NEW REMIX ALERT: “Ocho Cinco” – DJ Snake and Yellow Claw (Dirty Audio Remix)

There are a good number of people who like their music nice and clean. But not us, as we like us some Dirty Audio. Coming off a rather exhaustive 2016 with his release of “Gettin’ That” with Mad Decent, 2017 sure shines brightly for DA. This LA-based producer has nothing but plans for 2017, including an Afrojack remix and a release for Insomniac and Monstercat. You think he could slow down after that? Hell no. Dirty Audio is then going to strike off to the other side of the world for an Australia and New Zealand tour. Man, am I exhausted just thinking about it.
As for Dirty Audio’s newest remix, their style is consistent and heavily changes the original track. “Ocho Cinco” is a trap track that is actually really in your face about it. Dirty Audio includes some nasty Middle Eastern beats for when we hit the real meat of the track, remixing the track even further. While for us house groovers out there the beat is a bit hard to find (as it jumps all over the place) but “Ocho Cinco” will sure as hell motivate us to push it on the weights at the gym.

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12 thoughts on “NEW REMIX ALERT: “Ocho Cinco” – DJ Snake and Yellow Claw (Dirty Audio Remix)

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