And The EPs Keep Dropping. New EP “No Expectations – Part I” from Helena Legend


…And we are back! Wait, we didn’t even leave. Oh, whatever it’s time to put the next release on the chopping block. Today we have a the new EP from Aussie but LA-based producer Helena Legend. Eager to break from from the identity she had created, she plans to blow everyone away with a complete departure of her original style in No Expectations – Part 1.  With plenty of success underneath her belt, including such hits as “Girl from the Sky”, “Pasidila”, and “Shake It”, as well as plenty experience with instruments since her younger years, it is a mystery what she could have in store for her fans.

As for No Expectations – Part 1, it really is a rather different product from the Helena Legend we are familiar with. So, we guess she succeeded in exactly what she wanted to do. Our staff here at MiR haven’t stopped listening to “Illusion”, where Miss Legend makes her vocal debut. What is the best way to get your message across about living life your own way? Sing it yourself! The EP also includes a collaboration with other LA artist LYRE, resulting in an interesting mixture but a fantastic result. Can I just ask, how does she have all the time? With a two year residency at Drai Night/Day Club in Las Vegas, world tours, as well as consistently putting out solid remixes, I can’t wrap my head around it. Do you like this new material from Helena Legend? Let us know in the comments.

Want to listen to No Expectations – Part 1 yourself? Feel free to stream it here!

Need more Helena Legend? Follow her on all of the social medias below:helenalegend-noexplanations-2

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2 thoughts on “And The EPs Keep Dropping. New EP “No Expectations – Part I” from Helena Legend

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