Carnage Drops New Sinister “Holy Moly”, A Revenge Story Filled With Nuns

Once you are in a position like our next artist, it shouldn’t surprise anyone when they decide to push the envelope. This time we are taking a beat at Heavyweight for Carnage’s third single “Holy Moly” from his upcoming album. This Vegas-based producer made himself a pioneer in the hard bass and trap communities, finding his strive quickly. Carnage was even one of the first major artists to incorporate hip-hop elements into his work, creating a hard bass and urban style. Carnage went on to create Heavyweight Records in 2017, surrounding himself with crazily unique producers in the hardcore and hip-hop genres. While we have already been teased with two previous singles for this upcoming album, “Holy Moly” is just weird enough to have us hooked.

We have been covering Carnage and Heavyweight Records for quite some time now and we can definitely state that shock value is apart of the brand. Setting back from the hip-hop side of his style to dive headfirst back into the hardcore pool, “Holy Moly” is heavy and sinister that it is disconcerting but in the best way possible.  An intriguing mix of hardcore, bass music, and trap, the track is a fine addition to the Carnage catalog. The music video is what actually elevates “Holy Moly” to another level of corrupt and possibly controversial space. The music video tells the story of a young girl as she witnesses her mother’s murder and stumbles into a coven of nuns. Something isn’t as it seems, as this girl quickly learns how to take the sweet revenge she craves.


Carnage’s Upcoming Dates:

08.18.19 – Pacos De Ferreira, Portugal – Citania Summer Fest
08.22.19 – Nurburg, Germany – New Horizons Festival
08.23.19 – Munich, Germany – Neuraum
08.25.19 – Osaka, Japan – Music Circus
08.27.19 – Tokyo, Japan – Club Warp
09.01.19 – Houston, TX – CLE Nightclub
09.06.19 – Bangkok, Thailand – RARE: Bangkok
09.28.19 – Leon, Mexico – Holidance
10.04.19 – Atlanta, GA – Believe Music Hall

Make sure you check out “Hely Moly” on Spotify below or the music video on YouTube!

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Heavyweight Records

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Olin Batista Makes Official CYB3RPVNK Debut With New Progressive Tribal Fusion “Falling”

In order to grow as a label, you need to fill your roster with varying styles and skillful artists to entice your listeners and new audiences. We here at MiR love when an artist debuts on a new label, as it gives them a chance to experiment and make another splash. This time we are visiting R3HAB’s CYB3RPVNK for the official label debut of Olin Batista and his track “Falling”. While two years may have passed since we have heard from Olin Batista, this brand new track is a welcome reminder of what we have missed. This Brazillian artist has been in the community for a beat, and if that name rings a bell, he is the son of Brazilian supermodel Luma De Oliveira and 1990 Superboat World Championship winner Eike Batista. Olin has no problem relating to his roots, with such tracks as “Amazon 63” named after his father’s boat and “Luma” named after his mother.

Olin Batista takes his CYB3RPVNK debut and dives back into his roots where is original love for electronic music flourished. “Falling” is an interesting fusion of modern progressive bass lines with the sounds of tribal grooves and drum beats that are primed to get our blood pumping. Utilizing an instrumental melody to serve as the final layer, “Falling” is addictive and will definitely have everyone in the crowd up on their feet. As Olin starts to gain more traction from “Falling” and his official remixes, we hope to hear even more tribal-based projects.  While the track is still a bit too short to satisfy our appetite, at least we were treated to an electric tapa.

Make sure you check out “Falling” on Spotify below and on YouTube!

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Powerhouses Nicky Romero and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Drop Electro-Progressive Fusion “Everybody Clap”

Prepare the performance, the wunderkind performer is making his wait to the main stage. Kicking off this adventure we are stopping off at Protocol for “Everybody Clap”, a new collaboration between Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike VS Nicky Romero. Romero is one of the modern producers to change and mold today’s electronic music scene how he sees fit. Not only has he founded one of the most prolific modern electronic music movements, but he is also constantly on DJ Mag’s Top 100 list year after year and has attributed heavily to the global spread of electronic music. We are glad to see that Romero is back in the producing chair, as the modern industry still needs a bit more of his influence.

While the track made its official debut back at Tomorrowland earlier this summer, Romero and Co. decided that it is about time to make it an official release. An interestingly quick-paced fusion of Romero’s progressive house and Vegas & Mike’s electro house, “Everybody Clap” was easily crafted to thrive in the clubs yet completely slay on the festival circuit. While the ever-repeating “Everybody Clap” vocal riff becomes stale and repetitive rather quickly, the track’s bouncy groove and synths keep us along for the ride. The track doesn’t take any time to get started, so this will be a perfect banger to fill the lesser beats in your club playlists. Here’s to hoping these artists collaborate again soon!

Make sure you check out “Everybody Clap” on Spotify below and on YouTube!

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Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Nicky Romero


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