German Producer Gaspar Prouvé Releases First Album “Just Fly”

As plenty of you are familiar with this by now, we at MiR like to showcase music that you won’t normally find in the mainstream. Today we have the first release by producer Gaspar Prouvé, who plans to take the modern trance scene by storm. Growing up in Germany, Prouvé didn’t start composing music until age 16. After bouncing around between Germany and Australia, Prouvé learned that he wanted to produce the tracks that he played. Prouvé is heavily influenced by the Berlin music scene, as the surreal pushes him forward.

As for the album, You Fly is packed from beginning to end with plenty of uplifting trance music. Prouvé describes the album as “feeling like the first time you fell in love”, and we could easily agree with that. The album has plenty of stand out tracks, while our MiR favorites are “You Fly”, “Stardust”, and “Helios”. Blending addictive trance vibes and futuristic beats, You Fly is a showcase of the uplifting power of trance and ambient. We will gladly let You Fly be the soundtrack to those life moments.

For just a taste of what Gaspar Prouvé brought to the table, check out the title track “You Fly”:

Complete Track listing:

  1. “You Fly”
  2. “For Your Soul Only”
  3. “Magic Ride”
  4. “Explosions In Your Mind”
  5. “Endless Love”
  6. “Zeus”
  7. “Athena”
  8. “Poseidon”
  9. “Hades”
  10. “Apollo”
  11. “Aphrodite”
  12. “Helios”
  13. “You Fly” (Club Mix)
  14. “For Your Soul Only” (Club Mix)
  15. “Stardust”

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