Back At It Again! Crywolf Releases New Single “Windswept”


Alright everybody, after the successful release of his EP Cataclysm, Crywolf is back at it again with your next dose. Latest from the Crywolf catalog,  “Windswept” quickly goes from one end of the ball field to the other and back again…but it’s actually a great thing. The almost orchestral vocals soothe your eardrums (especially with the right pair of headphones) and at the same time welcomes you into Crywolf’s world. A world where it is hard to distinguish what is real.

Just like with the rest of Crywolf’s work, it is hard to classify “Windswept” into one category. While it has an almost ambient in tone, it doesn’t fall anywhere else in that classification. Same could be said with the standard electronic genre, yet Crywolf doesn’t completely fit in there either. Anyway, Crywolf can just exist in his own avante garde bubble/world for now. He doesn’t have to come out any time soon, even if he wanted to.

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