We Get It, We Need to Take a Vacation! Neon Tiger’s “Summer”

Alright, now Neon Tiger is flipping roles on us MiR folk. Making his debut with us with his last release “Neon Rose” just two weeks ago, Neon Tiger is back with yet another summer track…with a twist. This time, Neon Tiger didn’t just produce the track, but even contributed his own vocal work to the track!  While you may not recognize the name just yet, the man behind the pseudonym is also known as Maarcos and was a member of Those Usual Suspects. Neon Tiger was created so that he could experiment a bit more with his style and songwriting. He even performs using every instrument and vocals himself with this track being his debut.

“Summer” is much more than just yet a new electronic hit for the summer. What Neon Tiger is trying to do is push forth and re-popularize the elements that made music from 1980’s great. Not to mention that “Summer” has an infectious island/tropical vibe that just screams vacation time. Neon? Yeah, we are talking to you directly. Are you trying to subliminally tell us that we need to take some time off and go on vacation? Because we are definitely down.

Be sure to give “Summer” a full listen below:

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One thought on “We Get It, We Need to Take a Vacation! Neon Tiger’s “Summer”

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