Following Protocol: Tom Tyger & FaderX “Rave Me”

It wouldn’t be a normal weekend if Protocol didn’t put out a release. This Sunday morning we have the latest from Tom Tyger, who has been slightly MIA since his release with Raiden. This week we have “Rave Me”, the result of a sweet collaboration between Tyger and FaderX. Tyger, who is a stable performer in the Protocol roster, has been keeping himself busy lately with multiple live performances and a few other tracks released in 2016. Tom Tyger was even nominated as the “Best French DJ of 2016” by DJ Mag France and has received support from big names in the industry such as Avicii and Axwell ^ Ingrosso. Tom’s latest track when he collaborated with Korean producer Raiden, “C’est La Vibe”, elevated his career even further and been a staple hit at this season’s round of festivals.

Just in time for festival season, “Rave Me” is already primed and ready to punish festivals all this season just like “C’est La Vibe”. The track strives to honor its name, as it portrays a vision of the retro and sun-soaked stages that would blast their beats for the thousands of bodies grooving on the dance floor. The track clearly focuses on the heavy electro beats, but at the same time is complemented by a driving bass line that forces your body to groove along. We have no doubts in our mind that we will be hearing this at festivals very soon.

Make sure check out “Rave Me” below:

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Tom Tyger

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