Cali-Based Producer DENM Releases Remixes of His “Dreamhouse” EP


As we round down the work week, we tend to be able to get lost in music a tad more. This time around we have local producer DENM’s latest effort, a combination of remixes for his latest EP Dreamhouse. DENM has a refreshing take on modern electronic music, with a combination of electronic and pop to make a garage-electropop style. Not only does this create an organic feeling music repertoire, but it also makes all of his tracks completely danceable. While DENM is still an up and comer, he has received praise by reaching the top of two Spotify charts: Spotify Germany’s “New Music Friday” as well as the “Chill Tracks & Friday Cratediggers” here in the United States. His hit “Green” was even used by Uber in one of their commercials.

Following the success of the original Dreamhouse EP, which has a combined total of over 10 million streams across multiple platforms including Spotify and Apple Music, it is only natural to follow up with plenty of remixes. The Dreamhouse Remixes are remixes of two songs of the original EP, with “Lit” having four separate mixes and “Green” having a single. This remix package is literal fire. It features the work of not only one or two, but five separate artists that each bring a unique twist on DENM’s original tracks. While it is hard to pass an original, these artists sure as hell gave it their all.

Make sure you listen to the Dreamhouse Remixes below:

denm-remix-packageNeed more DENM? Follow on social media below!

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