Artists Do Listen to Fans, Independent Producer Buku Creates “Comic Boy” For a Fan

You always have to admire artists/producers who actually listen to/give a shit about their fans. Here at Mir, we appreciate that in a producer, so this story we couldn’t just pass up. We are here with independent artist Buku’s latest release “Comic Boy”. The track, which showcases much of Buku’s bass heavy style, was created by a rather odd request. One of Buku’s young fans wrote to him and asked him to create “Comic Boy” for him. It sparked so much joy that Buku had to do it. You can check out the original letter over here on Imgur.

While the world isn’t too familiar with Buku, they are quickly warming up to him with his recent successes. “Comic Boy” really does showcase both of the features that his army of bass heads have come to know and love. Do you need to make a bass heavy track? Draw some inspiration from machines as well as the supersonic, while even working in a bit of chiptune while you are at it. The final product will be something so amazing that you won’t be able to help yourself and play over and over.

Make sure you give “Comic Boy” a full listen here:

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3 thoughts on “Artists Do Listen to Fans, Independent Producer Buku Creates “Comic Boy” For a Fan

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