure, it allowed the Remnants to have their spotlight in the wake of the Future Arc, but was it needed? I mean they did have the whole Despair Arc to themselves.


  • Wrapped everything up in a nice little bow.
  • Solid finale for a fantastic series.
  • Naegi is the hero the world needs, but don’t deserve.


  • Remnants of Despair spotlight.
  • Character death twist (WHYYYYY!?!?!?)

SCORE:  8.1 / 10

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