Grown in Cali, LA-Based Producer APEK Releases New Track “Traces”


While many people tend to agree that 2016 has been a rather unfortunate year (crappy if you will), but it hasn’t been nicer to our Cali-grown producer APEK. One of the core artists under the Enhanced Recordings label, APEK has had success with both his original tracks and remixes. What can be better than that? This has led to numerous collaborations with the likes of Cuebrick, Feenixpawl, and Breathe Carolina.

While still riding that wave of success, APEK has now released the newest track to add to his repertoire with “Traces”. The track features the beautiful and haunting vocals of KARRA, whose addition to “Traces” was the perfect move. While the track seems kind of everywhere at first, the melody and broken-beat style take your ears on a journey they so desperately needed.

Want to make your own assumption/opinion? Listen to the track for yourself here:

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One thought on “Grown in Cali, LA-Based Producer APEK Releases New Track “Traces”

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