The Curtain Falls…But Opens to a Brand New Beginning

Today has definitely been an interesting day to be sure.

Today is the last day that we will be posting on Media in Review, the time for this website has come to a close. We have loved posting here over the last six years, but we need to move on and continue to grow. After much consideration, the time for change is now.

After months of learning about taxonomy building, data transfers, site building, etc. We are happy to announce that we are moving sites. Everything that exists here at Media in Review has been moved to our new website, Modern Neon Media. Modern Neon is just the beginning for what we have in the works and we hope that you make the move with us.

All of Media in Review’s socials have been updated, and you can find us at Http://

Thank you for your support over the years, and we hope you will be excited for these new changes. We will be bringing back not just more music content, but films and anime will return soon. They will even have dedicated days and shows for them in the future.

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ADOLESCENCE: A Story About Loneliness, Love, and Substance Dependancy










DIRECTED BY: Ashley Avis

DISTRIBUTED BY: TriCoast Entertainment 

STARRING: Mickey River, India Eisley, Romeo Miller, Tommy Flanagan, Elisabeth Rohm

GENRE: Drama, Romance

YEAR: 2019

Whenever we have a chance to check out an independent film, we jump to see what the creative minds in this community have crafted. This time we are checking out a new romantic drama film ADOLESCENCE, that is now available on the majority of streaming services. Let’s set the scene so you’re not completely lost. ADOLESCENCE tells the story of best friends Adam (Mickey River) and Keith (Romeo Miller) as they walk their own paths to their graduation and toward their futures. Adam, the shy yet creative one of the pair, comes from a dysfunctional family that causes a severe lack in social skills with the fairer sex. On a sweet chance meeting on the beach, Keith convinces Adam to introduce himself to Alice (India Eisley) who takes him on an adventure filled with drugs, sex, and illegal activities.

While the story is filled with tropes that we have seen portrayed out on the screen before, ADOLESCENCE feels like a much more realistic and sad interpretation of the star-crossed lovers philosophy. While the deep dive into the battle with drugs isn’t as deep as, say, Requiem For A Dream, but the film paints a broad picture of how susceptible a lonely fragile teenager can be to a pretty girl. Mickey River and India Eisley create an intriguing image of the tainted couple, as Alice (India) expertly portrays an alternative lifestyle individual who will drag those around down with her to satisfy her needs.

I do want to warn you, ADOLESCENE does take too much time to pick up the pace and get its feet moving. While the set-up for Adam and Alice’s relationship is interesting, especially as each character devolves into the worst version of themselves, the first act stretch too long for its own good.  While the writers try to stress the dissolution of Adam’s family unit and his impact on his own relationship, once we reach the climax it comes across as Adam just reacting by yelling. Unfortunately, I personally would have liked to see more struggle from Adam to help his parental unit instead of taking the easy route by shutting down and only waking up for drug use.

If you want to check out the film yourself you can find it on Amazon, or almost all other streaming services.  For now, check out the trailer below:

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Party Favor & GTA Drop New “Work It Out” Music Video, Showcasing the Problems of Societal Perception

hen you have the chance to work with someone like Party Favor, that is definitely not an opportunity that you turn down. With an impressive resume as a genre-bending artist and producer, Party Favor has seen plenty of glory with his multitude of original tracks such as “MDR” and “Give It To Me Twice”. Party Favor has even accomplished quite a bit as a producer for major artists like Lil Jon and ASAP Ferg, with all of his work earning him an impressive 135 million streams on Spotify.

Let’s face it, today’s society is absolutely obsessed with image. Due to this ideal, we weren’t surprised that there are videos much like this one that shows how connected vanity, social acceptance, and lack of self-love actually are. For example, these women easily serve as a sample piece of women in today’s society that just want to improve what they see as their flaws. However, after one exercise, the group are able to self-calibrate themselves to become new enhanced versions that society would appreciate and gawk over. The music video is a prime example of how individuals to need to manipulate their societal perceptions, especially on social media, in order to actually be proud of themselves. Self-love is essential.

Party Favor‘s “Layers Experience” album-themed tour. Phase 1 – West Coast (tickets):

Apr 12 – Roseland theater – Portland, OR
Apr 13 – Showbox Sodo – Seattle, WA
Apr 19 – El Rey Theatre – Chico, CA
Apr 20 – August Hall – San Francisco, CA
Apr 25 – The Catalyst – Santa Cruz, CA
Apr 26 – Fremont Theatre – San Luis Obispo, CA
Apr 27 – Hollywood Palladium – Los Angeles, CA

Make sure you check out the music video here:

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Party Favor


Area 25

Party Favor © Koury Angelo

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