WWE NXT |7-10-14| The Summer of Summer!

Hello my friends and welcome to my review of July Tenth’s edition on NXT! Tonight our advertised main event is Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel taking on Sami Zayn & Justin Gabriel! Also tonight Bayley battles Summer Rae over the #1 Contendership for the NXT Womens Championship!

Bayley vs. Summer Rae

Starting off the night with the number one contenders match for the NXT Womens title, out first is Bayley to a nice reaction and then out comes Summer Rae! Bayley takes early control in the match when she sides steps Summer early on, and began to beat down in the turnbuckle. Bayley would not let up on Summer at all hitting some impressive maneuvers like her signature belly to bellies and of course showing more of her new aggressive side! The commentators spoke about how huge Bayley’s upset victory over our NXT Womens Champion was! Summer eventually left the ring to the outside, but Bayley soon followed. This would lead to Bayley’s demise, as Summer rolled back in the ring and as Bayley was about to, Rae landed a striking kick to her opponent shoulder. Summer Rae began her dominance over the match up, grounding Bayley with many strikes and submission moves. Bayley tried to fight back, but Summer always managed to keep her down until she bounced Bayley off the ropes and when for a spinning heel kick, until Bayley got her leg and swung the leg forward, forcing Summer to fall face first into the mat. Bayley began to get back into the match up catching Summer off guard with many clotheslines and eventually went for the Belly to Bayley, but Summer countered into The Summer Dream to pick up the victory!

Winner & #1 Contender for the NXT Womens Title – Summer Rae

Grade – B, A great match to start off the night! If these two were given more time, I bet the grade would be higher. Its matches like this that makes me wonder why WWE doesn’t let Summer Rae run with this character. Bayley has been gaining quite a following as of late and I feel she was the star of the match. As always she played with the crowd, if the chanted “One More Time!” She gladly provided it! And she even earned herself a “Bayley’s Gonna Hug You!” Chant. It’s just a matter of time for Bayley, but for now the NXT Womens Champion, Charlotte’s attention is all focused on her former ally, as it seems like we are going to get that BFF feud. I still hope Sasha gets added somehow making it a Triple Threat! Or maybe that can happen further down the line!

Sami Zayn/Adrian Neville (c) segment & Tyson Kidd/Justin Gabriel Interview

I’ve decided to batch these two segments together since they are the same rivalry and they happened right after each other. The commentator brush up on what happened last week before showing us a video from last week of Sami Zayn and The NXT Champ, Adrian Neville backstage after what happened. Neville checked on Zayn and shouted how cheap the attack was. Zayn talks about how he blames himself (nothing new) for Kidd attacking him, saying he should have expected it! Zayn than goes on to state he was more surprised how easy Justin Gabriel is to brainwash and guarantees Kidd and Gabriel that they have not seen the last of him and Neville! Than we are immediately backstage after the video ends, where Devin Taylor is backstage ready to interview both Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel! Devin talks to Justin about his shocking turn last week. Justin talks about how he was on NXT 4 years ago and now 4 years later he finds himself back here. He says Tyson was right all along and all it took was one more loss for him to realize. Gabriel ends his part of the interview by saying “to be successful, sometimes you need to break a few rules.” Before Devin could interview Tyson Kidd, Kidd walked off. It was than announced that later tonight Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel will face off against Sami Zayn and the NXT Champion, Adrian Neville!

Sin Cara vs. Wesley Blake

Before this match take place, it was announced that the #1 Contender for the NXT Title & Award Winning Music Artist – Tyler Breeze has entered the building. Sin Cara’s music plays and the masked superstar made his way to the ring. The commentators talks about how Sin Cara is looking to reestablish himself, and what better place to do it than NXT! Already in the ring is his opponent tonight, Wesley Blake, one of NXT’s resident enhancement talents! Sin Cara and Blake chain wrestle for a bit in the beginning, but it was not long before Sin Cara took control off the match. He used his lucha background catching Blake off guard with many roll ups and even an impressive dive to the outside of the ring! Blake was not without his moments! While in the turnbuckle he landed an huge right hand to Sin Cara and then continued to beat down on the masked superstar. Blake targeted the arm of Sin Cara, as he locked in an arm lock and kept it locked in for quite a while until Sin Cara got back to his feet and rolled out of the move. Cara began to get back into the match, ducking clotheslines from Blake while landing his own high flying moves; eventually Blake found himself perfectly for Sin Cara’s High Angle Flip, as The Masked Superstar landed the flip and covered Wesley Blake for the win!

Winner – Sin Cara

Grade – B-, So it would appear that Sin Cara is following in the footsteps of Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel, as he is now looking to make his mark on NXT! Tonight’s match wasn’t too bad. It accomplished its goal and they managed to put on a pretty entertaining match. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either. I’m not sure if Sin Cara will challenge Neville for the NXT Title, but I think what’s best for him is to form a team with fellow masked superstar, Kalisto! And join the expanding NXT Tag Division!

Tyson Kidd & Natalya Segment

Kidd is in the back getting ready for his match, when his wife Natalya approaches him. The couple talks about Kidd’s interview with Renee Young last week. Nattie brought up the fact that she felt Tyson was blaming her for his loss to Neville. Tyson apologized to Nattie and then Natalya expresses how she doesn’t like how Kidd has been acting lately. Tyson tells her that this is the start of the new Tyson Kidd and he is going to go out to the ring, and he would love Nattie to come but if she wants to hang out in the back, that it is fine with him to. So it would appear that Kidd and Nattie are still having their own problems, but it seems Tyson is not worried about them at all! Tyson is to focused on making a name for himself, that he can’t see that Natalya is worried about him! It should be interesting to see where this goes as Tyson left Natalya with a decision to make!

Summer Rae & Sasha Banks Segment

Summer Rae and Sasha Banks are backstage doing their makeup. Summer is bragging about her win over Bayley earlier and Sasha sarcastically states that Summer really deserved that match. Summer goes on about how Sasha is going to want to be her friend again because when she beat Charlotte everyone is going to forget about her! She walks off after telling Banks her lipstick looks “cute.” Sasha still remains to be the wild card in this whole BFF thing. I’m pretty positive that her alliance with Charlotte is over after last week, but it seems that the original two BFF’s may be reforming, which could mean bad news for the NXT Womens Champion.

CJ Parker & Xavier Woods In-Ring Segment

CJ Parker makes his way down to the ring and grabs a mic. He says he wants to apologize for something’s he said last week and asked Xavier Woods to come down to the ring. Woods shortly made his way to the ring, and Parker apologized but Woods explained about how he was about to get his PHD, which means he is not stupid and that he uses logic and logic is the only thing keeping him from ripping that rainbow nest out of Parker’s hair. CJ explained he didn’t want to fight and just wanted peach and extend his hand, but once again Xavier pokes fun at CJ before walking away. Parker had enough and attacked him from behind. Parker explained how he didn’t want it to be this way before the referees separated them. It’s honestly amazing to see how far the CJ Parker character has come! I remember when it was just a big name jobber and now he is quickly becoming one of the better heels. I honestly kind of felt bad for Parker tonight and felt like Woods was the one at fault. Parker apologized for his actions, he didn’t deny them, and even wanted to push whatever problems he and Woods had to the side, but Xavier a man who uses “logic” somehow didn’t see that his constant making fun of Parker was going to set him over!

The Vaudevillians Video Package

A video package is shown of The Vaudevillians, and of course the video is in black in white. They stayed loyal to the old time video era as the two spoke about how soon the will be NXT Tag Team Champions. I wouldn’t rush The Vaudevillians into a feud with The Ascension yet. I would say have them feud with Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger for a while until they are more established as a team. No team at this moment in the tag division, (minus teams like Zayn and Neville and Gabriel and Kidd) are on the level of The Ascension yet!

Bull Dempsey vs. Angelo Dawkins

Bull Dempsey makes his way to the ring as Angelo Dawkins waits for him in the ring. When the match begins, it does not take Bull long to gain control. Dempsey controlled Dawkins heavily early on landing many heavy strikes and splashes in the turnbuckle. Dawkins had a brief moment of light when he flipped over Dempsey and tried to pull him down for a pin, but Bull just dropped down right on to the chest of Dawkins. Bull continued his dominance over Angelo with only a brief hiccup at the end when Angelo landed some stiff jabs and took Bull off his feet with a dropkick. Bull quickly got back into control once again with the heavy strikes until he lifted Angelo up for The Bulldozer to win the match.

Winner – Bull Dempsey

Grade – C+, Bull Dempsey is still new so I’m not expecting to see much from him. Despite having a very bland look to him, Bull is actually pretty good in the ring, he lives up to his name of being part of a dying breed of old school wrestlers. Angelo had his brief moments, but there wasn’t a point where I actually thought he would win. I expect Bull to continue his dominance until he possibly crosses paths with Mojo Rawley.

Interview W/Sami Zayn & Adrian Neville ©

Sami Zayn is backstage and is ready to interview the NXT Champion, Adrian Neville. Zayn asked Neville why he came down to help him and Neville responded by saying how far they go back and then stating he will always have his back. Neville than asks Zayn, what’s next and Zayn responds by saying that they go to the ring and beat up Kidd and Gabriel before throwing the mic behind him back to Devin Taylor. It’s times like this where I don’t like Sami Zayn. I’ll admit he is one hell of a wrestler, but I don’t know if it’s his personality or just his character, but Sami Zayn really annoys me.

Sami Zayn & Adrian Neville © vs. Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd W/Natalya

It is now time for our main event, and everyone makes their entrance normal except of Tyson Kidd. Kidd comes out with Natalya and it seems like Nattie made her decision! As the couple made their way to the ring, Natalya garnered a huge reaction from the crowd! The bell rings and it looks like Tyson Kidd is going to start off with our NXT Champion! The two chain wrestler for a few minutes, until Neville gains the advantage over Kidd and this is where the team of Neville and Zayn begin their dominance. Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn managed to keep Tyson down while making quick tags back and forth to each other. Zayn had Kidd in an arm wringer, but Tyson got his knee into the gut of Zayn and quickly made a tag to Justin, but as soon as Gabriel came in Sami regained control with a hip toss and a quick tag over to Neville which resulted in an impressive feat of teamwork when Neville landed a corkscrew splash onto Justin Gabriel off of Zayn’s back while Sami was on all fours! Gabriel kicks out a two, but Neville goes right back into control over Gabriel. Justin manages to get away from Neville to make a tag to Kidd, but the NXT Champion still manages to keep control over Kidd and tag in Zayn. Zayn locks a headlock onto Kidd and Tyson pushes him all the way back into his corner. Sami fights out of it attacking both Kidd and Gabriel. Sami takes Justin off the apron, but pays for it when Tyson comes over from behind and tosses Zayn over the ropes onto the outside of the ring before the commercial break! Back from the commercial break and we see that Justin Gabriel is now in control over Sami Zayn, and this marks the first time the team of Kidd and Gabriel are in the driver’s seat. The team worked well together, showing their great synergy landing stereo kicks onto the chest of Zayn and numerous other high flying moves. Zayn finally began to fight back as he looked to make a tag to Neville. Justin Gabriel held on to the tight of Zayn, while Sami swung his elbow backwards. Eventually Justin pulled Sami back and tossed him into the turnbuckle, but it was no use as Zayn dodged Gabriel and tagged in Adrian Neville. The NXT Champion came in fast landing many stiff kicks to Gabriel but only could pick up near falls. Neville would not let up and Gabriel, landing many heavy maneuvers including an impressive power bomb that earned him a 2 count! Justin had to fight Neville off to make the tag to Tyson and Kidd spring boarded of the ropes, but the NXT Champ caught Tyson in midair and landed a super kick. Neville covers Tyson and Kidd barley kicks out at two! Neville drags Tyson over to the corner and climbs to the top. It looks like he is going to attempt The Red Arrow, but Justin Gabriel provides a distraction long enough for Kidd to get up and dropkick Neville of the ropes and then hit a springboard elbow that could of won the match if not for Sami Zayn who broke the pin up at two. Gabriel ran at Zayn, and Sami pulled the rope down sending Gabriel to the outside. Back in the ring Neville and Kidd are going back and forth until Neville begins to build up some speed and dives to the outside of the ring onto Justin Gabriel, meanwhile I guess Sami Zayn got the tag as he and Kidd are now in the ring. Sami is controlling Kidd until he sends him to the outside. Sami Zayn than starts to build up speed just like Neville did, and Zayn flips over the ropes onto Kidd, Gabriel and even his partner Adrian Neville. Sami tosses Kidd back into the ring, but scurries over into the turnbuckle and it seems he hurt his knee. The referee is keeping Zayn back while Natalya is checking on her husband. Kidd tries to land a cheap shot on Zayn, but Sami blocks it and lands his own punch that sends Kidd back into Natalya, knocking her off the apron. Both Kidd and Zayn go to check on Nattie, but Kidd uses the distraction to his advantage as he rolls Sami up for the three!

Winners – Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel

Grade – A-, Tyson Kidd continues to steal the show on NXT. His character is quickly becoming the most hated heel/bad guy on the roster. Sami Zayn plays the perfect good guy in this rivalry and he and Zayn are sure to put on great matches. I hope we get to see all four of these superstars battle for the NXT World title in a four way match of some kind, but from what it seems like is that the story is going to focus heavily on Zayn, Kidd, and Natalya.


Superstar of the Night – Summer Rae

I was originally thinking about giving this award to Tyson Kidd again, but I feel becoming #1 Contender is bigger than just winning a tag match. Once again the show was all about Tyson and he even pulled out a victory over Sami Zayn and NXT Champion, Adrian Neville, but Summer Rae not only opened the show with Bayley, but she same away with the #1 Contendership for Charlotte’s NXT Womens title. We now know for sure that the BFF’s are going to collide and I for one am excited for it!


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WWE NXT |7-3-14|Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd’s Bet!

Hello my friends and welcome to my review of this week’s edition on NXT! Tonight our advertised Main Event is Justin Gabriel with Tyson Kidd in his corner taking on Sami Zayn!

Colin Cassady W/ Enzo Amore vs. Sylvester Lefort W/ Marcus Louis

Big Cass and Amore are going to open up NXT as they make their way to the ring. Enzo cuts his normal promo before the match and Cassady began to talk about his opponent calling him Peppy Le’Pew. Lefort and Louis is out next and Lefort cuts a promo on Cass, and stating their is no challenge for him. The bell rings and the match is under way! Lefort starts off early with a couple of strikes and even countered Big Cass when he grabbed his throat, but Cassady hits The East River Crossing early and begins to set up for The Empire Elbow as the crowd chants along with him “S-A-W-F-T!” Colin covers Lefort to pick up an easy victory.

Winner – Colin Cassady

Grade – B-, I can kind of understand why Big Cass dominated over Lefort, but if the WWE has any plan of making The Legionaries look like a threat to the Tag Titles, there not doing a good job. The main reason for the grade is because of the amusing banter in the beginning of the match. It wasn’t a bad match, it was just to fast for it to even get good! 

Backstage Interview W/ Adrian Neville (c)

Devin Taylor is backstage ready ton interview the NXT Champion, Adrian Neville. The two talk about his victory over RVD last week and how much of an honor it was for Neville, until the Number One Contender, Tyler Breeze comes in. Tyler talks about how it must be killing Neville to wonder when he will cash in his title shot. Neville said it’s quite the opposite and offers to put the title on the line tonight against him. Breeze aid he would love to, but sadly he suffers a career threatening injury while hand modeling, and shows his broken finger. I heard he suffered a broken finger, but luckily its a small injury that will heal in no time!

The BFF’s |Charlotte (c) & Sasha Banks| vs. Bayley & Becky Lynch

Banks and the NXT Womens Champion makes her way to the ring. The commentators discussed the recent problems between The BFF’s, but apparently Banks and Charlotte fixed things up and said “Every Boss needs a Flair, and every Flair needs a Boss!” Out next is Bayley and her new BFF “Bayley’s Friend Forever!”  Bayley stated that in a record promo before the match, where she also talked about how excited she was to take what remained of The BFF’s. Bayley and Sasha Banks started the match off! Bayley stayed in constant control landing several strikes on Banks and hitting her with many impressive moves before making the tag to Lynch. Becky climbed to the top rope as Bayley held on the Banks arm, Lynch jumps off the top rope and hits an Ax Handle onto Banks arm. Lynch grabbed her into a headlock, but Sasha pushes Becky back into her corer to make the tag to Charlotte! Charlotte comes in and keeps control over Becky Lynch, covering her for a pin of only two before Lynch slid her way out of it and began to take it to The NXT Womens Champion using her speed to her advantage. Becky and Bayley worked real together, keeping tags fresh and even clearing the ring of both The BFF’s when The Suplexed Charlotte and than Clotheslined Banks! The BFF’s raced out of the ring and Bayley and Becky are looking good, before the commercial break! Once back from the break, we see Bayley o the outside of the ring, while Charlotte tags in Banks back in the ring. Bayley quickly pulls Banks off the apron and starts to beat down on her on the outside of the ring, until The NXT Womens Champion, baseball slid under the ropes, right into the back of Bayley. The BFF’s took their opening and began to dominate over Bayley. Th BFF’s wear Bayley down with constant strikes and great teamwork. The NXT Womens Champion, uses her signature Figure Four Headlock on Bayley to wear her down even more, and no matter how hard Bayley tried The BFF’s had a counter for every move. After making the tag back into Sasha Banks, The BFF’s went to bounce Bayley off the ropes, but she quickly turned it around on them, trying them up and forcing The BFF’s to collide face first. As Bayley crawled to tag in Becky Lynch, Banks grabbed her leg and looked to strop her, but she pushed Sasha off and sent her into Charlotte and than made the tag to Lynch! The Fiery Red Head came in and began to take it to Banks with uppercuts and numerous Leg Drops before going for the pin for only two before Charlotte races in and breaks it up. Bayley races in and tries to take Charlotte out, but The NXT Womens Champion counters her and tosses her outside of the ring before getting the tag from Banks. Charlotte races in and dropkicks the leg of Becky Lynch, perfectly setting her up for Bow Down to the Queen! Charlotte hits in and covers her for the three!

Winners – The BFF’s |Charlotte (c) & Sasha Banks|

Grade – B,  Some solid tag team action here tonight between these four divas! After the match, Charlotte left the ring while Sasha stayed in to get her arm raised and to trash talk Becky Lynch some more. Bayley raced in and took Banks out before tossing her out of the ring. It seems like only a matter of time before The BFF’s explode! I still feel like where going to have a Triple Threat Match between all three of The BFF’s (Summer Rae, Sasha Banks & Charlotte) over the title, but Bayley seems to have change of character going for her. Were seeing he grow a little more aggressive, and with her history with Charlotte, I sure wouldn’t mind seeing a feud between those two in the future either!

Backstage Interview W/Justin Gabriel

Devin Taylor is backstage to interview Justin Gabriel, the two talk about his match with Sami Zayn latter tonight until Tyson Kidd interrupts when he calls Zayn a loser. Tyson talks to Gabriel about hos he lost to Adrian Neville and how is career is slowly falling into Purgatory! Tyson also states that the only way to stop it is to take your boot and step on the heads of anyone trying to rise up! Gabriel says Kidd is wrong and that he is going to prove it tonight when he beats Sami Zayn. Tyson seems to have officially turned heel, but I can’t help to see the truth in his words. While young talent such as Roman Reigns, Cesaro and The Wyatt’s rise up the once promising careers of Tyson Kidd and Gabriel are slowly dimming away, and it’s only a matter of time that they get the same phone call that Brodus Clay, Drew McIntyre and JTG all got recently, unless they do something about it!

The BFF’s |Charlotte (c) & Sasha Banks| Segment

Banks questions why Charlotte didn’t help her when Bayley attacked her. Charlotte answered by stating they won’t be tagging anymore and she wants to be on her own. Banks asks Charlotte if she knows how much she has done for her and quickly asks if this is about Summer. Charlotte quickly responds saying Summer only made it clearer, and Banks states the hr and Summer got along a lot better before Charlotte and announced that next week Bayley takes on Summer Rae for the Number One Contenderhship for the NXT Womens Championship! It seems The BFF’s have officially ended or at least Charlotte is no longer a member. The fact that Banks acknowledged her and Summer got along a lot better before Charlotte joined makes me feel those two will still stay BFF’s but who knows since Summer is on the main roster anyway! Either way, I suspect Banks to play a role in the number one contenders match o make sure her BFF, Summer wins!

CJ Parker vs. Steve Cutler

CJ Parker makes his way to the ring with a new entrance theme and video. The only real interesting thing to note is he took a sign from a fan that read “Woods” with and “X” over it. The commentators pointed out the Parker seems to have a problem with Xavier Woods. His opponent is already in the ring, and this match is under way!  Parker went right after Cutler not letting him get a single move in while he just showered him with punches while screaming at him that it is his fault the world is the way it is. CJ Parker stood back into the turnbuckle as he waited for Steve Cutler to get to his feet. Once Cutler was up on is feet, Parker hit him with a Heel Kick to win the match.

Winner – CJ Parker

Grade – B-, The match was really to quick to really judge, but this is the beginning of Parker’s new character so it was expected. The real reason why this grade was so high is because of Parker’s aftermath promo! CJ Parker grabbed the mic and spoke about Xavier Woods is about to t his doctors degree and than questions what he has done since he left NXT, before giving a brief rundown of what has has done. Parker said if he was in Woods’s position he’d win titles and make a name for himself while saving the world, and ended it by saying Woods has what he wants and he is coming for it. Even though the fans didn’t give him the response I feel he deserved, Parker look good in the ring tonight and cut a pretty good promo. It seems CJ has finally found his stride! 

Renee Young Interview W/ Tyson Kidd

Renee Young sat down with Tyson Kidd in an interview where she could ask him anything. Young asked Tyson about Not shaking Neville’s hand after their match, his problems as of late with Natalya and walking out on his Tag Title match with Zayn. Tyson seemed o respond to every answer the same way basically saying his head wasn’t where is should be. It wasn’t until Young told Tyson that a lot of people are saying he and Nattie are going through some Martial Problems and asked if that was something Tyson would like to talk to her about. Tyson had other plans as he got up and walked away in disgust. This was a very different Tyson than from witch we saw earlier tonight. Tyson blamed a lot of things on just his mind not being in the right place and it makes me think this could go two different ways. One, Tyson is lying through his teeth or two, the guy has split personalities! Either way I’ve really been enjoying the character of Tyson Kidd as of late, and I feel he has become one of the best things NXT has to offer. Who knows maybe NXT is what Tyson needs to turn his career around!

Sami Zayn vs. Justin Gabriel W/Tyson Kidd

Sami makes his way to the ring to much fan fare, and out next is his opponent for the night, Justin Gabriel! Gabriel is being accompanied by Tyson Kidd, and the two seem to be getting along. It was brought up how both Gabriel and Kidd were Tag partners at some point, but the match was very Chain Wrestling heavy in the beginning with Zayn controlling Justin no matter what he did. Gabriel had to use the ropes several times to get Zayn ff him and every time he looked over at Kidd, while Tyson just shook his head and said I told you so. Justin finally got back in the match as Zayn bounced him off the ropes, he held on and than took Sami down with a clothesline and followed up with a stiff kick before covering him for a two and than commercial break! Back from the break, and we see Gabriel is still controlling Zayn with some stiff strikes and follows up with a Spinning Kick, connecting right on the jaw of Zayn that only gives him a two count. Justin does not let Zayn take a break as he picks him and and hits him with and under hook suplex and than floats over to lock in a chicken wing, before covering him for a two again. Justin now connection with some heavy strikes onto the skull of Zayn on the ropes. Sami begins to fight back landing some heavy strikes of his own before Gabriel sweeps him off his feet, sending Zayn face first into the canvas, but once again only for a two count! Justin seems to be getting frustrated as he forces Zayn up and once again hits him with some heavy strikes to the face and also connecting with some Knife Edge Chops to the chest! Gabriel bounces Zayn off the ropes and Sami counters into a clothesline and begins to take it to Gabriel before taking him down with a drop kick. Once Justin is back to his feet Sami hits him with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count! As Sami tries to get Justin to his feet, Gabriel hits a jaw breaker that sends Zayn back into the turnbuckle. Gabriel runs at him with a forearm but Zayn caught him and landed The Exploder Suplex! Sami than backed up into the corner across from Gabriel and ran at him with The Helluva Kick, but Justin moved and leaped at Zayn. Sami got out of the way but Justin landed on the second turnbuckle and lept off it to land a kick right on the jaw of Zayn for a two! Gabriel goes for a German Suplex but Sami gets his elbow in, but Gabriel ducks the other one and lifts him up into the potion of a Whit Noise, but Gabriel instead drops Zayn neck right on to his knee, but once again Sami kicks out. Gabriel than hits a springboard moonsault but once again Zayn kicks out. Gabriel now frustrated hits Zayn with a back breaker that sets him up for the 450 Splash! Gabriel climbs to the top turnbuckle but Zayn is now up and the two begin to battle on the top rope, until Gabriel as no choice but to jump over Sami. Gabriel ruses over to Sami, but Zayn catches him off guard and hits a reverse Russian Leg Sweep, before locking in the Koji Clutch  to force Justin Gabriel to tap out!

Winner Sami Zayn

Grade – B+, Once the match ended, Tyson got in the ring to check on Gabriel. Zayn looked over at Tyson, but the second Zayn turned his head Tyson jumped him from behind and started stomping on Zayn. Gabriel got to his feet and asked Tyson what he was doing before Kidd talked him into kicking Zayn. Both Tyson and Gabriel began to beat down on Sami until the NXT Champion, Adrian Neville raced to his rescue! Gabriel and Sami put on the match of the night tonight, but let’s be honest there wasn’t much competition tonight! Justin does not prove Tyson wrong, but it seemed like the two of joined sides once again. I have no problem with this! I felt that Kidd and Gabriel made a great team before Tyson was injured. The only thing I wonder is if they will challenge for the NXT Tag Titles and maybe even become an official team of the WWE. One thing my gut is telling me, is that Neville may defend his tile in a Fatal Four Way against Zayn, Kidd and Gabriel! and that’s a a match I believe we all can get excited about!

Superstar of the Night – Tyson Kidd

Tyson may not have stepped into the ring tonight, but he didn’t have to! The show seemed to revolve around him tonight! From interrupting Justin earlier in the night, to his interview with Renee Young and of course to him ending the show beating down on Zayn along while Gabriel helped! Kidd has quickly become one of the top heels in NXT and is also becoming one of the more entertaining stars on the roster, and now with a potential new tag team partner with Justin Gabriel! Tyson Kidd may find himself wearing Tag Team Gold pretty soon and maybe even the NXT World title if he Fatal Four Way prediction is correct!

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WWE NXT |5-1-14| Round 1 of The Womens Tournament!

Hello My friends and welcome to my review of May first’s edition of NXT! Tonight! Tonight’s advertised main event if for the NXT World Championship! As the NXT World Champion, Adrian Neville will defend his title against Brodus Clay in a No Disqualification Match! Also former NXT World Champion, Bo Dallas returns to NXT tonight!


Triple H has an Announcement!

Before the NXT Intro is even shown, Triple H is in the ring and has an announcement. Triple H is welcomed by “NXT” Chants and he even used this time to put over some superstars, such as The Shield, The Wyatts, Big E, Damien Sandow, Cesaro and even our New Divas Champion, Paige. All of the superstars have one thing in common and that is they all came from NXT! The Game goes on to say NXT has kind of been Taking Over, and uses this time to announce NXT’s second special, NXT: Take Over, witch will air on May 29th I believe!

Tyson Kidd vs. Bo Dallas

Tyson Kidd is going to open the show tonight, and Kidd made his first appearance on NXT last week when he defeated Mason Ryan, and than later on to become the Superstar of the Night! Kidd makes his second appearance but tonight he faces a bigger threat than Ryan, and that is the longest reigning NXT World Champion, Bo Dallas! Dallas hasn’t been doing to well ever since he lost his NXT World Championship. We saw a failed attempt of Occupy NXT, he lost his rematch to Neville for the World Title and he hasn’t been winning any of his matches. Quite possibly the only good thing for Bo right now is that he is set to debut on the WWE Main roster soon! Tonight on NXT Bo did come out to a new theme with a new entrance video, that definitely fit more than his previous one! The match it self was great! Tyson had the early advantage over Bo, using his speed against him, but Dallas was able to get back in the match after he went outside of the ring and countered one on Kidd’s moves. Bo than got back in and made sure to keep Kidd grounded with numerous submission holds and huge slams! Tyson did manage to get back into the match as he countered one of Bo’s counters and turned it into his favor as Bo ran right into a stiff kick from Tyson followed up by Kidd’s Blockbuster! To pick himself up a huge victory over Bo Dallas!

Winner – Tyson Kidd

Rating – 8\10: I have a feeling these two could put on a better match, but for there first time facing off (At least to my knowledge) they put on a great opening bout! WWE must really be committed to Tyson! Not only did they send him down to NXT, which I personally feel is a great idea, but giving him the victory over the former and the longest reigning NXT Champion! Not to mention the fact that Bo will debut on WWE’s main roster soon, so I would expect him to be built up as a threat, but instead Tyson was given the rub! and with NXT: Take Over coming up soon! I expect Tyson Kidd, to be a big part of it. As for Bo, he now finds himself in a weird place in his career. I keep mentioning he debut to the Main Roster, and that is Huge for Bo! but right now in NXT, its just more and more bad news for Bo! He lost his title and rematch, he failed to get Occupy NXT to work and now he loses to Tyson Kidd! It’s starting to get a little hard, Bo-Leiving in Bo Dallas!

Backstage Interview w/Camacho 

Devin Taylor is backstage with Camacho, and she asks him about his feud with Adam Rose. Camacho makes it clear that he is NOT a Party Pooper, and he throws the best parties in NXT and even says his parties make Adam Rose’s parties look like Bingo! Rose shows up and tells Camacho no matter where Adam Rose goes its always Party Time and than a Party Begins. Camacho stood their for a bit looking very annoyed and even gave Rose a very nasty stare until he walked away from the part, but while all the was happening Rose just continued to party! Rose will be making his debut on Monday Night Raw this week, so I suggest you guys do not miss it, but as for Camacho, he has been really impressing me as of late! I used to have so many complaint, but the upset victory over the now released Oliver Grey and than with an impressive promo here. Camacho is starting to look good! I heard a rumor the WWE is looking to make Camacho a main part of the show, and if he keeps this up I have no problem with it!

NXT Womens Champion Tournament Bracket!

So last week on NXT, General Manger JBL striped Paige of her NXT Womens Championship because it was not fair to NXT since Paige know how priorities with WWE now that she is the New Divas Champion, so it was announced last week that there would be a tournament to determine the next NXT Womens Championship and here is what the Bracket looks like!

Bayley vs Sasha Banks

Natalya vs. Layla

Emma vs. Charlotte

Alexa Bliss vs. Alicia Fox

It is announced that later tonight Bayley and Sasha Banks will face off tonight in the first round of the tournament, and the winner of that match will face Natalya or Layla next!

Backstage Exclusive W/Bayley & Sasha Banks

First we are shown Bayley as she hypes her match with Sasha Banks, and even goes on to say the NXT Womens Championship means more to her than 10 Hugs from John Cena and 5 High Fives from Big E and than goes on to say the only thing standing in her way is Ms. Banks, and she is going to give her the one, two tonight! Next up is Sasha’s video were she briefly hypes up her match by saying now that the Pale Princess is gong (Paige) that she is going to take over the NXT Womens Division and tonight she starts with Bayley and goes on to state she will knock Bayley sideways Pony Tail straight! Both of these women put on decent promos, Bayley’s was a little strange, but it played to her character. Sasha really shined here though. In this promo we got to see Sasha’s specialty witch would appear to be the Microphone! She can improve on the ring skills, so Sasha could definitely be a threat for the NXT Womens Championship and even the WWE Divas Championship, in the future!

NXT Womens Championship Tournament Round 1!

Bayley vs. Sasha Banks W/Charlotte 

The first round of the NXT Womens Championship Tournament starts tonight, and we are starting off with Da Boss, Sasha Banks taking on long time rival, Bayley! Bayley came out first, and I think every superstar in NXT has gotten a new entrance video, because both Divas had a new one, but back to Bayley, not only did she receive a new entrance video, but during this entrance, Inflatable Arm Waving Tube Men, make an appearance and I hope this is a constant thing during Bayley’s entrance, because it would fit her nicely! Bayley tried to end the match quick as she pinned Sasha in many creative ways, but Banks was able to kick out every time and get the upper hand over Bayley with a stiff knee. Sasha maintained control, as she kept Bayley grounded with submission moves, but Bayley withstood the damage and got back into the match with a Belly to Bayley! Sasha manged to roll out of the ring, and get back in control once she got back in the ring, by immediately hitting Bankrupt on Bayley and covering for what looked like to be a three, but Bayley barely kicking out. Sasha once again looked at Bankrupt, but Bayley countered into a Belly to Bayley, but before she could get it off, Banks got out of the waist lock, and got behind Bayley to do a Back Stabber, followed by a Cross Face to force Bayley to tap out, and move Sasha to round two in the Womens Championship Tournament!

Winner & Moving on to Round 2 – Sasha Banks

Rating – 7/10: I think Bayley and Sasha put on their best match against each other tonight! It may not have been long, but they fought hard for it and defiently made it feel like they both wanted to win this tournament! Both Banks and Bayley kicked out of each others finishing moves, but it was Sasha who proved to be more creative, as she came up with the Back Breaker/Cross Face Combination to finish the match! Banks finally ends her losing streak, and moves on to Round 2 in the NXT Womens Championship Tourney! Later on tonight Natalya will face Layla in Round 1 of this tourney and the winner of the match will face Sasha Banks in round 2! So Banks definitely has a challenge in store for her, no matter who wins!

Brodus Clay Video Package

We are shown a video package meant to hype up Brodus Clay! The package did its job, and that was to show off the monster Clay could be! We saw him destroy many talents from Xavier woods to even the NXT World Champion, Adrian Neville! The Video ends by showing off Clay’s beat down on Neville and even showing his missing teeth! Later on tonight those two will face off in a NO DQ match for the NXT Championship!

Adam Rose vs. Danny Burch

The Exotic Express is rolling through NXT tonight! We saw earlier that Adam Rose was in the building when he interrupted Camacho’s interview, and tonight he will take on one of the resident jobbers in NXT, Danny Burch! An interesting thing about Mr. Burch is he actually does not work for the WWE anymore! NXT is not recorded on a weekly basis like Raw and Smackdown, numerous episodes on NXT are recorded during the same week, sometimes days! We saw the same thing happen with Kassius Ohno, and the same thing with Danny Burch! Burch alongside, Shaul Guerrero, Oliver Grey and Mason Ryan and one other superstar were released a couple days ago. Anyway, on to the match it was just the normal Adam Rose match. Burch did get some offense in but it needed up being his biggest mistake, as is fired Rose up and led to him hitting Burch with The Party…something! I don’t remember what they called it to be honest, but it was basically a Headlock Driver for the three count!

Winner – Adam Rose

Rating – 5\10: Adam Rose is clearly over with the NXT Universe, because they stood behind him tonight! I’m mentioned earlier that Rose is set to debut this week on Monday Night Raw, and I’m interested to see how well he does on the main roster, and how the much bigger NXT Universe, otherwise known as the WWE Universe reacts to Rose this week on Raw, but after the match ended The Exotic Express came down to the ring, but Camacho came racing down the ramp and clotheslined a member of The Exotic Express! The rivalry between Camacho and Rose has taken its first step, and let’s see where it goes from here!

Backstage Interview W/ Brodus Clay

Clay is walking around back, when one of the interviewers walk up and ask him about his match against Neville later tonight. Clay looked very crazy in this promo, and went on to remind us that the WWE has taking everything from him, but now he is the selfish one and he is doing the taking, than brings up the fact that he took Neville’s smile when he knocked his teeth out, and tonight he is going to take the NXT Championship! Clay looked kind of crazy in this promo, and if this is part of his character, than he pulled it off well, but if its not than it came across wrong!

NXT Womens Championship Tournament Round 1!

Natalya vs. Layla

Part one of Round 1 ends tonight, earlier we saw Sasha Banks defeat Bayley to move on into Round 2, and now we will find out who Sasha will face in round 2, as two former Divas Champions face off tonight! First out was Natalya who many consider to be the best female athlete under a WWE Contract right now and she will be facing the new Dance Partner of Fandango, Layla! Early on Layla controlled Natalya with numerous submission holds, and she definitely showed of her cocky side, because she took every opportunity to show off her dance skills. Its good to see Layla commit to this character! and I got to say I would of never thought Layla and Fandango was a good idea, but so far it works. Natalya was able to get back into the match up by counter most of Layla’s moves. She even hit Layla with that beautiful Discuss Clothesline! That has to be my favorite move of Nattie’s move set! Natalya was looking to lock in the Sharpshooter, but Layla managed to get out of it and lock Nattie in a headlock, but that came back to haunt her, as Natalya powered out and caught Layla in the Sharpshooter and forced her to tap out!

Winner & Moving on to Round 2 – Natalya

Rating – 7\10: Seeing two former Divas Champion face off on NXT is a treat! I could see both women facing off against Sasha Banks! Given Natalya’s history with The BFFs, it makes sense to have her win, but Layla replaced the head of The BFFs, Summer Rae, as Fandango’s dance partner, so maybe The BFFs could of gotten some revenge, but we know now for sure that in Round 2 Sasha Banks will face Natalya, and that is a huge match for Banks. I’m not sure if the two have faced off before, but I’m excited for this match!

Backstage Interview W/ Adrian Neville (c)

An Interviewer ask Neville about his Title Defense against Brodus Clay tonight. Neville tells the interviewer that his will not lose to a guy like Clay and says he did knock his teeth about but he got the replaced, but says the NXT title is irreplaceable, he also states tonight he won’t be him by count out, but in the middle of the ring by pin fall! You could feel the aggression and passion from Neville in the promo tonight!

Oliver Grey vs. Mojo Rawley 

I mentioned early some superstars were released from NXT not to long ago. Along with Danny Burch and Mason Ryan, another superstar that got released was Oliver Grey. Oliver Grey was once one half of the NXT Tag Team Champion with the current NXT World Champ, Adrian Neville! I believe they never lost those titles, instead they were force to vacate the titles after Grey tore is ACL at the hands of The Wyatt Family! Just a few weeks ago Grey returned to NXT and made his debut on the WWE Network in a match with Camacho, and to my surprise Camacho won! Now tonight Grey takes on the man who doesn’t get Hype, but stays Hype! Mojo Rawley! Grey’s entrance was different from his last one. It seems like he is playing the heel here, despite the fact how he was just a face a few weeks ago. The match was still nothing to special, Mojo dominated the majority of it. There is one thing I want to bring attention to though, and that is that Oliver Grey made Mojo look good tonight. He sold his moves very well and just made it seem like no matter what he did he just could not stop Mojo!

Winner – Mojo Rawley

Rating – 5\10: Nothing special here tonight, except that could quite possibly be Grey’s final match! After the match though, Aiden English came out and stated he will not tolerate fools anymore and Mojo Rawley is a fool. He demand Rawley get out of the ring, but Mojo turned his back to Aiden and Hyped of the fans. English took this opportunity to attack Rawley from behind, and just as it looked like English had gotten the upper hand, Mojo turned it around to his favor and took Aiden out by clothesling him over the ropes to the outside! So finally Mojo gets a rivalry, and I’m hoping we see more out of him! I want to like him, but as of right now, Nothing Mojo does entertains me!

No Disqualification Match for the NXT World Championship

Brodus Clay vs. Adrian Neville (c)

Our main event of the night is for the NXT World Championship! Brodus Clay came back to NXT to use it as his career launch pad after the WWE took everything away from him. He mad his intentions clear, he wanted the NXT World Championship and was going to destroy any body who stood in his way, especially Adrian Neville! The two faced off a couple weeks ago, and Neville got the victory via Count Out! Clay made it personal though and attacked Adrian backstage and knocked is teeth out forcing Neville to get fake teeth. Neville requested this match here tonight because he wants to prove he can beat Clay 1..2..3! Before the match can even start Clay grabbed the NXT Championship and began to taunt Neville with it, but The Champ was not having it as he quickly jumps and lands a forearm on Clay and began to take it him eventually sending Clay to the outside of the ring after Drop Kicking him off the apron! Clay did manage to get in control for the rest of the match as he continued to hit Neville with many slams from Belly to Bellies to “Better Than Batista” Power Bombs! It looked like Clay had won the match after hitting The Huge Splash from the top turnbuckle, but Neville managed to kick out! Clay looked to take advantage of the No DQ Rules and grabbed the NXT Championship, but it came back to haunt it as he let Neville catch his breath witch than allowed him to kick the title into Clay’s chest and hit The Red Arrow on Clay to retain his championship!

Winner & Still NXT World Champion – Adrian Neville

Rating – 6\10: Neville can sure take a beating, because he took many slams from Clay, but once again Neville proves his heart as he would not stay down for Clay and was even able to pull through and win! One has to wonder if this is the end of Clay vs. Neville! I can see it going on but if not who will step up and challenge Neville? or an even better question, Will Clay stay on NXT or fade away from competition! His best bet is to stay on NXT and become a monster on the show!

Superstar of the Night – Tyson Kidd

For the second week in a row Kidd picks up the superstar of the night award. Even though the show had many highlight from Sasha Banks and Kidd’s own wife Natalya moving on to Round 2 in the NXT Womens Championship tournament, but Adrian Neville successfully retained his championship against his biggest challenge yet, Brodus Clay. Tonight though, Kidd made the biggest splash. Tyson Kidd picked up a victory over the Former and Longest reigning NXT Champion Bo Dallas, and if you think about it with Bo’s debut coming up rather soon, its quite impressive to see Kidd manage to beat him, and no that it seems Neville is done with Clay, maybe Tyson is next in line for a World Championship shot! NXT: Take Over is not so far away!

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