Ephwurd is Back with New “Phunky Beats” and Eph’d Up Records

Who is ready to get Eph’d Up? Okay, even we know that was lame…but we feel contractually obligated to make a bad joke like that when this artist comes around. Rounding out this weekend we have the latest from Ephwurd, who brings us “Phunky Beats” from the recently formed Eph’d Up Records. While this isn’t the first and will not certainly be the last hit from Ephwurd, we can’t wait for what they will surprise us with next. Ephwurd has been absolutely tearing it up since 2015 and continue to have a monumental 2017 with the new formation of his record label Eph’d Up Records, as well as Eph’d Up Radio and a busy North American concert tour.

As the latest addition to the Eph’d Up catalog, “Phunky Beats” will have no trouble finding a home. The track is a collaboration between newly-adorned label boss Ephwurd and fellow artist JVST SAY YES, created in order for yet another bass head track to be born. While Ephwurd creates mechanical basslines and percussion to keep the track moving, JVST comes in and brings a pair of groovy electro synths that just add yet another layer to the track. Keep it coming, and get us eph’d up!

As artists who enjoy a broad range of music going from the most hype tunes to the most chill, we wanted to be able to freely give music to our fans without the time constraints of a label. Sometimes we finish a song and it won’t be months until you, the fans, get to hear what we have been working on and its such a huge bummer. Eph’d Up Records gives us the freedom to give you folks music when we want and when you deserve it, because life is happening now and it’s not set on some schedule. With that said, we are launching the label with a tune of ours that we’ve been dropping for well over a year now and it always goes off! Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Phunky Beats.” – Ephwurd

Be sure to listen to “Phunky Beats” below!

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