ADOLESCENCE: A Story About Loneliness, Love, and Substance Dependancy










DIRECTED BY: Ashley Avis

DISTRIBUTED BY: TriCoast Entertainment 

STARRING: Mickey River, India Eisley, Romeo Miller, Tommy Flanagan, Elisabeth Rohm

GENRE: Drama, Romance

YEAR: 2019

Whenever we have a chance to check out an independent film, we jump to see what the creative minds in this community have crafted. This time we are checking out a new romantic drama film ADOLESCENCE, that is now available on the majority of streaming services. Let’s set the scene so you’re not completely lost. ADOLESCENCE tells the story of best friends Adam (Mickey River) and Keith (Romeo Miller) as they walk their own paths to their graduation and toward their futures. Adam, the shy yet creative one of the pair, comes from a dysfunctional family that causes a severe lack in social skills with the fairer sex. On a sweet chance meeting on the beach, Keith convinces Adam to introduce himself to Alice (India Eisley) who takes him on an adventure filled with drugs, sex, and illegal activities.

While the story is filled with tropes that we have seen portrayed out on the screen before, ADOLESCENCE feels like a much more realistic and sad interpretation of the star-crossed lovers philosophy. While the deep dive into the battle with drugs isn’t as deep as, say, Requiem For A Dream, but the film paints a broad picture of how susceptible a lonely fragile teenager can be to a pretty girl. Mickey River and India Eisley create an intriguing image of the tainted couple, as Alice (India) expertly portrays an alternative lifestyle individual who will drag those around down with her to satisfy her needs.

I do want to warn you, ADOLESCENE does take too much time to pick up the pace and get its feet moving. While the set-up for Adam and Alice’s relationship is interesting, especially as each character devolves into the worst version of themselves, the first act stretch too long for its own good.  While the writers try to stress the dissolution of Adam’s family unit and his impact on his own relationship, once we reach the climax it comes across as Adam just reacting by yelling. Unfortunately, I personally would have liked to see more struggle from Adam to help his parental unit instead of taking the easy route by shutting down and only waking up for drug use.

If you want to check out the film yourself you can find it on Amazon, or almost all other streaming services.  For now, check out the trailer below:

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Sherlock: A 4th Series is Upon Us



CREATED BY: Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat

STARRING: Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Rupert Graves, Una Stubbs, Mark Gatiss, Louise Brealey, Andrew Scott, Amanda Abbington

GENRE: Crime Drama

YEAR: 2017

COUNTRY: United Kingdom, United States

sherlock-season-4-sherlock-with-dogJumping forward in time to when John and Mary have a baby daughter named Rosamund, and Sherlock got off with that whole shooting Magnussen thing. But nothing on Moriarty’s ‘return’ yet. After investigating a case of a death of a student, Sherlock becomes intrigued with the smashing of a Margaret Thatcher bust at the victim’s home. Similar busts are smashed elsewhere, before Sherlock fights the culprit and discovers the last one contained a memory stick containing info about Mary and her past as a government agent. This is just episode one. Don’t want to spoil too much for all of you out there.

So…Who else has been waiting eagerly for Sherlock to come back? I’m a little disappointed that it was here and gone so quickly, but hey, three episodes go by rather quickly. But just like in the rest of the series, the cast performed wonderfully. Normally I praise Benedict Cumberbatch for his show-stealing performance, but this year I think I should give it to Amanda Abbington, who played Mary. Even though her character as a whole at least was done after the first episode, her performance left an everlasting mark on our characters. I also incredibly enjoyed the increased banter this season, as it added plenty more comedic elements (like the show needed any though).


Today…they are soldiers

Okay the real meaty core of my problem with this season is with the season/series finale “The Final Problem”. While I am not saying that I didn’t like the episode, I just feel that it was a little TOO convoluted and melodramatic, even for Sherlock. For example, they use an entire sequence as a convoluted metaphor that inevitably ends in a mess of a plot. It was incredibly confusing about that status of some characters that I lost interest for just a mere moment. Sherlock, don’t do that to me…ever…again.


  • Entire cast performance.
  • Massive suspense.
  • More witty banter.
  • More struggle/drama.


  • “The Final Problem” convolution.
  • “The Metaphor”

SCORE: 8.5 / 10

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The Runaways: Joan Jett and Cherte Currie

Hello everyone! See, I can change that greeting. Anyway, as our music month winds down to a close, I would like to end it with a more recent (ish) drama…The Runaways.



DIRECTED BY: Floria Sigismondi

STARRING: Dakota Fanning, Kristen Stewart, Michael Shannon

GENRE: Drama

YEAR: 2010

COUNTRY: United States

The Runaways movie image Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning

In 1975, San Fernando Valley teen Joan Larkin reinvents herself as Joan Jett, a guitarist who wants to form an all-girl punk band. She pitches the idea to a sleazy manager, Kim Fowley, who pairs her with a drummer and then searches for a face: he finds Cherie Currie, at age 15, the perfect jailbait image for his purpose; by luck, she can sing. Two others round out the band, The Runaways. Fowley books a tour, signs them to Mercury Records, and packs them off to crowds in Japan. Seeds of conflict sprout early: Fowley puts Cherie front and center in the publicity, she’s soon strung out on drugs and vodka, and jealousies arise. Without adult supervision, where can Joan and Cherie end up?

The Runaways movie image

Oh The Runaways, while I have never been intrigued by your career, I agree that it could be a story worth telling…to the right audience that is. I just don’t happen to be that correct audience. Regardless, Michael Shannon and Dakota Fanning, both of who I had my doubts on, did a fantastic job portraying their characters with ease. Would I put them in another film similar to The Runaways? Definitely not.

“I’m your little runaway…”. Oh wait, that is the wrong song, sorry Bon Jovi. Anyway, as far as The Runaways are concerned, they have a solid drama documenting their rise to power. For the most part, at least. While the film could definitely add plenty of details in regards to their actual rise and actual fall, it wraps the career of The Runaways in a nice little bow for everyone to see. Oh, and why did they choose Kristen Stewart for her role? I mean she does an okay job, but why?


  • Dakota Fanning performance.
  • Michael Shannon performance.
  • Plenty of drama.


  • Not as epic score as other music films.
  • Kristen Stewart performance.

SCORE: 6 / 10

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