Italobrothers Rock the World With New Single “Summer Air”


Even though our summer air has long faded in our winter months, it sure hasn’t affected our favorite house duo Italobrothers. After a steady cooling off period between tracks, the Italobrothers put out another groovy end of summer hit with “Summer Air”. While the track is a bit slower and doesn’t have the “hands up” feel that the Italobrothers are known for, “Summer Air” allows fans to experience a slower and alternative side that we already know and love. If you would like to listen to the track in its entirety, be sure to check out the video below!

The general musical style of ItaloBrothers (except My Life Is a Party and This Is Nightlife) is comparable with dance bands or artists, mostly from Italy, like Bloom 06, Prezioso, Floorfilla, Gigi D’Agostino, Gabry Ponte, Basshunter or some releases of DJ Manian and has influences of Italodance,Hands Up and Jumpstyle. They were also compared to Scooter.

In contrast to this, the music style of their singles Cryin’ In The RainMy Life Is a Party and This Is Nightlife is mostly influenced by commercial European dance music like House and Electro. This style can be compared to artists like R.I.O., 2010s releases of Manian and Cascada, and Mike Candys.

You can check the Italobrothers at all of their social medias below:


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