When We Are Divided, Cuebrick is Here to Help “United”

Hey look, a wild Cuebrick has appeared! This artist has sure been busy since he last visited us in April. Cuebrick brings with him his latest release over on Enhanced, “United”, in collaboration with fellow artist The Future Is Mine. As we mentioned above, Cuebrick has been busy playing every festival known to man over the last year. This is an impressive feat, as he only broke onto the EDM scene three years following some success in Germany’s dance scene. Since appearing on the scene, Cuebrick has been able to garner plenty of support from powerhouses such as Tiesto, Nicky Romero, and Armin Van Buuren.

Now how is the gift that Cuebrick brought us? His most recent collaboration, “United” is a track that tells the story of a community, no a nation divided, and how we need to be united in times of struggle. Music is a universal language, after all.  The track features moving vocals and soothing melodies, all over some soft chords that are even more complimented by the last-minute choir providing back up. The message is uplifting: “It is time to recognize that we share hopes, dreams, fears, and struggles…we are one.’

Be sure to listen to “United” below!

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