Powerhouses Combine! R3HAB Drops Brand New Remix of Global Instrumentalist James Arthur’s “Treehouse”

Despite his impressive track record, R3HAB continues to surprise us with his track choices. Taking a quick stop by Colombia Records we have R3HAB’s brand new remix of popular artist James Arthur’s track “Treehouse”. Since his adventure began, R3HAB has toured some of the best clubs in the world and amassed more than 300 million streams of his debut album. What is actually amazing however is that R3HAB was able to accomplish this with no major label backing, only working through his CYB3RPVNK imprint. Through his expanded efforts to increase CYB3RPVNK’s roster, R3HAB has been recruiting a fantastic variety of up and comers to provide a major range of music to his audience.

“I was sent James Arthur’s latest song a few weeks ago and fell in love with it right away. I’ve always been a fan of his voice, and it was an honor to do this ‘Treehouse‘ remix for him.” – R3HAB

Today is a magical day in music, as the vocally beautiful James Arthur and the brilliant producer R3HAB have melded together. R3HAB remixes like no other, and completely changed the song to fit into his repertoire while still easily paying respect to the original. Originally led by piano performed by James Arthur, R3HAB swapped in uplifting electronic beats to let “Treehouse” breathe on it’s own. The addition of a carefree drop embraces the remix with new energy, yet still understanding the core message. Some days it is okay not to be okay because what follows is actually what matters most. R3HAB, we don’t think there is anyone in the game right now that remixes as well as you. Keep going!

Make sure you check out R3HAB’s “Treehouse” remix on Spotify below or on YouTube!

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James Arthur


After 13 Years, Progressive Metal Band TOOL Drops New Album “Fear Inoculum”


TOOL, one of the bands that are a major influence on our musical tastes, has dropped a new album. Not going to lie, we didn’t think we would see another one of these in our lifetime. If you have never heard of TOOL before, you need to hurry up and catch up as you have a 20+ year career to catch up on. Initially founded back in 1990 by guitarist Adam Jones, vocalist Maynard James Keenan, and drummer Danny Carey, TOOL has been making unique progressive metal music and enthralling metalheads ever since. With massive hits such as “Forty-Six & 2”, “Schism”, “Sober”, and “The Pot”, it is almost impossible to exist in the rock/metal scene and not have TOOL show up on your radar.  Fun fact, back in the day we actually wrote about TOOL’s best tracks for WatchMojo! Feel free to check out the video here.

Over on the Joe Rogan podcast when Keenan announced a few of the albums finer details, Keenan told about the band’s struggles with the album:

“Fuck, what a weight lifted off my chest. It took a lot of work. The four of us are a lot of fucking work just to get anywhere. Oh my God – everything’s a fucking committee meeting and always gets shot down. I’m just so excited we finished this record.” – Maynard James Keenan

Here comes the biggest question though…does Fear Inoculum actually sound like TOOL and will satisfy fans who have been waiting in the wings for so many years? Short answer…YES, Fear Inoculum is a pure example of TOOL finally perfecting their devastatingly beautiful style and still surprising fans after 13 years. While the album is only 10 tracks long, each one can be added onto our favorite TOOL songs playlist, even the songs we consider more like “act-breaks”. It is quite ridiculous to consider “Litanie contre la Peur”, “Legion Inoculant”, and “Chocolate Chip Trip this way just because they are under 10 minutes long, but still we experience the TOOL feel we know and love.

While our personal; favorite is Keenan’s interpretation of the Holy Spirit in “Pneuma”, “Invincible” has that signature bass riff that TOOL fans recognize. Don’t just take our word for it though, as initial reviews suggest that Fear Inoculum is receiving plenty of critical acclaim, even trending on Twitter at the time of publication. We may be electronic forward now, but TOOL made us appreciate music.

Make sure you check out Fear Inoculum FINALLY on Spotify!

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Experienced Producer Sad Money Solo Artist Debut on Ultra with “Le Freek”

Bring on the new blood! This time we are dropping by Ultra Records to refill our coffers of fresh blood for “La Freek”, the debut single of new solo artist Sad Money. Sad Money, also known as Mikhail Beltran, is a jack of all trades in the music production process. Writer? Check. Multi-Instrumentalist? Check. Producer? Of course. Beltran’s debut as a solo artist shows his deep love for classic house and techno influences, which is even clear when you look at his previous clientele. Beltran has plenty of experience as a producer, working with artists such as Sabrina Claudio, Khalid, and Pink Sweats.

Le Freek‘ is the feeling of pure energy I get when I’m in a flow state of not caring what anyone thinks.” – Sad Money

“La Freek” is definitely an interesting track to use a debut, as the minimalistic design sets a distinct style choice right away. Using a four by four bass line beat, the track reminds us of the 90s underground scene when electronic music wasn’t as accepted as now. Sad Money’s combination of the bass line, a lone kick drum, and an oddly uncomfortable vocal sample completes this homage. With this unique and urban style behind him, Sad Money has an interesting path ahead of him after his debut. Definitely keep your eye on this one.

Make sure you check out “Le Freek” on Spotify!

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Sad Money

Ultra Records

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