Styline, Mr. Sid, & Dave Ruthwell Make Another Splash With Follow Up Track “READY FOR THE BEAT”

When you make such a strong opening on your label debut, you have to have an equally strong follow-up. We were busy on our most recent trip to Protocol, as we were also able to snag “READY FOR THE BEAT”, the second track from Styline, Mr. Sid, and Dave Ruthwell.  Helmed by the electronic powerhouse that is Nicky Romero, Protocol has quickly become more than an imprint, a movement if you will, since its inception almost six years ago. Protocol sets the stage for plenty of upcoming artists to showcase what they have to offer with an ever-growing audience that keeps coming back for more. With this latest anthem, we have three more to add to the fray..welcome to the rosters y’all.

It seems that Styline and Co. have found the formula for them to make a successful track. Quite reminiscent of their debut track “DON’T STOP”, “READY FOR THE BEAT’ captures the ideal big room sound to blast out to a wider audience. Filled to the brim with bouncy beats and dark brooding electro, the track reminds us of the old school underground electro festivals before the rise of modern electronic music. This classic sound is making quite the comeback with older and younger producers, so expect to hear “READY FOR THE BEAT” in your next live festival set.

Make sure you check out “READY FOR THE BEAT” on Spotify below and on YouTube!

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Mr. Sid

Dave Ruthwell

Protocol Recordings

Styline x Mr. Sid x Dave Ruthwell

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