Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings New Release, Protocol Acapellas Vol. 2


Alright, can we all just agree that almost everything Nicky Romero touches turns out just spectacular? While that remains to be seen, Romero is back at it again with a new release from his label Protocol Recordings. I mean, who doesn’t need acapella versions of the label’s hit songs? Make room for Protocol Acapellas Vol. 2.

After having a massive outing at the Amsterdam Dance Event, it was about time that Protocol Recordings went back to the studio to appease the masses with a new release. Protocol Acapellas Vol. 2 is exactly what it sounds like…and it is the perfect tool for producers to utilize. Our personal favorite here at MiR is “Ghost” by Tom Swoon & Stadiumx ft. Rico & Miella. Wow, what a long artist title. Anyway, the track sounds only better in its acapella form. What will it be mixed with next?

If you’d like just a quick preview…a taste if you will, then be sure to check out the promo below!

Track List

01. Nicky Romero – Lighthouse (Acapella)
02. Paris & Simo, Rico & Miella – Get Back (Acapella)
03. USAI & Crusy – Hypnotize (Acapella)
04. John Christian vs. Sem Thomasson – Speed of Light (Acapella)
05. Tom Swoon & Stadiumx ft. Rico & Miella – Ghost (Acapella)
06. Arno Cost – 1000 Suns (Acapella)
07. Volt & State, Sam Void, Avedon – Hold On (Acapella)
08. John Christian – Next Level (Nicky Romero Edit) (Acapella)
09. Pandaboyz & Nano Bites – Live As Me (Acapella)
10. Magnificence & Alec Maire ft. Brooke Forman – Heartbeat (Nicky Romero Edit) (Acapella)

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