Canadian Rocker Skye Wallace Drops Self-Titled Canadiana Album, Highlighting How Women Rock

We don’t often hear modern rock music quite like this. This time we are heading on up to our great northern neighbor for a brand new self-titled album from Canadian recording artist Skye Wallace. Wallace has spent her life traveling throughout the Great White North, picking up bits and pieces from every spot she broke ground upon. Due to this, the easiest way to describe this album embodies Canada as a whole an appropriate dose of Canadiana that we all need. Skye Wallace could have been a much different kind of musician if she didn’t discover punk in her teens and wrote music that excited us. Canadian Joan Jett anyone?

When asked about the album:

“This album is the sound I’ve been after, actualized. As an artist I hope to always be growing, but the sound that Devon Lougheed and I found on this record is something that I am deeply proud of and excited to share. The decision to have a self-titled album was a testament to that excitement and sense of achievement.  This album is loud and charged and emotional. The stories that inspired the album were given life; their presence behind each song breathed heart and soul and fire into the album as a whole. I’m thrilled to let this little baby out into the world.” – Skye Wallace

Can we just say that we love this Skye Wallace album in its entirety? The album thrives due to Wallace’s lyrical and vocal prowess, expressing folk themes and bouts of Canadian history. The album moves its way through the rock genres, from folk and ballads to grungy rock, Wallace can slay them all. If you only have time for one track, check out the album’s opening track “Death of Me”. On the more punk and grunge side of the musical spectrum, “Death of Me” transports us back to the late 90’s and early 00’s for a nostalgic trip down memory lane. The track feels like Florence and the Machine clashed with the Runaways and Nirvana, yet we couldn’t be happier. Skye Wallace needs to be on everyone’s radar, as she proves that women rockers are supreme.

Want to check out Skye Wallace on tour? Check these tour dates for a performance at a venue near you.

Tour Dates:
06.15 – Waterloo, ON @ Maxwell’s *
06.20 – Oshawa, ON @ Oshawa Music Hall *
06.21 – Windsor, ON @ GBCB
06.22 – Ottawa, ON @ Live! On Elgin
07.05 – Burnstown, ON @ Neat Cafe
07.09 – Vancouver, BC @ Wise Hall
07.11 – Calgary, AB @ Calgary Stampede
07.13 – Richards Landing, St Joseph Island, ON @ Go North Festival
08.09 – Brampton, ON @ Garden Square
08.10 – Blue Mountain, ON @ Mountainside Music Series
08.17 – Elora, ON @ Riverfest
08.31- 09.01 – Bala, ON @ Kee to Bala #

Make sure you check out “Death of Me” on Spotify, as well as live on YouTube!

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DIY Detroit Rock Band Bus Stop Poets Tease Upcoming LP With New Single “Blow”

Detroit has been a hot pot for growing rock acts, and we are glad one of them bubbled up to our level. Formed back in 2012 by all Detroit native musicians, the Bus Stop Poets have determined that, in the spirit of DIY Detroit Rock, they need to take the current idea of rock and mold it into their ideal sound. With this idea ingrained in their minds, Bus Stop Poets found themselves with an interesting result. Sounding like the combination of Fleetwood Mac and the Raconteurs, the Bus Stop Poets have struck the ideal balance between traditional rock and blues…with an added edginess to showcase their Detroit roots.

The Bus Stop Poets are as ready as ever to share their idyllic sound with the world, starting off with their brand new single released early this month. The first single of their upcoming Leave It to the Kids LP, “Blow” feels like the modern-day homage to the pride and joy of the early 1970s. The track not only showcases the musicians’ admirable instrumental skills but allows the vocal work to shine through and transport listeners back to the past. The Bus Stop Poets have nailed down the sound of the late 1960s early 70s so well that we almost wouldn’t believe they are from our current decade. With this new trend in rock music thriving, we can’t wait to hear the rest of the LP. You can check out the rest of Leave It to the Kids LP on digital streaming services on July, 26th.

Make sure you check out “Blow” on Soundcloud!

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Scottish Award-Winning Musician Craig Irving Releases Debut Track “Heart”

Alright, let’s put away the turntables for a spell and pick up a guitar. Today we have a refreshing dose of arena rock from the Scottish musician Craig Irving, who is debuting his new track “Heart”. Growing up in Scotland, Irving’s first brush with musical talent was when he was merely 15, learning how to play guitar while living in Australia. Upon returning to his homeland, Irving pursued his musical career throughout his college studies at both Lewis Castle College in Benbecula as well as the Royal Conversatoire in Glasglow. During these studies, Irving founded the trio Talisk alongside fellow performers concertina player Mohsen Amini and fiddler Hayley Keenan. This is the first time Irving and Co. would taste success, as after two years Talisk had won multiple awards. Irving would later also tour alongside the Gaelic rock band Mànran and experience major international tours.

As his official debut as a solo artist, “Heart” provides new listeners a fresh take on the talents of Craig Irving. With an interesting blend of influences from mellow pop to arena rock, Irving puts his soul out on display for the masses to resonate with how he feels. Despite the track being Irving’s debut, “Heart” feels like it was written and performed by an artist who has grown within the industry for many years. Irving’s skill on the guitar is infectious and admirable, as it is clear that he puts his heart into each one of his performances. If Craig Irving isn’t on your radar yet, that needs to be fixed. Irving’s solo career may just be starting, but Irving is already miles ahead.

Make sure you check out “Heart” on YouTube below!

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