Big Moves by DVBBS, Signed to New Label and “Not Going Home” Music Video?

Damn, DVBBS appearing on MiR again? I know, I know. Then again, we are fans here and they are making some serious waves.  Coming off of a rather packed full 2016, with major live performances at Tomorrowland and EDC Las Vegas, anyone would expect these brothers to take some time off. Well why slow down? Why not have a brand new showcase featuring a massive amount of guest collaborators? Well in order to prove us wrong, they did just that. Since the recent success of their Beautiful Disaster EP, DVBBS has been keeping themselves busy in and out of the studio.

So with so much success in their path, it was only time that DVBBS should make some changes. DVBBS has officially signed with SONY and Ultra Music, so all further singles will be released solely under that label. Following the news, DVBBS is also releasing a music video for their massive hit “Not Going Home” Ft. Gia Koka. “Not Going Home” has been absolutely destroying it over on Spotify with a total of 45 million streams and reaching the official top 50 in over 8 countries. The track is only going to pave the way for more success with this music video. DVBBS, whatever you are doing, you are doing it right.

Be sure to check out the music video below:

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