The NGHTMRE Hype Doesn’t Stop! NGHTMRE Drops New Remix of Oliver Tree’s “Hurt”

When you have been experiencing this continued ride of success that this artist has, you want to keep riding that wave for as much as it is worth. We are taking a quick break from the mid-week hustle to head over to Warner Music for a brand new NGHTMRE remix for Oliver Tree’s “Hurt”. NGHTMRE has been rather forceful and busy in 2019, with this amount of energy easily flowing into 2020. On top of everything, NGHTMRE has been incredibly busy on tour, hitting every major festival as well as a residency at Hakkasan in Las Vegas. 2018 was a monumental year for NGHTMRE, so we can only dream of what the rest 2019 will hold.

I found Oliver Tree‘s music last year and loved it! As soon as I heard “Hurt” I knew I wanted to make a remix that was melodic and vibey! Finally getting to meet him at Coachella and performing the song together was a dream come true!” – NGHTMRE

With being one of Oliver Tree’s best-performing tracks to date, netting over 20 million streams on Spotify alone,  it must have been difficult to craft a remix that would appreciate the original. Welp, that just screams for NGHTMRE to come and give the track his remix treatment. NGHTMRE’s remix features a toned down variation of NGHTMRE’s style, primarily focusing on the melodic bassline and cinematic sounds. However, the remix feels full and complete once Oliver Tree’s raw vocals break the barrier. The remix first premiered during NGHTMRE’s performance at Coachella last month, with Oliver Tree as a surprise guest to perform the song with live vocals.

Make sure you check out NGHTMRE’s remix of “Hurt” on Spotify!

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Oliver Tree

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2 thoughts on “The NGHTMRE Hype Doesn’t Stop! NGHTMRE Drops New Remix of Oliver Tree’s “Hurt”

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