SLANDER, Said the Sky, and JT Roach Take A Heartbreak Story Slow in “Potions”

As we have come to realize, even the modern-day bass lords need to be grounded by a dose of summertime sadness. Today we stroll on over to Monstercat for our own dose of “Potions” from SLANDER and Said the Sky. SLANDER has been very busy since bursting onto the scene in 2014 (with their ever-popular Showtek remix), but throughout 2019 and 20 we are expected to see numerous original productions and a further grounding of their “heaven trap” style. With multiple original releases under their belt in the last few months, there is no way we can stop the SLANDER now, especially since they have extra ammunition in their corner. A modern-day chameleon act, we can’t wait for what tyle SLANDER will take on next.

We have to say, “Potions” is definitely one of the softest tracks in SLANDER’s library…but quite possibly a MiR favorite. The amount of passion, feeling, and sadness in this track is overflowing, resulting in a raw performance from all involved. “Potions,” tells a story of heartbreak and separation, but one that still longs for the sunshine of the next day. Through SLANDER’s heavenly basslines and an absolutely melodic vocal performance from JT Roach, “Potions” fills the place in our hearts with the summertime sadness that we needed, in the best way possible.

Make sure you check out the music video for “Potions” below!

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Said the Sky

(c) Koury Angelo

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2 thoughts on “SLANDER, Said the Sky, and JT Roach Take A Heartbreak Story Slow in “Potions”

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