Midnight Tyrannosaurus Debuts New “Mutation” EP on NGHTMRE & SLANDER’s Gud Vibrations

While we like to lavish in the world of bright melodies and feel good house beats, we need to take a trip down into the grime for a dose of filthy reality. This week we have Midnight Tyrannosaurus releasing his debut Mutation EP on NGHTMRE and SLANDER’s Gud Vibration label. Having been active for most of the previous decade, Midnight has written releases for many of the larger labels, with most of his work centered with Never Say Die’s Black Label. In promotion for this Mutation EP, Midnight is currently headling his first tour with more than forty stops around the world!

We are very excited to welcome Midnight Tyrannosaurus to the Gud Vibrations family! He is an incredibly talented producer that is truly pushing the boundaries of bass music. The one thing we love the most about Midnight T is that his songs are instantly recognizable and very unique. We can’t wait for the world to hear his new EP! We hope it really challenges listeners to open their minds to something new! Get ready!” – NGHTMRE & SLANDER

We should roll out the red carpet for the newest member of the Gud Vibrations family. Since Midnight Tyrannosaurus’s sound is a bit hard to place inside a genre box, be prepared for an absolute onslaught upon your senses. This Mutation EP may only be three tracks (or two and a half due to the length of “Styx”) the EP packs quite the hell of a punch. The EP’s title track introduces us to Midnight’s bone-crushingly heavy bass and synth work, while “Banana Planet” dips its toe in the world of tribal and paints a picture of a dystopian jungle. “Styx” rounds out the EP in a very minimalist fashion that fits into the mold relatively well.

Make sure you check out the Mutation EP on Spotify!

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Midnight Tyrannosaurus

Gud Vibrations

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2 thoughts on “Midnight Tyrannosaurus Debuts New “Mutation” EP on NGHTMRE & SLANDER’s Gud Vibrations

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