WWE NXT 2-19-14- “You don’t hate me, You’re just afraid!”

Hello everybody and welcome to my review of this weeks NXT. NXT is a program that show cases the up and coming talent in the WWE’s developmental system. Before we begin I would like to apologize once again for this being late, but for also skipping over Monday Night Raw. I actually missed Raw this week and sadly that means there will be no review for it, but anyway lets get started!

The Ascension (c) (Conner O’Brian & Rick Victor) vs.  Casey Marion &  “Like Mike” LaBosca

We start off the night with the Tag Team Champions! We are introduced to yet again another team of jobbers. I can’t praise NXT enough for there fantastic Divas Division or there roster full of talent, but its there Tag Division that falls short. I honestly cannot think of another Tag Team in the NXT Tag Division, right now I really believe The Ascension (c) is the only team in the division! Anyway though The Ascension makes quick work of the jobbers with honestly nothing to memorable.

Winners- The Ascension (c) (Conner O’Brian & Rick Victor)

Rating- 3\10: Yet another team of Jobbers for Conner and Victor to feed on. NXT needs more Tag Teams, because it does not matter how great the team of The Ascension is, its going to get boring rather quick to just see them face jobbers with names every week! Maybe at NXT: The Arrival a team from the WWE can come down and challenge The Ascension for the Tag Belts. Doesn’t have to be a top team like The Usos, but maybe 3MB isn’t doing anything that night!

Emma w/Bailey vs. Summer Rae w/ The BFFs (Sasha Banks and Charlotte)

Emma looks to continue her dominance as she takes on The Leader of The BFFs (Beautiful Fierce Females), Summer Rae. These two have had a little bit of a rivalry on the WWE main roster, but its on NXT where we can see these two finally face off and not dance off. At first the match was kinda sloppy, and than in the middle it was pretty slow as it felt like Summer had a headlock locked in for at least 10 minutes, but towards the end of the match Emma was able to lock in the Emma Lock and defeat Summer Rae! Look out Paige (c) because at NXT: Arrival Emma may just be the new NXT Women’s Champion!

Winner- Emma

Rating- 5\10: The match wasn’t too impressive, but its far better than any match you’d get on the main roster. I kind of feel bad when one of the women from NXT is taken and turned into a WWE Diva on the main roster. We know Natalya, AJ Lee, Summer Rae, Naomi and all the other Divas can wrestle, so why are they not aloud to show off those skills? I don’t want to go on a tangent so I’m just gonna cut it short. Tonight Emma gained even more momentum as she heads into NXT: Arrival to face Paige (c) for the Women’s Championship, and she looks to walk out of NXT: Arrival the new NXT Women’s Champion!

Tyler Breeze Interview

Price Pretty expresses how he can’t let Neville win the NXT Championship, because if he does than Neville will be the “Face” of NXT and Breeze cannot let Neville’s face represent him. A very well done promo done by Tyler Breeze as he not only stays in character, but he is able to make his character look like a big deal, and that is what impresses me most about Tyler Breeze. He has the pretty boy character, but isn’t made to look like a jobber in his matches!

Renee Young Interviews Both Sami Zayn and Cesaro

Young sits down and has an interview with both Zayn and Cesaro before there match at NXT: Arrival, and just to make sure the interview doesn’t end in a brawl, if Sami Zayn puts his hands on Cesaro he will never get another shot at the NXT Championship, and if Cesaro is to put his hands on Zayn than he will lose his spot in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match! The Interview saw Cesaro speak for Zayn, until finally Zayn got fed up and called Cesaro out saying he is trying to make this match personal, than goes on to say they were past personal and the only thing personal between the two in the business that he takes very personal. A nice way to promote the match between the two, there not the best on the microphone, but they got the job done!

Emma Interview 

Emma is given a short interview where she promotes her match with Paige (c) at NXT: Arrival. Emma is so goofy, she looks out of place when doing an interview, its like she isn’t interested in the interview and just wants to do her thing, which I have no problem with!

Adrian Neville vs. Tyler Breeze

These two have faced off before and did not disappoint, and tonight was no exception as they stole the show again. Neville is looking to gain as much momentum he can, as he is set to challenge Bo Dallas (c) in a ladder match for the NXT Championship at NXT: Arrival, but standing in his way is Tyler Breeze, who does not want a man who looks like Adrian Neville, to represent him as “The Face” of NXT. The match was back in forth, we saw Breeze in control early on, but than Neville took over, and he took in to Breeze. Several hard hits connected, and Neville showed everyone why he is called “The Man Who Gravity Forgot” as he hit Breeze with many high flying maneuvers. At some point Breeze hit a clutch super kick, that looked like it was going to get him back in the match, but it wasn’t enough as Breeze hit the beauty shot and Neville was able to get Breeze to stay down long enough so he can hit a beautiful Red Arrow to pick up a much needed win!

Winner- Adrian Neville

Rating- 8\10: The stole the show here tonight! Tyler Breeze and Adrian Neville have great chemistry in the ring together. We also got to see a new, more aggressive side of Breeze here tonight, which is great because Tyler needs it if you ask me. No question though that Neville needed the win here as he heads into NXT: Arrival to challenge Bo Dallas (c) for the NXT Championship!

End Segment

Neville gets on the mic, but is quickly interrupted by Bo Dallas (c). Dallas comes down and says that he is impressed about how far Neville has come, and makes it well known that the ladder match between himself and Neville is a big deal. Neville goes on to agree with the Champ, and than states that he used to think Bo hated him, but now he knows that Bo doesn’t hate him, he fears him. Neville than dares Bo to hit him, and it looks like Bo is going to as he takes of his jacket, takes on the NXT Championship, and unbuttons his shirt, but than he just gets out of the ring. A Nice little stare down between the two as they set off the face each other in a ladder match with the NXT Title on the line!

Superstar of the Night- Adrian Neville

Neville once again is the superstar of the night! This was a close one, and I almost made it a tie, but Neville truly had a better night. Breeze gave an excellent promo and even had a great match with Neville, but Adrian was able to not only pull out the win, but get the last word on Bo Dallas (c) as he picks up more momentum heading into his Ladder Match against Bo Dallas (c) for the NXT Championship at NXT: Arrival! 

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WWE NXT 2-12-14- Building up to the Arrival!

Hello everybody on welcome to my review of the February 12th edition of WWE NXT! NXT is a program that showcases the up and coming talent from the WWE’s developmental territory. Now I would like to apologize for being a little late on this one, but as we get closer to the release of the WWE Network, we get even closer to NXT: Arrival, and tonight’s show is sure to build up to the historic event, so lets get started! 

Natalya, Bailey & Emma vs. The BFFs (Summer Rae & Sasha Banks) &Alicia Fox w/ Charlotte

We open up the night with some Diva action. It would seem like Alicia Fox is attempting to become a BFF (Beautiful Fierce Female). Emma has been gain quite a lot of momentum lately with her debut to the main roster and how she will challenge Paige (c) for the NXT Womens Championship at NXT Arrival, add in Bailey’s budding rivalry with BFFs and we got a pretty good opening bout. Now the actual match itself was kind of slow and it saw Bailey take most of the damage, but Summer Rae kept it interesting with her constant bullying while she beat down on Bailey. The match ended when The BFFs walked out Alicia Fox and Emma locked the former Divas Champion in the Emma Lock to pick up the win!

Winners- Natalya, Bailey & Emma

Rating- 5\10: Even though the match was slow, it still got its job done, Bailey’s feud with the BFFs continue and now there may be an ally in the future for Bailey in the former Divas Champion Alicia Fox, there has to be a reason why the left her. Of course Emma gained so more momentum as she heads for the biggest match of her career when she takes on the NXT Women’s Champion Paige (c) at NXT: Arrival!

Colin Cassady vs. Aiden English 

The rivalry between Aiden English and Colin Cassady has honestly been quite entertaining! We’ve seen Colin defeat Aiden in a sing off, than we have seen Aiden threaten a handicapped Enzo Amore, and than last week Colin cost Aiden a match against Tyson Kidd, so its only fitting to see these two face off for what I believe to be the second time. The match was okay, i was hoping to see much more for these two since there rivalry has been so entertaining! To me the match felt a bit sloppy and rushed. Aiden picked up the victory after hitting Colin with The Directors Cut for the three count!

Winner- Aiden English

Rating- 6\10: Aiden picked up the victory here tonight, but I have a feeling this rivalry is not over yet. The commentators made a strong emphasis on the fact how they feel Colin can’t defeat Aiden, and I sure hope this wasn’t the final nail in the coffin for the rivalry, because its been just to good for it to end in that match!

Sami Zayn Calls Out Antonio Cesaro

Sami comes out and talks about his career and how he always takes steps forward in his career, but than says that for the first time in his career that he can’t move forward, Zayn’s promo started off pretty good, but go boring after while, luckily Cesaro came down and him and Zayn started to speak going back and forth and keeping it interesting. At some point it seemed like Cesaro had changed his mind and the two were going to shake on it until the crowd took over by chanting Pinky Promise, and as the two were about to Pinky Promise, Cesaro kicked Zayn in the injured knee and told him his answer was still NO! Triple H than came down to the ring and explained that the NXT Universe wants to see the rematch and more importantly He (Triple H) wants to see it, so he made it official that at NXT: Arrival Sami Zayn and Antonio Cesaro will face off in a Two out of Three Falls Match!

Tye Dillinger vs. CJ Parker

Tye received no entrance, so right away you knew this was going to be quick, that is of course you here the music of CJ Parker. Parker who faced The Miz not to long ago and lost to him, is not set to take out all his frustrations on Tye Dillinger. The match was quick, but actually not bad for a jobber match. Parker hits The Third Eye for the three count, but the real breakout moment here was Parker’s post match promo. Parker officially turned heel as he bad month the NXT Universe and practically pushed his Hippy Life Style on us before blaming the NXT Universe for all the worlds problem (Ex: World hunger) and than at the end said if the NXT Universe doesn’t love him, than he doesn’t love the NXT universe!

Winner- CJ Parker

Rating- 4\10- Now the match got a low ranking, just because it was a jobber match. This is actually the highest I’ll rate a jobber match since there so quick, but Parker looked good tonight. A quick win and a great promo definitely makes me forget about his quick loss to The Miz, and hoping for big things for CJ Parker!

Jason Jordan & Marcus Lewie vs. The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Eric Rowan)

The Wyatt family makes there return and quick work of it to! Marcus Lewie got no action in as Luke and Eric completely demolished him to pick up the quick victory!

Winners- The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Eric Rowan)

Rating- 4\10: It was nice to see The Wyatt’s but a little bit of a waste to put them into a quick match, could of just given Bray the mic and have him deliver one of his creepy promos, but again it was nice to see them

Bray Wyatt Post Match Beatdown & Promo!

Bray ends the night but stepping in the ring and hitting Sister Abigail on Jason Jordan and than cuts a face (Good Guy) promo stating that The Wyatt’s have already injected their poison into the NXT Universe, but NXT will always be there home. As I said before it would of been nice if they would of just given Bray the mic and let him give  a long promo before the end, but it was a nice change to see Bray pull of a face promo!

Superstar of the Nigh- CJ Parker

What a turn around for CJ Parker. Just a few weeks ago Parker was quickly put away by The Miz, and it honestly looked like the WWE had no faith in him, but tonight a quick and one sided victory plus an excellent after match promo not only makes him the Superstar of the Night, but now he is on my radar and now that I know he can provide good results, I’m going to be expecting more from The Moon Child!


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2-10-14 Monday Night Raw- Betty White is Raw!

Hell everyone and welcome to my review of the 2-10-14 episode of Monday Night Raw. All week it has been not only heavily hyped that Randy Orton (c) will take on John Cena in our main event, but we even have special guest host Betty White! So without further to do, lets get started!

Opening Segment

We are introduced to Betty White as she comes out of the entrance way on the arm of The Big Show, Betty waves to the fans and talks a bit about the show tonight and even says she is here tonight to kick some ass! The Authority (Triple H & Stephanie McMahon) comes out and greets Betty, I will say I loved the stare down between Big Show and Triple H showed that there is still some tension between the two, but any way The Authority walks down to the ring and comments on how the said they would consider Daniel Bryan to be the face of the WWE if he defeated Randy Orton last week, but they also commented saying that they would consider Christian, Sheamus, Cesaro and even John Cena! Orton (c) shortly came out there and actually apologized to Triple H and Steph, and expressed how much he wanted to be the face of the WWE and even called himself the heart and soul of the WWE! Daniel Bryan’s music hits after Orton (c) claimed to be the heart and soul, and bragged about how he beat Orton (c) last week and how he wanted Kane tonight. The Authority ended up responding by giving Bryan the night off claiming it was Best for Business!

Rey Mysterio, Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs. The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper & Eric Rowan)

The first match of the night see tag team action, as Mysterio, and the Rhodes Brothers team up to take on the dangerous Wyatt Family. The match it self was nothing special honestly and its a shame to say that since both The Wyatt family and The Rhodes Brothers have been putting on some great matches! I mean the match wasn’t bad, but it felt slow to me. There was some high spots especially The Sister Abigail at the end when he caught Rey in mid air and hit him with it! Bray cuts a promo on The Shield afterwards, and I’ll be completely honest with you guys I really don’t remember what he said!

Winners- The Wyatt Family

Rating- 5/10: I’m honestly pretty disappointed with this match. I had high expectations going into this one given the past matches that both The Wyatts and The Rhodes Brothers have had in the past. The match just felt really sluggish to me, and I feel it could of been better, but it accomplished its goal and that was to make The Wyatts look strong heading into the 6 Man Tag Match against The Shield at Elimination Chamber!

The Shield Interview

Before the interview began, we got a nice video package showing of Roman Reigns permanence at The Royal Rumble! The Shield briefly talks there match with The Wyatts, but it quickly turns against Dean Ambrose (c) as Renee Young comments on how long it has been since Dean (c) has defended his United States Championship. Ambrose (c)  goes on by saying no one is worthy of facing him, and Roman laughs at him and asks is that the kind of champion he wants to be. Dean (c) gets frustrated and announces he will hold an open challenge tonight for his United States Championship! I will say one thing about this interview, it further the tension between Ambrose (c) and Reigns! and it would appear The Shield will break soon!

Betty White Segment #1

All the Divas are backstage with Betty White talking about how The Older Generation likes to prank the young generation. Vickie Guerrero came in at some point and said to Betty “From one Cougar to another, I’m glad your here”, than the New Age Outlaws (c) (Road Dogg Jesse James & Bad Ass Billy Gunn) came in and told Betty they believe the Younger girls are looking to prank her tonight, and that they will protect her, and than The Outlaws (c) walk off with Ms. White.

Santino Marella w/Emma vs. Fandango w/ Summer Rae

So at first I thought this was going to be a Mixed Tag Match, but no instead were getting a match between Santino and Fandango. Summer Rae was at Fandango as always, but Emma accompanied Santino down to the ring. The match it self was okay, nothing to special. It was honestly just a filler match that saw Fandango dominate, while Santino got little offense in. At one point in the match The Miz came down to the ring, as he did last week and jumped on commentary to comment on the fact the Twinkle Toes (Fandango) and the guy with an act that is older than Betty White (Santino Marella) can get on Monday Night Raw, but he can’t. The match ended when Fandango his his Flying Leg Drop on Santino for the three!

Winner- Fandango 

Rating- 5\10: It would seem that Emma is in a feud with Fandango and Summer Rae, which would make sense given the fact that all three of them have a dancing gimmick, and it would seem that The Miz is also getting a new gimmick since this is the second week in a row he came down during a match to express his frustration with the WWE.

Sheamus Interview

Byron Saxton joins the team this week, and the first person he gets to interview is none other than The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus! Sheamus talks about his friendship with Christian, talking about how they are great friends, better enemies and will work well together as a team tonight. He than goes on to say how he is going to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship ion the Elimination Chamber. It was just your basic Sheamus interview, but I do want to say something. I don’t feel Sheamus get enough credit int he mic section. Sheamus is no doubt a great wrestler who defiantly can get the crowd behind him, but he is pretty good with a mic in his hands too!

Christian & Sheamus vs. The Real Americans ( Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro) w/ Zeb Colter

So Sheamus teams up with one the men he will be facing at The Elimination Chamber to take on The Real Americans! During Christian’s entrance we were treated to a short video promo about Christian talking about the upcoming Chamber Match and how he could be The Face of the WWE, than during The Real American’s Entrance, Zeb Colter got on the mic and expressed how much he despises both Sheamus and Christian, and than allows Cesaro to take the mic and talk about the upcoming chamber match that he will also be competing in. Now the match was great, and Cesaro defiantly stole the show in this match, because he single handily carried this match, and that’s saying something when your in the ring with such talent like Christian and Sheamus. One thing I would like to say is I’m excited about the potential rivalry between Sheamus and Cesaro in the future, because those will be some great matches! The match also further showed that a split for The Real Americans may be coming, as Zeb continues to show Cesaro all the love, and continues to yell at Swagger for his mistakes. Sheamus got the win for his team when he ducked a clothesline from Swagger and hit a ferocious Brogue Kick for the win!

Winner- Christian & Sheamus

Rating- 8\10: Wow! What a match. I’m excited to see more matches between Sheamus and Cesaro, I’m still extremely against The Split of The Real Americans, but it seems like its going to happen soon.

John Cena Interview 

Renee Young Interviews John Cena, ans ask him about his match against Randy Orton here tonight. Cena cuts a great promo as he says tonight he close the book on the feud between him and Randy Orton, and says the Christian, Sheamus, Cesaro and Bryan are all going to have to go through him if they want to be the face of the WWE.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio

Ziggler is set to go one on one against Mexico’s greatest Export, Alberto Del Rio. There was something that caught my eye that I want to comment on. Del Rio interrupted Ziggler’s entrance, and for a brief couple of second you could see an irritated look on the face of Ziggler. The reason I point this out is because there have been rumors that Miz and Ziggler are going to form a partnership based on how they currently feel there being over looked in the WWE! So the fact how Miz has been interrupting  matches to vent his frustrations and now Ziggler showing some frustration in his excellent promo that you can check out on WWE.com. Anyway the match it self was nothing special. It was honestly pretty sloppy with quite a few botches, and it ended quick after Del Rio lands a stiff super kick right to the temple of Ziggler.

Winner- Alberto Del Rio

Rating- 4\10: A sloppy match, that just shows how far Ziggler has fallen. Last year he and Del Rio actually put on great matches, and now Ziggler is made to look like he and Del Rio don’t belong in the same ring together.

After Match Beatdown.

After the match Del Rio attempted and barley succeeded to put The Cross Arm Breaker on Ziggler, but Batista came down for the save and proceeded to beat down on Del Rio, by throwing him around the arena and hit him with the Batista Bomb through the announce table! Its good to see Batista is no longer Public Enemy #1 like he was after The Royal Rumble! The fans actually cheered for him tonight

Batista Segment.

Once we come back from commercial break, we see Batista walking in the back and Triple H comes up and approaches him, letting Batista know things have changed and he can;t have Batista doing what he did tonight and told him its not Best for Business. Batista replied by stating Del Rio is his business. Triple H than makes Batista and Del Rio official at Elimination Chamber

The Latest Inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame.

We are treated to a nice video package of the new Hall of Famer Lita! Lita more than deserve to go into the WWE Hall of Fame, but my personal opinion I wish they would of held onto this one. We just saw Trish Stratus get inducted last year, and it would of been nice if WWE went with the less obvious route, maybe induct someone like Medusa/Aludra Blaze or maybe even Sable, but either way I’m glad to see Lita getting her much deserved spot into the WWE Hall of Fame!

Betty White Segment #2

Betty White is backstage with both members of The New Age Outlaws (c) and there about to have some tea, Road Dogg brags about how the tea is his special blend, and Billy Gunn distracts Ms. White by showing her the tag title, and while Betty is distracted Road Dogg squirts something else in her drink. As they were all about to take a drink of there tea, Betty decided she wanted some lemon with her tea and sent The Outlaws to go get her some. While The Outlaws s were getting her lemons, Betty switched cups with Billy, and once they returned with her lemons they drank there tea!

Rybaxel (Ryback & Curtis Axel) vs. The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso)

Ryback and Axel are already in the ring, as The New Age Outlaws(c) are om commentary. The Usos put on a great match here tonight against Rybaxel, high flying action at its best. Road Dogg was really impressive on commentary and I think he could make a future out of it if he ever wanted to, most of the commentary was dedicated to two things, 1) The Usos challenge to the Tag Champs and 2) whatever The Outlaws put in Betty White’s tea i coming back to haunt them. It would appear that The Usos are set to challenge The Outlaws for the titles, but I for one feel its to soon. I was hoping for a rematch between The Outlaws and The Rhodes Brothers at The Chamber to set up for the break up and feud between Cody and Goldust, and I was also hoping to see The Outlaws defend and lost the Tag Titles to The Usos at Wrestlemania, it may be coming sooner rather than later it would appear!

Winner- The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso)

Rating- 7\10: Great match tonight, The Usos are quickly becoming the best team in the tag division and definitely deserve to be the top team in the division, and tonight showed it!

WWE United States Championship Match

Dean Ambrose (c) w/ The Shield (Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) vs Open Challenge!

Dean Ambrose (c) come out with The Shield do host an open challenge for his United States Championship, he was over confident heading into the bout, but after he heard the music of his challenger. The World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry returns to the ring and accepts Ambrose’s (c) challenge, now the match itself was actually a lot better than many would think. I’m not saying it was a show stealer, but the two worked around their different styles and were able to put together a decent match up. The match ended when Mark Henry hit Ambrose (c) with The World’s Strongest Slam, but was attacked by Rollins and Reigns once he pinned Ambrose, thus giving Henry the win, but not capturing the title. Henry tried to take the fight to The Shield, but the monster Roman Reigns proves to be to much as he takes Henry down with his Spear. As The Shield was leaving The Wyatt Family came out and we got to see a little bit of a tease for the match between the two team at Elimination Chamber!

Winner- Mark Henry by DQ, but still Champion Dean Ambrose (c)

Rating- 6\10: It’s nice to see Mark Henry return, but this is like the second time this year! The match was good, but I don’t think anyone thought Henry was going to win here tonight. Once again though Ambrose is made to look like the weak link of the group, and The Ambrose fan in me hates it, but the wrestling fan in me knows why they are doing it. The tease at the end of the match between The Shield and The Wyatts was nice, as it just makes me want to see the two groups face off already!

AJ Lee (c), Aksana & Alicia Fox w/ Tamina Snuka  vs. The Bella Twins ( Brie and Nikki Bella) & Cameron w/ Eva Marie

Naomi is apparently out on an injury so AJ finds herself teaming up with Aksana and Alicia Fox to take on The Bellas and Naomi’s tag team partner Cameron. The match actually was not that bad. Nikki, Brie, Aksana and Alicia Fox have all improved in the ring. The only thing that cost this match was Cameron. Cameron is just not ready to be in the ring. She is sloppy and looks lost when she is in there, but she did mange to hit a DDT with she calls Bye Gurl! on Aksana for the win!

Winners- The Bella Twin (Brie and Nikki Bella) & Cameron

Rating- 5\10- Not a bad Divas match, but I hope the Naomi returns soon, and if she doesn’t I hope its not Cameron that takes her place in the hunt for Aj’s Divas Championship!

Alexander Rusev Video

Another short video is shown this week, hyping the debut of Alexander Rusev. Really nothing special here, but I’m still super excited to see The Bulgarian Brute debut!

Kane Promo

Kane comes down to the ring to inform us that he has been reprimanded for his actions last week, but he can’t talk long as Daniel Bryan’s music hits and he rushes down to the ring and the two begin to brawl. Daniel ends up drop kicking Kane over the barricade and stands in the ring and leads the crowd into a “Yes!” Chant as Kane runs away.

Benny White Segment #3

Betty White’s final segment of the night is a short one, as she tells us how much fun she had tonight and announces that it is time for our main event!

John Cena vs. Randy Orton (c)

People are sick of Cena and Orton (c), but tonight they put on one hell of  a match! They went in there and put it all on the line. It did start of very slow at first and I felt like this was just going to be another match that we have seen a million times, but tonight they changed it up and really stole the show. Numerous huge spots helped this match, but after a hard fought battle Cena hit an Attitude Adjustment on Randy Orton (c) to pick up the victory and close the book in the rivalry between Cena and Orton (c)

Winner- John Cena

Rating- 8\10- These two stole the show here tonight with the fantastic match up. I’m a little surprised to see Cena pick up the victory, but not angry. I strongly believe Orton will retain his title in The Chamber as does most of the WWE Universe, so WWE needs to do everything it can to make Orton look like he is going to have a tough time in the Chamber Match!

Superstar of the Night-John Cena

I had a hard time coming up with the Superstar of the night, tonight since no one did anything extremely impressive. Cena pulled out a huge victory over Randy Orton (c) tonight after giving such a great promo earlier in the night, and he did defeat the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and that is always a good argument!

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