Are You Ready For It? Buku Releases “Ready 4”

Are you ready bass heads? We are finally stepping back from the feel good groove of house and progressive and entering the world of heavy bass. Making his way to the stage is Buku, a producer who simply knows how to work bass to his favor. Learning to play drums only a mere 19 years ago, Buku has taught himself instrument upon instrument to add to his repertoire. Buku is determined to make wave after wave as he takes the world by storm with his bass-heavy set. Buku will be starting a North American tour in July, so make sure you catch one of his shows.

Alright, at least we know that Buku can handle his bass work, especially since his previous release was covered by bass master Bassnectar. “Ready 4” may have problems following the success of Buku’s last release “Front to Back”, the latter having amassed over 4 million streams on Spotify, but “Ready 4” has plenty going for it. The track is bass-heavy, filled with nasty bass drops/warbles that will have you begging for more long after it’s over. We may have to put Buku in that new category of producers that actually know how to control the bass and drop it when they are supposed to.

Be sure to listen to “Ready 4” here:

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3 thoughts on “Are You Ready For It? Buku Releases “Ready 4”

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