WWE NXT 2-12-14- Building up to the Arrival!

Hello everybody on welcome to my review of the February 12th edition of WWE NXT! NXT is a program that showcases the up and coming talent from the WWE’s developmental territory. Now I would like to apologize for being a little late on this one, but as we get closer to the release of the WWE Network, we get even closer to NXT: Arrival, and tonight’s show is sure to build up to the historic event, so lets get started! 

Natalya, Bailey & Emma vs. The BFFs (Summer Rae & Sasha Banks) &Alicia Fox w/ Charlotte

We open up the night with some Diva action. It would seem like Alicia Fox is attempting to become a BFF (Beautiful Fierce Female). Emma has been gain quite a lot of momentum lately with her debut to the main roster and how she will challenge Paige (c) for the NXT Womens Championship at NXT Arrival, add in Bailey’s budding rivalry with BFFs and we got a pretty good opening bout. Now the actual match itself was kind of slow and it saw Bailey take most of the damage, but Summer Rae kept it interesting with her constant bullying while she beat down on Bailey. The match ended when The BFFs walked out Alicia Fox and Emma locked the former Divas Champion in the Emma Lock to pick up the win!

Winners- Natalya, Bailey & Emma

Rating- 5\10: Even though the match was slow, it still got its job done, Bailey’s feud with the BFFs continue and now there may be an ally in the future for Bailey in the former Divas Champion Alicia Fox, there has to be a reason why the left her. Of course Emma gained so more momentum as she heads for the biggest match of her career when she takes on the NXT Women’s Champion Paige (c) at NXT: Arrival!

Colin Cassady vs. Aiden English 

The rivalry between Aiden English and Colin Cassady has honestly been quite entertaining! We’ve seen Colin defeat Aiden in a sing off, than we have seen Aiden threaten a handicapped Enzo Amore, and than last week Colin cost Aiden a match against Tyson Kidd, so its only fitting to see these two face off for what I believe to be the second time. The match was okay, i was hoping to see much more for these two since there rivalry has been so entertaining! To me the match felt a bit sloppy and rushed. Aiden picked up the victory after hitting Colin with The Directors Cut for the three count!

Winner- Aiden English

Rating- 6\10: Aiden picked up the victory here tonight, but I have a feeling this rivalry is not over yet. The commentators made a strong emphasis on the fact how they feel Colin can’t defeat Aiden, and I sure hope this wasn’t the final nail in the coffin for the rivalry, because its been just to good for it to end in that match!

Sami Zayn Calls Out Antonio Cesaro

Sami comes out and talks about his career and how he always takes steps forward in his career, but than says that for the first time in his career that he can’t move forward, Zayn’s promo started off pretty good, but go boring after while, luckily Cesaro came down and him and Zayn started to speak going back and forth and keeping it interesting. At some point it seemed like Cesaro had changed his mind and the two were going to shake on it until the crowd took over by chanting Pinky Promise, and as the two were about to Pinky Promise, Cesaro kicked Zayn in the injured knee and told him his answer was still NO! Triple H than came down to the ring and explained that the NXT Universe wants to see the rematch and more importantly He (Triple H) wants to see it, so he made it official that at NXT: Arrival Sami Zayn and Antonio Cesaro will face off in a Two out of Three Falls Match!

Tye Dillinger vs. CJ Parker

Tye received no entrance, so right away you knew this was going to be quick, that is of course you here the music of CJ Parker. Parker who faced The Miz not to long ago and lost to him, is not set to take out all his frustrations on Tye Dillinger. The match was quick, but actually not bad for a jobber match. Parker hits The Third Eye for the three count, but the real breakout moment here was Parker’s post match promo. Parker officially turned heel as he bad month the NXT Universe and practically pushed his Hippy Life Style on us before blaming the NXT Universe for all the worlds problem (Ex: World hunger) and than at the end said if the NXT Universe doesn’t love him, than he doesn’t love the NXT universe!

Winner- CJ Parker

Rating- 4\10- Now the match got a low ranking, just because it was a jobber match. This is actually the highest I’ll rate a jobber match since there so quick, but Parker looked good tonight. A quick win and a great promo definitely makes me forget about his quick loss to The Miz, and hoping for big things for CJ Parker!

Jason Jordan & Marcus Lewie vs. The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Eric Rowan)

The Wyatt family makes there return and quick work of it to! Marcus Lewie got no action in as Luke and Eric completely demolished him to pick up the quick victory!

Winners- The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Eric Rowan)

Rating- 4\10: It was nice to see The Wyatt’s but a little bit of a waste to put them into a quick match, could of just given Bray the mic and have him deliver one of his creepy promos, but again it was nice to see them

Bray Wyatt Post Match Beatdown & Promo!

Bray ends the night but stepping in the ring and hitting Sister Abigail on Jason Jordan and than cuts a face (Good Guy) promo stating that The Wyatt’s have already injected their poison into the NXT Universe, but NXT will always be there home. As I said before it would of been nice if they would of just given Bray the mic and let him give  a long promo before the end, but it was a nice change to see Bray pull of a face promo!

Superstar of the Nigh- CJ Parker

What a turn around for CJ Parker. Just a few weeks ago Parker was quickly put away by The Miz, and it honestly looked like the WWE had no faith in him, but tonight a quick and one sided victory plus an excellent after match promo not only makes him the Superstar of the Night, but now he is on my radar and now that I know he can provide good results, I’m going to be expecting more from The Moon Child!


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1-29-14 WWE NXT Wrestling- S-A-W-F-T!

Hello everybody and welcome to my first review of the WWE’s ( World Wrestling Entertainment) show NXT. NXT is a show that revolves around the up and coming superstars in WWE’s developmental system, so without further to do, let’s start with the first match of the night!

The Ascension (C) vs. Mike Hugh-Laurie & John Ikarino.

We start of the night with some Tag Team action! The NXT Tag Champion, Conner O’Brian and Rick Victor make there way down to the ring to face the team of Mike Hugh-Laurie and John Ikarino who are already in the ring. The match it self was your average jobber match. There were some high points of the match such as Victors clothesline on Ikarino as he entered the ring, and Conner’s HUGE flying clothesline, but an relatively quick match showing us that the Tag Champs should be feared! The match ended when The Ascension hit The Fall of Man on John Ikariono for the three count.

Winners: The Ascension

Rating- 6/10: Even though it was a quick jobber match, it still showed off The Ascension as a strong team!

Sylvester Lefort Client Auditioning- Cal Bishop.

It would seem that Sylvester Lefort is still looking for a client to replace Alexander Rusev. The First of three auditions was all right. A Young man named Cal Bishop came in and expressed his interest in becoming Lefort’s client, but Sylvester took notice to Bishop’s cauliflower ears, and refused to put him on TV. Could of been a mistake on Lefort’s side considering there is another man who just so happens to have cauliflower ears who went on to have major success, and that man was Brock Lesnar!

Corey Graves vs. Camacho.

Corey Graves returns to the ring after being out because of an injury. Graves starts of by doing a nice interview before his match about how his former tag team partner Adrian Nevill tried to “End His Career” and telling the NXT universe that he will have his revenge. After he was done speaking out came Camacho and the match began. The match itself was honestly nothing special, it was quick and sloppy. Graves ended up winning the match by forcing Camacho to tap up to Lucky Number 13.

Winner: Corey Graves

Rating- 4/10: The match itself was honestly the worst match of the night, the only highlight here is Corey Graves promo before the match began, and that’s honestly where it should of ended!

Devin Taylor Interview with Antonio Cesaro.

Devin Taylor welcome Antonio Cesaro, and begins to ask him why he declined Sami Zayn’s challenge for yet another match between the two. Cesaro responds by saying that there doesn’t need to be a reason as to why, and end up saying he has better things to do and walks off. I have to say I really enjoyed this interview, not only did it show that Cesaro has more than wrestling skills, but it also made complete sense to me. Not every answer has to have a reason to it, and Antonio even said it himself, he has already beaten Zayn, and he has nothing left to prove.

Sylvester Lefort Client Auditioning- Sawyer Fulton. 

The second of three of Sylvester Lefort’s auditions was honestly a bit creepy to me. A strange looking man by the name of Sawyer Fulton came in and right away Sylvester was pleased because of his look, but than things became a bit unsettling as Fulton claimed he had no idea that Mr. Lefort was holding auditions with a smile on his face the whole time. Lefort ended up asking Sawyer Fulton to leave, and I for one am glad he did!

Bayley vs. Sasha Banks.

I love Bayley so much. She is just so adorable and I feel that she honestly has the best character in the Divas Division. For those who don’t know what her character is, basically she plays a character who is in love with the sport and gets Star Struck around her idols, such as the lady who accompanied her to the ring, Natalya! The Boss! Sasha Banks was not alone this week either as she was accompanied by both Summer Rae and Charlotte (Ric Flairs Daughter) otherwise knows as the BFF’s (Beautiful Fierce Females) The match was okay nothing to special. It did make sure to highlight Bayley’s hatred for Charlotte after she betrayed her to join the BFF’s. At one point in the match Charlotte got on the apron to distract Bayley, but Nattie came to her aid as she pulled Charlotte off, and honestly it looks like Charlotte to a nasty fall! Than Summer Rae came to Charlotte’s aid and took down Nattie, mean while in the ring Sasha Banks is talking smack, and it was just enough time for Bayley to catch her breath and hit Sasha with the Belly to Bayley for the win!

Winner: Bayley

Rating- 6/10- The match wasn’t as good as something Paige (C) or Emma could of pulled of, but Bayley’s character limits her from showing off how great of a wrestler she is. We saw a little more intensity out of Bayley than we usually do, and I for one liked it! and as of this review Bayley has defeated 2 out of 3 BFF’s (Summer Rae & Sasha Banks) and sooner or later Bayley will get her hands on the daughter of The Nature Boy! WOO!

Colin Cassady vs. Tyler Breeze.

Big Cass and “Prince Pretty” Tyler Breeze are set for one on one action, and I for one was really excited about this match, since I love both superstars! The match itself didn’t start off right away since Breeze as always had to check himself out a million times on his phone, but eventually Big Cass got tired and began to mock Breeze. This part was really entertaing as Cassady continues to show of his personality as a fan handed Cass his phone and Colin began to take Selfies of himself on the phone while mocking Tyler Breeze! I have to say I see a lot of Edge in Colin Cassady and I really feel he will be a big deal once he is called up to the WWE! Finally the match begins and majority of the match was all Big Cass, as he shows us not only does he have a great personality, but is a great wrestler to. We saw Breeze take some hard shots to the face from Big Cass, and even a huge boot! but as it looked like Cassady was going to put it away, Aiden English shows up on the tron and walks into Enzo Amore’s locker room (Colin Cassady’s tag partner) and distract Cassady long enough for Tyler Breeze to hit the Beauty Show for the win!

Winner: Tyler Breeze

Rating: 7/10- The match showed off both Big Cass and Tyler Breeze’s personality, ad it accomplished a lot! Even though majority of the match show Cassady beaten down on Breeze, it not only continued to show confidence in Breeze by further pushing him, but continued the feud between English and Cassady and showed that Enzo is not the only one in this team that has a personality!

Colin Cassady looks for Aiden English and Enzo Amore.

To follow up, after the commercial break we are treated to Colin Cassady rushing to Enzo’s locker room to check on him. Turns out Aiden just threatened Enzo, but I guess Mr. English doesn’t understand that threats do nothing but anger Enzo and Colin because they are Certified G’s! and it just proves that Aiden English is just S-W-A-F-T SAWWWFT!

CJ Parker vs. The Miz.

The Miz heads down to NXT to face CJ Parker, after the Moonshine Child slapped the former WWE Champion in the face last week! I have to say this match to absolutely nothing for Parker. It seems Parker is turning heel on the NXT universe, but looks like nothing is going to change for him. Parker got little to no offense on Miz, and was made to look week through the entirety of the match. Miz ends up making Parker tap out to the Figure Four Leglock. Parker has honestly never looked weaker than he did tonight, and after match beat down would of helped him a lot here, but tonight Parker just looked like another Jobber!

Winner- The Miz

Rating- 3/10- When I first saw this match, I felt like WWE had faith in CJ Parker since the sent The Miz down to go face him. I honestly thought I was going to see something good out of Parker tonight, but the only thing I saw was The Miz beating another jobber!

Sami Zayn Interview.

A brief and short interview were Sami states Antonio has every right to say no to his challenge, but aslo states that it is not going to stop him, and he goes on to invite Cesaro to come to the ring next week and say no to his face. Now I know I’m in the minority, but I just don’t see what everyone else see’s in Sami Zayn. He is a great wrestler, but he has no personality what so ever, similar to Daniel Bryan.

Sylvester Lefort Client Auditioning- Mason Ryan.

The final auditon of the night goes to Mason Ryan! We have seen Ryan and Lefort talk before, and Mason was not interested in join then, but it seems like he has changed his mind. Mason Ryan said he would work for Sylvester Lefort IF he can beat him in a match next week on NXT! If Lefort wants Ryan to be his new client he is going to need A LOT of luck!

Bo Dallas (C) & Adrian Neville Contract Signing.

Last week on NXT Adrian Neville earned to right to challenge for Bo Dallas’s NXT Championship on February 27th’s edition of NXT! so tonight it would appear they need to sign a contract. Adrian was out first, and than we waited for the champion, but he never showed up. Neville explained that i was okay, because he would still get his title match and he went on to sign the contract and told Renee Young to have Bo sign this when she sees him, but before Neville could leave, Bo Dallas’s music plays and he heads down to the ring with a mic in his hands, and states that he is not afraid of Adrian Neville and even goes on to say he is getting tired of him. Dallas told Neville to grab and chair and sit and watch what he was in for!

Bo Dallas (C) vs. Danny Burch

NXT’s resident jobber Danny Burch heads down to the ring, as he looks to upset the champ, but that was not going to happen at all, as Dallas made Burch look out of his league! Dallas quickly disposed of Burch and after he was done he told Neville to bring him the contract and that he would sign it now. Neville got in the ring and the two stared each other down before Bo signed the contract and hit Neville with a cheap shot. Dallas began to leave the ring, but Nevill soared through the ropes and took Neville down and the show ended with The Champion and Challenger brawling!

Winner- Bo Dallas

Rating- 5\10: Even though the match was a straight jobber match, it accomplished what it needed to do and that was make Bo look strong. We saw a new side out of Dallas tonight, he is never really this aggressive! 

Overall I’d say this weeks NXT show was okay. Nothing to special, but it was a decent show. Overall I’d give this weeks NXT an 7\10. There were to many jobber matches on this show from The Ascension match all the way to Bo Dallas vs Danny Burch, but matches such as Bayley vs Sasha Banks and Tyler Breeze vs Colin Cassady helped this show improve. The one thing this show did do correct was further rivalries, because tonight the rivalries between, Antonio Cesaro & Sami Zayn, Bayley & The BFF’s, Colin Cassady and Aiden English and Adrian Neville’s rivalries with Bo Dallas and Corey Graves were progressed her tonight, and I for one cannot wait to see what happens on the next episode of NXT. I’ll see you guys NXT Week!-Steve

Superstar of the night- Colin Cassady 


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