WWE NXT |6-26-14| The Certified G! Returns to NXT!

Hello my friends and welcome to my review of this weeks edition of NXT! Tonight our advertised match may be considered a dream match to some! As our NXT World Champion, Adrian Neville takes on WWE Legend, The Whole F’N Show! Rob Van Dam!

The Vaudevillians (Aiden English & Simon Gotch) vs. T-Perkins & Matt Sugarman.

I’m going to be trying something different here tonight, and instead of explaining everything that happened in the match in detail, I’m instead going to highlight the Highs and the Lows of the match. Last week we got our first look at The Vaudevillians as a team, and I’m super excited because we need more tag teams! They have an interesting look and it seems the fans our into! there opponents are already in the ring and thanks to the lovely Renee Young we find out their names our T-Perkins and Matt Sugarman. Sugarman, who started off the match with English is a very tall young man with a muscular build. He took the early control over Aiden and tagged in his partner T-Perkins. This was the last we saw of Sugarman in the match as Aiden and Simon began to take control over Perkins with some great team maneuvers, such as when Aiden rammed his shoulder into Perkins gut to drive him back into their turnbuckle, while Gotch backed up on the outside apron to build up some speed before hitting Perkins with a running clothesline! T-Perkins did fight back a little but it was only a matter of time before Gotch gained control. He locked in a head scissors on Perkins and than forced him to sit up with the head scissors still locked in and began to do some push ups. I don’t know if I mentioned this last week, but Simon Gotch’s gimmick is a circus strong man. Gotch eventually picked Perkins up onto his shoulder after a little fight from him , and tagged English back in! The team than hit the signature move as Gotch his a Regal Roll (That’s all I know it as) onto Perkins and Aiden leaped off the top rope and hit a senton flip! The move is called “That’s A Wrap.” and it earned them the victory tonight!

Winners – The Vaudevillians

Grade – B, This one only The Vaudevillians second match as a team, so don’t expect them to face some real challenges yet, but for a fun short match they did succeed. They are an entertaining duo and seem to work really well as a team! There not at the level to face The Ascension yet, but with young teams such as Jason Jordan & Tye Dillinger looking to rise up as well, I expect they will cross past The Vaudevillians, and that could be great!

Sami Zayn Backstage Exclusive.

We are shown a video of the events that happened last week after Tyson Kidd and Sami Zayn teamed up to challenge The Ascension for their NXT Tag Team Championships! Kidd & Zayn lost because Tyson abandoned the match. We are then shown a backstage exclusive from last week after NXT went off air. Sami Zayn spoke about how he did say “You need to lose first, before you can learn to win.” He also stated that does not mean I like to lose especially when it’s because of a partner. He ended the video by stating “This is not the last you’ll hear about me and Tyson,” hinting at a potential feud between the two in the future! A feud I’m sure we can all get excited about!

Xavier Woods vs. Bull Dempsey

Xavier makes his way to the ring first out to some really great new theme music! One notable thing to mention that happened during Woods’s entrance, NXT’s resident hippie, CJ Parker once again walked around with a recycled sign reading “Everyday is Earth Day” and I did not catch what the other side said. Woods and Parker had a few words, before his opponent’s theme music played. “BULL BULL BULL” played over the loudspeaker and Bull Dempsey makes his NXT debut? Dempsey who has been used in the past on a jobber is know of all a sudden getting used? I feel bad for Xavier Woods! Woods showed a little disrespect before they locked up as he swung his hair forward and splashing Dempsey with the water? in it. but as the locked up Dempsey showed off his strength by forcing Woods into the turnbuckle, and it didn’t stop there as he continued to wear Woods down with numerous headlocks for long periods of times. When Dempsey felt like striking though it looked rough. At one point in the match Bull hit Woods with an impressive headbutt and followed up with some stiff elbows. Woods had moments were it looked like he would come back, but Bull shut him down every time. I’m not sure how the crowd feels about since they did chant “BULL, BULL, BULL” as he measured Woods up before running at him and hitting him with a splash in the turnbuckle, but than at another point they poked fun at Dempsey chanting “Put Some Pants On!” Woods tried to battle back and began to get back into hitting Dempsey with some impressive kicks but once he leaped from the top rope it was over as Woods landed on a knife edge chop from Bull! Bull ended the match after hitting a suplex he calls The Bulldozer! After the match ended, Bull grabbed a mic and addressed the NXT Universe! Bull talks about how they have just witnessed the last of a dying breed, and how NXT how let the kids run this place for to long and now its time for the adults to come in. He stated this industry used to be run by men and tonight marks the beginning of a new era of devastation and the start of Bull Dempsey!

Winner – Bull Dempsey

Grade – B, Xavier Woods has fallen far down the totem pole! Bull Dempsey has officially stepped out of the jobber zone and has made his impact on NXT. Alex Riley stated that he was The Last of a Dying Breed! Bull impressed me here tonight, most of the match felt like it was held in a headlock, but the moments when he pulled out different moves he shown! The headbutt was incredible! and he managed to get the crowd behind him in his “debut” match. His after match promo was  better than I expected, he stated who he was and practically told us what every other big wrestlers have told us!It’s to early to judge Bull’s character, but from his in ring work it’s a lot better than I expected

Summer Rae W/ Sasha Banks & Charlotte (c) vs. Becky Lynch

Summer Rae returns to NXT and it seems The BFF’s have made up as both Sasha Banks and The NXT Womens Champion, Charlotte accompany Summer. Summer’s opponent is the debuting Becky Lynch, he seems to have some sort of Irish Rocker Gimmick? She’s got some sort Irish thing going on for her, if she ever make it to the main roster, there’s always potential for a story line with fellow Irish men, Sheamus! A little of topic, back to the match! Becky was doing some sort of dance, (I assume Irish) while making this annoying sound, I’m also assuming it was a  song. Summer decided she wanted to show off her dance moves and we had a dance show down for a bit until Summer got irritated and kicked Becky in the gut. The two began to trade blows and counter each others moves. Becky fired with some quick high flying maneuvers catching Rae off guard many times, but Summer fired back with some stiff strikes and of course using her long legs to her advantage. The focus turned to Sasha and Charlotte on the outside as it seems the two were competing to see who the crowd liked more. Summer confronted her team mates stating “This is my match” Lynch would not wait for Summer as she rolled her up from behind and covered her for a two. Summer begged her team mates for help, but they laughed it off as Becky began to control the match eventually ending Summer with an impressive suplex!

Winner – Becky Lynch

Grade – B+, Tonight seems to be the night for debuts! The Vaudevillians who is still a new team, the “debut” of Bull Dempsey and now the newest addition to the NXT Womens Roster, Becky Lynch. I stated in the beginning of that review that it seemed The BFF’s have made up, but apparently both Banks and Charlotte were bored and decided to compete with the NXT Crowd over who is more popular than watch and cheer Rae on. Becky scores a huge victory here tonight over a WWE Diva and one of the stars of E!’s hit series Total Divas. The crowd was in love with Becky Lynch tonight and if that continues, Charlotte may have a challenger fr her title!

Colin Cassady vs. Sawyer Fulton

Colin came out to a great crowd reaction, that beginning to become a recurring thing Big Cass! His opponent, Sawyer Fulton his already in the ring. Colin and Fulton lock up early on, but Sawyer took control of the match and never let go as he kept Colin on the defense with his superior strength. Colin found a way to land a huge big boot to Fulton and led the crowd into a chant of “S-A-W-F-T” before landing a 7 Foot Elbow drop on Fulton for the win. Colin could not celebrate for long, before The Legionaries made their way down to the ring! Things were not looking good as the team surrounded him, by the theme music of his good friend, Enzo Amore as he makes his return and his way down to the ring! The Legionaries abandon ringside and Amore grabs a mic! Enzo introduced himself and stated he is a certified G and that you can’t teach that! He poked fun at The Legionaries and ended it by calling them SAWFT!

Winner – Colin Cassady

Grade – B+, Colin’s match with Sawyer did not earn this grade. The match itself was rather boring with Sawyer mostly dominated Cassady in the beginning and Colin only hitting two moves in the match. Colin did keep it excited, but what was most excited was the return of Enzo Amore! Amore joins the list of superstars who have returned and/or made their debut’s here tonight on NXT! The NXT Tag Team Division was so small not to long ago, but now The Ascension’s list of challengers grows as The Vaudevillians, The Legionnaires, Jason Jordan & Tye Dillinger and now Big Cass and Enzo Amore occupy the list!

Adrian Neville (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

Apparently Alex Riley has been kicked off the commentary table and the number one contender for the NXT Championship, Tyler Breeze will take his place. Both Neville and Van Dam came out to a great crowd response and they shook hands before the match begins. The commentary throughout the match between Renee Young and Tyler Breeze was hilarious, as she continued to ask Breeze questions that he had no interest in answering. I could honestly write whole review on it! but back to the match. Van Dan and Neville kept up with each other landing kicks and strikes. Neville gained the upper hand as he clotheslined Van Dam over the ropes onto the outside of the ring. Van Dam seemed to be gassed as he stayed outside the ring up until the 7 count. Right when he got back in the ring the two began to fight once again with Neville gaining control! The NXT Champ continued to control Van Dam until, RVD manged to get  Neville outside of the ring and use it to its advantage, but the soon back fired on RVD as Neville climbed to the rope and hit a moonsault on RVD onto the outside of the ring! Back from commercial break, Neville is once again in control over Van Dam, keeping him matted with a front face lock! Van Dam broke out of it and got back into control as he perched Neville onto the top rope and hit a flying kick right into his jaw. Van Dam followed up with many of his trademark moves hitting the spinning leg drop and of course The Rolling Thunder! The turnbuckle quickly became Van Dam’s friend as he landed numerous spinning kicks to the jaw of Neville. Van Dam enjoyed this control over Neville as I continued to enjoy and get distracted by listening to the commentary by Renee Young and Tyler Breeze! Neville and Van Dam began to trade blows hitting each other with some serious kicks and following up with many quick maneuvers and countering each others moves! Van Dam gained control with a huge slam and went for a split legged moonsault, but Neville moved out of the way and began to fire and RVD with some stiff kicks. Neville followed up with a beautiful dropkick and covered Van Dam but only for a two. Neville continued to hit RVD with some heavy moves that only gave him the same result, a two count! RVD began to fight back in the match and Neville with a stiff kick to the jaw that knocked the NXT Champ out. RVD went to the top rope and leaped for the Five Star Frog Splash but Neville moved out of the way and RVD landed flat on his face. The NXT Champion followed up with a missile dropkick that sent RVD flying backwards and set him up for The Red Arrow for the win! RVD seemed shocked by the victory but still shook Neville’s hand and rose his hand in victory giving the NXT Champion a load of respect. Tyler Breeze on the other hand is not impressed and said “Adrian Neville is the champion but he needs to prepare for the number on contender,” and than he stood up on the announce table as he stared Neville down to end the show!

Winner – Adrian Neville (c)

Grade – A, This is a combination of both the match on the commentary. Neville showed off his A game tonight in this match against a man he looked up to. RVD took some heavy hit from Neville but he sure gave him a run for his money. It looked like Van Dam had the win when he went for the Five Star Frog Splash, but Neville avoided it and it his Red Arrow to upset Van Dam and score a huge victory over a legend in the WWE! Tyler Breeze on the other hand stole the show in my opinion! I found myself paying more attention to what Breeze was saying over the match. His commentary with Renee Yong was just brilliant. Young asked Tyler many questions and Tyler really did not care for what she had to say. These two work great together and I would love to see more of these two, maybe an actual interview! Great Match all around tonight!

Superstar of the Night – Adrian Neville!

Once again the NXT Champion claims this prize. I debated giving it to Enzo Amore or Tyler Breeze, but when I really think about, Neville’s victory over RVD means a lot more than you think! Despite how RVD has been booked as of late, he is a very accomplished superstar and a future WWE Hall of Famer! he is a former Intercontinental Champion, Tag Team Champion, ECW Champion and WWE Champion! and Adrian Neville beat him tonight. The NXT Champion his beginning to look unstoppable and Breeze seems to be all talk, but will he be ready for action. If you ask Renee Young, she would probably say not any time soon. Over all a great show tonight that saw the “debut” of Bull Dempsey and the debut of Becky Lynch along with the return of Enzo Amore and an great match between our NXT Champion and The Whole F’N Show! See you at Money in the Bank everybody!

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WWE NXT |6-19-14| Tyson Pulls the Trigger!

Hello my friends, and welcome to my review of this week’s edition of NXT! Tonight, after losing his second opportunity at the NXT Championship, what does the future hold for Tyson Kidd.

Natalya & JBL Segment.

Before the show begins we are shown a video from backstage at Raw! Nattie explains to JBL that Tyson has had a bad week and he just needs something different. She tosses the idea of Kidd and Sami Zayn forming a tag team. JBL seems to like the idea and takes it into consideration.

Sasha Banks W/Summer Rae & Charlotte (c) vs. Alexa Bliss

Our first match of the night, is a  match that was announced last week. There was a bit of an altercation last week between The BBFs that led to Bliss challenging Sasha to a match. Banks makes her way to the ring first with both Summer Rae and the NXT Womens Champion, Charlotte following her. Out next is Bliss, nothing to important happened in either of the entrances, it was noted however by the commentators that The BFFs have been getting along as of late, a huge change from last week. The two stare each other down before the match begins, once the bell is rung the two divas begin to circle around each other. Banks makes the first move by shoving the face of Bliss. Bliss smiled it off, but Sasha get a headlock on Bliss only for a few moments before Alexa bounces Banks off. Sasha avoids Alexa’s move, but Bliss quickly gets back up to her feet and takes Banks down. Sasha quickly up the her feet, she tosses Bliss off the ropes and catches her but Ms. Bliss turns it around on Sasha and covers her for a short count of one. Bliss quickly got to her feet, but Bliss planted Banks as she got up, sending her into the turnbuckle. Bliss quickly runs at Banks and hits her with a monkey flip. She quickly ran at her as Banks got up, but she seemed to have tripped, allowing Sasha to pick her up and lock her in a headlock. The headlock did not last long though as Alexa broke out of it and hit Banks with a forearm, before bouncing off the ropes. Unfortunately for Bliss, Banks saw her coming and reversed her move into an impressive tilt a-whirl back breaker that only earned her a two count. Banks slaps Bliss around before locking her into a surfboard stretch that lasted quite awhile. Alexa Bliss hung in there though as Banks was forced to let go of the submission hold after Banks grabbed a handful of Bliss’s hair only letting go of the hold as the ref reached four in his five count. Summer and Charlotte begin to have problems on the outside of the ring. They began to argue and accuse each other for doing stuff, while Banks continued to dominate Bliss in the ring. Eventually the bickering on the outside of the ring caught Banks attention as she went to check on them. Banks distracted by her fellow BFFs, Bliss runs from behind and rolls her up for a three count!

Winner – Alexa Bliss

Grade – C, It was not long after the match ended the Summer Rae and The NXT Womens Champion, Charlotte began to get physical. Charlotte pushed Summer, Summer slapped Charlotte and The BFFs began to argue including Banks. It seems like the end is near for The Beautiful Fierce Females. As for Bliss, she earns a huge victory here tonight over Banks. I don’t see her getting a title shot soon, but for someone as new as her to only have one defeat on her record to the current NXT Womens Champion, is sure says a lot for the confidence in her. At times it seemed like Bliss or Banks messed up and it did feel a bit rushed, but it served its purpose. Add fuel to the fire of the feud between The BFFs. Originally it looked like it was going to be between Summer and Charlotte, but after tonight I feel, along with the NXT Crowd tonight that it’s time for a Triple Threat!

Tyson Kidd & Natalya Segment

Tyson is seen backstage prepping for his match later tonight. Natalya comes in to check on him. She expresses how excited she is, but it doesn’t take long for this to turn into an argument. Tyson and Nattie go back and forth about how Nattie cost Tyson his title match and how Tyson could of earned this shot on his own. The segment ends when Tyson says he needs to go find Zayn and go over stuff for their tag match later tonight. It was interesting to hear Tyson blame Nattie for his loss, and it seems that this relationship is suffering form Tyson’s failures as Nattie just tries to help!

Mojo Rawley vs.Garrett Dylan 

Before this match begins we are shown a video of Aiden English and the man he met last week. The video was shot in black and white and made to look like it was on a projector. The two talk in the way of the classics movie. The video was to hype up the new tag team of English and this new strange man. Mojo’s music begins to play, and the man who is always hype makes his way to the ring. Already in the ring is a man we have not seen before, his opponent Garrett Dylan! Mojo quickly takes the advantage as he locks Dylan in a headlock before taking him down with a hip toss while keeping the headlock in tact. Dylan briefly gets out of the move, but not for long as Mojo once again locks in the headlock. The two got to there feet, and Mojo backs Garrett up into the turnbuckle were he begins to slam Dylan with shoulder blocks. Dylan stumbles out of the turnbuckle, but Mojo backs him into another one and continues with the shoulder blocks. Dylan finally fights back as he takes out a running Mojo’s leg, sending him face first into the turnbuckle pad. Dylan continues to beat down on Rawley, lifting him up for for a back suplex. Garrett stomps on Mojo and chokes him on the bottom rope, than he bounces Mojo of the ropes and catches him in an abdominal stretch. Dylan punches at the ribs on Mojo, trying to get him to tap out, but Rawley fights out of it when he arm drags Dylan. The two struggle to get back to their feet, but once there both up they begin to exchange a few punches. Dylan backs off into a turnbuckle, Mojo takes advantage as he runs full force at Dylan hitting him with a splash while he was in the turnbuckle. Garrett Dylan stumbles out of the turnbuckle into the center of the ring as Mojo plants him with a rear end to the face before hitting Hyper Drive to pick up the win.

Winner – Mojo Rawley

Grade – C, Mojo continue to win, but still over talent no body knows, or no body cares about! His only real feud was between English, and even tough English put up more of a challenge than anyone else Mojo has faced, he was still made to look weak compared to him. Mojo is suffering the same fate as the tag champs right now, the only difference is The Ascension’s matches are a lot more entertaining than Mojo’s. I’m not sure what the WWE sees in him, but so does the NXT Universe because he is over with just about everyone but myself!

Tyson Kidd & Sami Zayn Segment

Sami Zayn meets up with Tyson backstage. Sami talks about how both he and Tyson have suffered huge losses as of late, but tonight is about the tag team championships! Tyson agrees and states that tonight is the restart. I’m excited for this match The hard hitting style of The Ascension meets the high flying style of Tyson Kidd and Sami Zayn!

The Vaudevillians (Aiden English & Simon Gotch) vs. Angelo Dawkins & Travis Tyler

Before our next match begins we see CJ Parker walking around the NXT Universe with his recycled sign. The screen turns black and white as Aiden English and Simon Gotch make their way out on opposite sides. English comes out with a mega phone and holds it up to his mouth as Gotch holds a microphone up to the megaphone. English introduces himself and Gotch as The Vaudevillians, some old time music plays over the loud speaker as the two make their way down to the ring. Already in the ring our their opponents Angelo Dawkins and Travis Tyler! Simon Gotch and Angelo Dawkins are in the ring first. Dawkins makes the first move as he takes Gotch down with a basic slam, but Simon turns it around while he is on the mat, locking Dawkins in a hammer lock and doing one arms push-ups on the back of Dawkins. Angelo gets up and quickly tags in Tyler. Travis Tyler goes right after Gotch, but Simon turns it around once again and locks Tyler in a headlock. He backs up into his corner where he tags in English and his an uppercut to the back of the head of Tyler while Aiden his him with a boot that only gives him a two count. English continues to beat down on Tyler, hitting him with an impressive leg drop and working on the wrist of his opponent before tagging Simon Gotch back in. Gotch and English work together, and Simon goes right back to working on the wrist and forearm of Travis using both his feet and hands! Tag is made again, and The Vaudevillians once again work together, as Simon hols Travis there while English lands a punch to the ribs of Tyler. English continues to dominate over Travis Tyler using his knees as weapons and constantly keeping Tyler locked in a headlock before making yet another tag to Simon Gotch. Gotch gets in while English holds Travis from behind, Simon lands a quick punch right to the gut and holds onto Tyler’s arm while he reaches out to his partner. While Tyler was reaching for Dawkins, Simon Gotch was doing squats, before he pulled Tyler back and tagged in English. Before getting out Simon Gotch hit Travis Tyler with a Kamikaze Roll, allowing English to climb to the top rope and hit a Senton Flip for the win!

Winners – The Vaudevillians

Grade – B-, The Vaudevillians making their debut here tonight as a team, and Simon Gotch as well making his debut on NXT. The dominated their opponents here tonight, specifically Travis Tyler, and the looked good doing it. I’ve been saying for quite a long time now that The Ascension needed some game opponents, and with new teams rising up including The Vaudevillians, I have a feeling the tag champs may be in trouble. My only gripe about this match is that it went on a little longer than it should, but other than that I love The Vaudevillians!

Backstage Interview W/ Colin Cassady

Devin Taylor is backstage ready to interview Big Cass. Devin talks about Colin’s victory over Sylvester Lefort last week. Colin comments on how this have been smooth sailing for him, but if could be better and he thinks its time it gets better. Colin ends the interview by singing us out. With recent talk during his matches about him and the NXT title, I can only assume that is what Big Cass is talking about here, and i couldn’t be more excited about it!

Backstage Interview W/ Rob Van Dam

Devin Taylor is backstage with RVD! She asks Van Dam what he plans on doing here as she welcomes him to the show. Van Dam expresses how great the talent is on NXT and claims he found the top dog in our NXT Champion Adrian Neville and expresses that he wants to challenge. What a huge opportunity for Neville as he has an opportunity to step in the ring with the legendary R V D!

Kalisto vs. Tyler Breeze

Kalisto makes his way down to the ring first to a huge crowd response. The crowd chanted “Lucha” at Kalisto as he made his way to the ring, out next is Prince Pretty himself, the number one contender to the NXT Championship Tyler Breeze! The Bell rings, and this match is under way! The two lock up, Breeze pushes Kalisto back into the turnbuckle but the two continue to counter each other for the next few seconds. Breeze, obviously frustrated with Kalisto screams at him “I’m the Number One Contender!” Once again they lock up, but this time Tyler manages to lock Kalisto in a head lock. Kalisto tries to get out of is by tossing Breeze off, but Tyler manages to hang on and keep Kalisto in the headlock while taking him down with a hip toss. Tyler covers him but only for a two, Breeze tries for another pin, but once again only a two count! Tyler continues to keep the headlock locked in, as Kalisto manages to get back to his feet and toss Breeze off again, but Tyler counters once again dropping down and keeping the headlock locked in still! Kalisto rolls Breeze over getting a quick pin of one, but once again Breeze get out and keeps the headlock locked in for awhile longer. Kalisto manages to get to his feet again and once again tried to toss Tyler over, but he hangs on, this time though Kalisto rolls backwards to get out of the hold and quickly jumps off the ropes to hit Breeze with a spinning crossbody. Kalisto bounces off the ropes, Breeze tried to trip him by sliding his body in front of him but Kalisto jumped over him and managed to catch Breeze’s head between his feet, before tossing him to the outside of the ring. Kalisto began to run against the ropes and looked like he was going to jump to the outside onto Breeze, but faked him out as we go to commercial break. Once we back, Tyler quickly gets back in control with a jawbreaker and than continued to stomp Kalisto into the turnbuckle. Breeze continues to control the match once again with a headlock. After holding him down for quite awhile, Kalisto fights back to his feet and eats a forearm from Breeze before connecting with a hurricarana  pin for only a two count. Tyler quickly gets two his feet and jumps at Kalisto hitting him with a straight punch to the head. Breeze begins to shower his opponent with fist while he lays on the ground, Tyler covers him for a pin of only 2. Frustrated Breeze continues to pin his opponent but Kalisto kicked out every time. Kalisto began to fight back but it was not long until Breeze once again took him down with a headlock. Breeze held on to the headlock and eventually got back to his feet, he ran Kalisto face first into the turnbuckle and went to cover him for the pin, but Kalisto managed to roll away from Breeze towards the outside apron. Breeze went after, but paid for hit when Kalisto kicked straight up into Breeze’s face!  Kalisto climbs to the top turnbuckle and lands a crossbody on Breeze. Unfortunately Kalisto could not capitalize and both men laid there as the ref began the count. We almost saw this match end, when the referee  reached the count of nine but both Breeze and Kalisto made it up to their feet. Kalisto lands a kick to Breeze’s leg and than continues by blocking Breeze’s punch and landing his own, both superstars are standing on wobbly legs, Breeze rolls Kalisto up, but Kalisto rolls out of the pin and than rolls over to Breeze to land a stiff kick to the face of the Number One Contender. Kalisto covers Breeze, but only for a count of two! Breeze gets up into the turnbuckle and Kalisto runs at him, Tyler counters by tossing Kalisto over the ropes, but Kalisto lands on the outside apron and climbed to the top of the turnbuckle. Breeze saw him and went running at him, but Kalisto dodged him using the top rope to cartwheel away from Breeze. Once again Tyler ran after Kalisto this time he ducked under Breeze’s clothesline and than hung onto the ropes continuing to catch Breeze off guard! Kalisto spring boarded off the ropes, but this time Tyler catches Kalisto off guard landing The Beauty Shot on him and covering him for the three.

Winner – Tyler Breeze

Grade – C, Not a good showing for either of these two today. Maybe I went in having high hopes, but this match really disappointed me. I’ve heard some really good things about Kalisto but have yet to see any of this, and I know Tyler is much better. I may be given this match to much criticism right now because at times this match was really good when the two actually fought! but what ruined this match the most is I felt like I just sat through a match that was 90% headlock and 10% wrestling. It just could of been much better. The Number One Contender continues riding the wave of momentum, as he in my honest opinion dominated Kalisto tonight with just a small hiccup at one point! I’ve heard that he has suffered an injury so I suspect he will be out of action for only a short time, but this could be a great time for him to WOW us with his mic skills. Probably the worst match I’ve seen of Tyler, but I’m still a fan, and I’m still excited for whats coming next!

NXT Tag Team Championship!

Tyson Kidd & Sami Zayn vs. The Ascension (c) (Konner O’Brian & Rick Viktor)

Before the entrances, it was officially announced that next week on NXT, RVD takes on the NXT World Champion Adrian Neville, and also it was announced that the Number One Contender, Tyler Breeze has left the building! Tyson Kidd makes his way to the ring first and Sami Zayn follows. Soon the NXT Tag Team Champions make their way to the ring and this title match is under way! Sami Zayn and Viktor start off the match, and Viktor takes the early control over Zayn hitting him with hard hitting strikes and eventually bouncing him chest first off the ropes and into his forearm. Viktor began to beat down on Zayn eventually striking Zayn into the turnbuckle. He continued the strikes before pulling Zayn out of the turnbuckle just to toss him right back in. Zayn bounced off the turnbuckle and he stumbled over to the middle of the ropes. Viktor once again bounced Zayn off the ropes chest first and striking him with his forearm. Viktor picked Zayn up and went to bounce him off the ropes again, but Sami used the ropes to springboard over Viktor’s shoulders, and takes him down with a dropkick. Zayn covers Viktor for a one count, he then gets Viktor in a headlock and tries to tag in Kidd, but Viktor lifts Zayn up onto his shoulders and runs him into his turnbuckle, where Konner tags himself in. Konner lands a stiff punch to the temple of Zayn, and than tosses him back into his turnbuckle and begins to shower Sami with stiff stomps. The fans Chat “YAH” every time Konner strikes him, and as he backs up the begin to chant “One More YAH!” Witch Konner gladly grants them! Viktor gets the tag back in and covers Zayn for only a two. Viktor quickly begins to strike Zayn once again, not allowing him to get back into the match at all! Viktor leads Zayn up against the ropes and lands a forearm right onto the jaw before striking him back into his corner where he makes the tag to Konner. Konner only briefly comes in and showers Zayn with more stomps to the gut before tagging Viktor back in. Zayn tries to get away and make a tag to Tyson, but Viktor grabs him! Zayn tries to get Viktor off him, landing elbows onto the side of Viktor’s skull, but Rick Viktor pulls Zayn back by his tights and hits him with an impressive spine buster. The two battle some more, and eventually the camera pans over to Tyson Kidd as it seems he is leaving telling Zayn “If you want to fight the whole match, than fight the whole match.” Zayn and Viktor continue to battle inside the ring. Viktor gains control and tosses Zayn into his corner while looking over at Tyson. Sami ran at Konner and hit him with a forearm and than put his boots up to catch Viktor. Sami climbed to the top of the turnbuckle and landed and flying crossbody onto Rick Viktor. Zayn reaches for the tag to Tyson Kidd, but notices he isn’t there. Sami get into his corner and him and Tyson begin to exchange words. Meanwhile Konner gets the tag in and starts to stare down Zayn in the opposite corner before running at him and hitting him with a monstrous splash as he catches Zayn off guard. Konner makes the tag back into Viktor and The Ascension measure Sami up and hit him with The Fall of Man! Viktor covers Sami for the win.

Winners & still NXT Tag Team Champions – The Ascension!

Grade – B, Not a bad match tonight, but it could of been so much better! The story line comes first here tonight though, as it would seem Tyson Kidd has officially turned Heel! as he abandoned his partner and left him high and dry to the Tag Team Champions! Konner and Viktor to my surprise continued the dominance. I had no doubt that they were going to win, but I thought we would of seen a more competitive match, but the entire match Sami Zayn just got beat down both The Tag Champs, and the second where the action could of picked up, Tyson Kidd was not there to make the tag! I don’t know for sure, but I think we may have a Tyson Kidd/Sami Zayn feud coming up soon! However The Ascension wins what shout of been a hard match, rather easily! and continues to reign over the NXT Tag Team Division!

Superstar of the Night – Tyson Kidd

Tyson Kidd, despite not winning the Tag Team Titles tonight, still ends up being the Superstar of the night. The show was built around him! We had several segments featuring him in some sort of way from the opening with Natalya and JBL to Kidd and Zayn getting pumped up for their title match, and than he made the main event match all about him, with out even stepping in the ring. Tyson Kidd made his Heel turn tonight when he abandoned Zayn and fed him to The Ascension. Kidd is becoming a big part of NXT, and with Tyler Breeze out for an injury, Tyson could fill his spot while he is gone, but than again, I’m sure Sami Zayn wants a little revenge on Tyson first!

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WWE NXT |6-12-14|The Debut of Mr. NXT!

Hello My Friends, and welcome to my review of June 12th’s edition of NXT Wrestling. Tonight’s advertised main event is a rematch from NXT: Take Over! as Adrian Neville defends his NXT Championship against Tyson Kidd! Last week Tyson asked for a rematch and was granted it! Will he be able to defeat The Champ, or will lightning strike twice for Adrian Neville?

Bayley, Emma & Paige (c) vs. The BFF’s (Charlotte (c), Sasha Banks & Summer Rae)

Before the show opened we had a nice video package highlighting the Adrian Neville/Tyson Kidd Feud! Bayley, Emma and The Divas Champion, Paige made their way to the ring separately while The BFF’s came down together to the NXT Womens Champ theme! We saw a little bit of dissension between The BFFs as all three fought for the middle spot between them, and Summer even showed interest in The Womens title as she picked it out the second Charlotte put it down. Emma and Charlotte start things off. The two are pretty even in the beginning until Emma slapped Charlotte, and The Womens Champion fired back with a hard elbow to the jaw of Emma! Charlotte tossed Emma into her turnbuckle where she tagged in Sasha Banks! Summer looked surprised on the outside as she was expecting the tag. Banks stomped on Emma for a bit, before making the tag back to Charlotte. Emma fought back for a few and made her way to the outside of the apron, but Sasha Banks pulled her off the apron, sending Emma face first onto it. We shortly go to commercial break but once we return we see Summer Rae know in the ring with Emma as she has a headlock locked in! It’s not long until Summer tags in the NXT Women Champion, and Charlotte quickly lock in The Figure Four Headlock! Emma reverses the move as she arches her back and forces Charlotte’s shoulders to the match and gets a two count before Charlotte kicks out. Emma begins to make her way to her team, but The Womens Champ pulls Emma away and locks her right back in The Figure Four Headlock. Charlotte let go of the move after she used her leg strength to suplex Emma while still in the hold. Charlotte covers Emma only for a two. Charlotte tagged in Sasha, while Summer Rae is over near the fans taking pictures with them. Charlotte and Summer have a few words while Sasha continues to dominate Emma. Emma gets a way for a few moments and races to her team for a tag, but Sasha quickly rushes over to take out Paige and drag Emma back into her corner before Summer tagged herself in. Summer begins to jam her foot into the throat of Emma while she yelled at Banks “This is how you do it.” The referee demands Summer get out of the ring stating he did not see the tag, prompting Sasha Banks to get back in the ring. Banks stomps on Emma a few times before tagging Summer back in. Summer continues the beat down, until something weird happened. Charlotte screamed at Raw “Tag Me” and Summer replied by tagging herself “and saying your in” I don’t know if I missed a tag, but Charlotte comes into the match and jams her shoulder into Emma’s gut a couple of times until she tags Banks back into the match. Sasha continues to take it to Emma, but Emma moves out the way sending Sasha chest first into the turnbuckle. Emma quickly takes this opportunity to lock in The Dil-Emma. The referee makes his count up to four, before Emma lets go. The two Divas make their ways to the corners. Sasha makes the tag to Charlotte and Emma finally tags out to Bayley! Bayley rushes in and takes The Womens Champ down with some hard clotheslines! Charlotte gets up in the turnbuckle but Bayley races at her and slams her shoulder right into the gut of the NXT Womens Champion. Bayley than quickly races to towards Charlotte again and lands her elbow right into the jaw of The Champ, Bayley follows up with a suplex followed by a two count pin on the champion, broken up by Sasha Banks. The Divas Champion, Paige quickly rushes into the ring, but Sasha disposes of her quickly. Bayley grabs Banks while she is not looking and tosses her out and even lands a forearm on Summer Rae, before she could get involved. Charlotte did a split to avoid Bayley clothesline and rolled her up for a pin using her impressive athleticism , but it was only good for a two. Charlotte took her anger out on Summer as she kicked Rae to the outside of the ring screaming at her “What are you doing?” Bayley grabs the champ from behind and rolls her up for a three count, to pick up the surprise victory!

Winners – Bayley, Emma & The WWE Divas Champion, Paige

Grade – B: A great way to open up the show! Emma took majority of the beating in this match, as The BFF’s really singled her out, but give it to Bayley for the come back win! The second Summer returned last week, we knew there were going to be issues, I just wasn’t expecting them to happen so quickly! Despite the fact that Sasha Banks and Charlotte worked well together, the twos girls really wanted nothing to do with Summer, and towards the end The Champ let Summer get to her and it cost them the match. After the match Summer whipped her hair into Charlotte’s face and the two begin to argue with Summer screaming at both Banks and Charlotte ” I made you two” before leaving. It would appear that Charlotte’s first challenger would be Summer Rae, but maybe Bayley will throw her name in there after pinning the champ. One thing I did notice is the NXT Divas were made to look better than the Main Roster Divas! Charlotte and Banks were the main two dishing out the damage on Emma! The Divas Champ, Paige never got in the match. Summer was attacked by Charlotte and Bayley turned the match around for her team! The NXT Divas continue to look good, while the WWE Divas continue to do the exact opposite!

JBL Segment.

We are shown a video from last week on The General Manger of NXT, JBL signing a new talent. The new guy begins to thank JBL and begins to say he truly Bo-Leiv, but quickly rephrases it and says Believes he will do big things here! JBL welcomes Mr. NXT on board!

Backstage Segment with The BFF’s

Banks and Charlotte argue with Summer over the match. Banks completely blames Summer while I believe I heard Charlotte say “No wonder he dumped you!” Summer defends herself until Alexa Bliss makes her way into the locker room to get her stuff. Sasha Banks shoos Bliss away, Alexa explains she is not looking for friends or a fight, but how about a match. Banks asks her if she knows who she is talking to and Alexa responds by saying “So it’s a yes!” and than she leaves. The segment ends with The BFF’s talking crap about Bliss!

Colin Cassady vs. Sylvester Lefort W/ Marcus Louis

Before either superstar makes their way to the ring, CJ Parker is shown walking through the NXT Crowd with a sign that has messages about saving the Planet and littering. Colin Cassady makes his way to the ring first to some nice fan fare. Colin is always so energetic during his entrances and I love it! Out next is Lefort along with his tag team partner, Marcus Louis. The two make their way to the ring, while Louis waves the France Flag around. Lefort gets in Colin’s face and begins to talk trash to him. Cassady doesn’t take it for long as he grabs Lefort by his head and pushed him back into the turnbuckle. Colin tosses Lefort across the ring, Sylvester gets up into the other turnbuckle, but is quickly tossed by Cassady again. Lefort once again gets up in the turnbuckle, but this time he kicks Colin in the knee and beings to beat down on him. The crowd began to chant “USA” while Lefort continued to take it to Cassady until Colin starting firing back with punches right to the gut! Lefort quickly turns it around back into his favor, continuing on with strikes to the back of Cassady. Sylvester went to bounce of the ropes, but Colin quickly got up and fired him with an elbow right to the face of Lefort. Colin picks Lefort up and hits him with some Knee’s to the gut and than slams him back down with a huge forearm to the back. Cassady backed up into the turnbuckle and got the crowd to say along with him ” S-A-W-F-T” The crowd finishes the catch phrase while Colin runs at Lefort and hits him with a Big Boot! Colin begins to start down Louis while Marcus screams at Cassady. Lefort uses Colin to pull himself up, but Cassady just picks him up onto his shoulders and hits him with East River Crossing (I believe that’s what it was called) and covers him for the three!

Winner – Colin Cassady

Grade- B-: Before I go over the match, I wanna add that I like what there doing with Parker. Having him go through the crowd with his signs. I wish they would make it more effective, maybe have him come out with a Megaphone and preaching his beliefs onto them. I do feel this is a great way for him to get some heat, without having to lose to every superstar. Back to the match, I gotta say I was surprised to see Lefort put up more of a fight. Colin continues to impress, showing off a bit more of an aggressive side tonight. His stare down Marcus Louis during the match and after the match, hints at a possible match between those two, but Colin continues to impress and one has to wonder what awaits Colin in his future!

Natalya & Tyson Kidd Segment

Natalya is backstage with Tyson, expressing how excited she is that she gets to go out there and accompany him to the ring. Tyson gets up from his push ups and tells Nattie that this match is not about her, it’s about the NXT Championship and that is all he is focused on. Nattie tries to explain to Tyson that she understands, but Tyson continues to restate he is only focused on the NXT Title, until he leaves. It seems the statement that Tyson will only be remember as Natalya’s husband is beginning to get to him and it seems he may be taking it out on his wife! I’m curious to see where this goes next.

Aiden English Segment

English is backstage singing to himself “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen” Until a strange man comes over and extends his hand to English. English is confused by this as the man wanders off and some loud noise is heard in the background and English looks on impressively. The man comes back with a steel post showing off how strong he is until he leaves. Aiden continues to look on in amazement.

Sami Zayn vs. Mr. NXT

Sami Zayn makes his way to the ring first, and I’m still not a big fan of his new entrance theme or his new entrance. I just don’t feel like it matches his character at all. Out next making his NXT debut, Mr. NXT! He makes his way to the ring, resembling former NXT Champion, Bo Dallas. The crowd chants Bo-Leave at Mr. NXT before the match officially begins. Zayn is very suspicious about his opponent, the two size each other up before locking into the collar and elbow. Mr. NXT locks the headlock on Zayn and bounces him off the ropes and takes him down with his shoulder. Mr. NXT celebrates by throwing his arms up in the air. The NXT universe begins to chant “You can’t fool us.” at Mr. NXT. Zayn gets back up and the two begin to circle each other again, this time they bounce of the ropes NXT takes Zayn down with a shoulder block, Zayn quickly back up to his feet catches Mr. NXT off guard and takes him down with numerous arm drags and than begins to taunt Mr. NXT by taunting in a similar way to Bo Dallas. Mr. NXT gets back to his feet, obviously angered at Zayn for taunting him. Mr. NXT pushes Zayn into the turnbuckle and begins to strike him into the gut. He pulls Zayn out and connects with an elbow to the side of his skull many times. He taunts to the fans and screams “I’m not Bo Dallas,” to the NXT Universe. Mr. NXT lifted Zayn up and seemed to be going for Bo Dallas’s finishing move, The Bo Dog! Zayn managed to get out of it and turned things around on Mr. NXT and got on top of his shoulders. Sami jumped off and managed to pull Mr. NXT’s mask off proving that it was Bo Dallas underneath the mask the whole time. Dallas had a shocked look on his face as Zayn tossed Bo his mask and ran out him to hit him with The Helluva Kick. Zayn covered Dallas for the pin to win.

Winner – Sami Zayn

Grade – C: I feel kind of bad giving two great superstars such a low grade, but I was just not into this match at all! It was quite obvious that Mr. NXT was Dallas the entire time and it go annoying after awhile hearing the commentators bicker back and forth about if it was or wasn’t Dallas. Zayn didn’t get to show off his high flying style and Bo never really got to beat down on Zayn. The moments where they did get to wrestler, were not long enough. I feel like we watched a match that was just lock ups. Probably the worst Sami Zayn/Bo Dallas match I’ve ever seen between these two. Luckily for them most of their bouts are much better than this one! The end segment went on for far to long! Zayn had the security come down to eject Bo from the arena and thus began the Cat and Dog chase of Bo Dallas that ended outside of Full Sail University. I don’t like how they are making Bo look like a fool anymore. This is no way to treat a a former NXT World Champion and a guy you want us to buy into on the Main Roster.

NXT Championship!

Adrian Neville (c) vs. Tyson Kidd W/Natalya

Before this match began we are shown that the security has finally managed to get Bo Dallas out of the arena. Neville makes his way to the ring first and Kidd follows alongside his wife Natalya! The announcements are made and the match is underway. The match starts off with the two staying one step ahead of each other. Tyson gained the advantage in the match, but Neville hung in there and kept himself in the match. Neville didn’t completely get back in the match until he dodged Tyson in the turnbuckle and hit Kidd with a cross body! Kidd gets back to his feet after kicking out of  the pin and runs at Neville, but The Champ tosses Kidd out of the ring. Adrian built up some speed and jumped over the ropes and hit Neville with a Corkscrew flip. Adrian tosses Kidd back into the ring and covers for a two. Neville locks in a submission hold as we go to commercial break. We come back from commercial break and Tyson is now in control as Neville is leaning on the ropes. Kidd lands a leg drop onto the back Neville’s neck. Tyson covers for a pin of only 2, Kidd continued to control the match holding Kidd down with a headlock. Neville tired to get out of it, but Tyson turned it around and covered the champ for a pin of only two again. Tyson continues on with the headlock on Neville. Adrian began to power out of the headlock and elbowed Kidd in the gut to get him off. Neville ran to the turnbuckle, Kidd ran after and looked to capture his momentum back with a Russian leg sweep of the second ropes, but Neville hung on and sent Kidd off! Neville leaps off the top turnbuckle and hits a dropkick on Kidd. Tyson pulls himself up into the turnbuckle but Neville races at him and hits him with a forearm and follows up with a suplex and arches into a pin for of two. The two lock up for a bit and Kidd gets off a kick to the gut, but Neville quickly turns it back into his favor by landing a kick right to the side of Tyson’s head. Neville follows up with a standing moonsault for a count of only two. Tyson rolled to the outside on the apron. Neville went after kid and tired to land a kick on Tyson, but he manged to block it and land his own! Tyson entered the ring and hit a running dropkick onto Neville. Adrian got hung up on the ropes and Tyson landed a front flip leg drop. Kidd covered Neville for the pin and got the three count, but Neville’s foot was on the rope before the count of three. Tyson began to celebrate until both the ref and Natalya explained to him that Neville’s foot was on the rope. Tyson tied Neville to the Tree of Woe and hit some knee strikes to his chest before landing a running dropkick on him. Tyson still questions the refs call, but drags Neville to the middle of the ring and locks in The Sharpshooter! Neville claws his way closer to the ropes as Natalya roots for his husband and Kidd screams at Neville to tap! Neville makes his way to the ropes, and when Kidd goes to pick him up, Neville rolls kid up in a small package for a two count. Kidd runs at Neville, but Adrian moves and Kidd goes chest first into the turnbuckle. The NXT Champ follows with a stiff kick right to the back of the skull of Tyson. Kidd falls to the mat and appears to be knocked out. Neville makes his way to the top rope and is looking for Red Arrow, but Tyson quickly gets up and dropkicks the ropes to send Neville flying off. Kidd now races to the top rope and sizes Neville up to hit an impressive Overhead Neck breaker and almost picks up the victory but Neville just barley kicks out at two! Tyson gets on the outside of the aprons on hits on over the ropes elbow, but once again it is only good for a two count! Kidd can’t believe it as he gets out of the ring and grabs a steel chair, but Natalya grabs the chair from him and tosses it aside telling Tyson that he is better than that. Kidd turns around and is hit by a Super kick courtesy on Neville. Adrian climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and lands Red Arrow on Tyson for the three count!

Winner & Still NXT Champion – Adrian Neville

Grade – B+: Not better than their match at Take Over, but not a bad match at all. The beginning may have been a little slow, but it picked up later on throughout the match. Kidd dominated the champ mostly tonight, but towards the end where Kidd went the grab the chair is where the most interesting part of the match happened. When Natalya pulled the chair away from Kidd, just got me think about a possible heel turn for Tyson Kidd. After the match nothing like that happened as Natalya checked on her husband and Neville celebrated his victory. I wonder where Tyson will go from here.

Superstar of the Night – Bayley!

Maybe a surprise, but a well deserved superstar of the night. Sure Neville defended his title in a great match and Zayn exposed the man behind the mask of Mr. NXT, but Bayley not only won the match for her team, but she pinned the Womens Champion. Sure The BFF’s are at odds and it would appear Charlotte and Summer are set to feud, but Bayley’s name should be thrown into a potential title match! In a match that featured 3 Main Roster Divas, The current reigning NXT Womens Champion and one of the more impressive Divas on the roster, and Bayley is the only one I can think about, you know she had a good night! Hopefully Bayley gets herself a shot at the gold, because I think she’d make a great champ!

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