MUSIC VIDEO ALERT: IZII’s “Birds” Ft. The Powder Room


A relative unknown artist (for now), IZII burst onto the scene with his collaboration with superstars Breathe Carolina on “Echo (Let Go)” earlier this year. IZII is already making a mark for himself, with releases on both Spinnin’ and Armada Records. As far as this single goes though, IZII made it in an impressive one week after being entranced by the amazing voice of Natalia Kills. She also brings plenty of experience to the track, having a Grammy underneath her belt. Here you can check out our review of the track “Birds”.

The music video for “Birds” honestly does the track justice. We follow two lovers, who are struggling to live in our current world as young adults. The video depicts these characters, who are relatively unknown to the viewer, in moments of danger and despair. On the contrary however, the video also is an example of all of the loving moments that come along with being a young adult during this time.

Be sure to watch the music video below!

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