Epic Progressive House Producer Dorian Bay Releases New Single “Dream”


While we over here at Media in Review aren’t normally familiar with the works of Estonian musicians…we found one that blows us away. Bring to the stage…Dorian Bay! Okay, that doesn’t have as much of an impact as it would if I did it in my announcer voice, but you get the picture. Dorian Bay brings with him his first single “Dream”, a progressive house track that showcases plenty of what Dorian Bay has to offer. The track shows off not only his ability as a producer to create beats that you can dance easily to, but his impressive vocal work. Believe us, this track won’t be leaving our playlist anytime soon.

Now, who exactly is Dorian Bay? A renowned musician in his home country of Estonia, Dorian Bay a natural born performer and can really show us what he’s got on stage. While he is new on the electronic scene, he definitely isn’t any amateur musician as he was a lead guitarist with a ten year career with multiple successful Estonian groups. Finally deciding to branch into the world of EDM, Dorian Bay was able to create his own style, which is a mix of progressive house, trap, and big room house.

If you would like to listen to “Dream”, feel free to stream it on Soundcloud below!

Not enough Dorian Bay? Check him out on social media below!db_standing_green

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