Pixels: Adam Sandler Screws With Our Childhood…Again

Hello everybody! We are back from a little intermission and for our first new movie show we have Pixels!



DIRECTED: Chris Columbus

STARRING: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Michelle Monaghan, Peter Dinklage, Josh Gad, Brian Cox, Ashley Benson, Jane Krakowski

GENRE: Science Fiction, Comedy

YEAR: 2015

COUNTRY: United States, China, Canada

maxresdefault (1)As kids in the 1980s, Sam Brenner (Adam Sandler), Will Cooper (Kevin James), Ludlow Lamonsoff (Josh Gad), and Eddie “The Fire Blaster” Plant (Peter Dinklage) saved the world thousands of times at 25 cents a game in the video arcades. Now, they’re going to have to do it for real. In Pixels, when intergalactic aliens discover video feeds of classic arcade games and misinterpret them as a declaration of war, they attack the Earth, using the video games as the models for their assaults — and now-U.S. President Cooper must call on his old-school arcade friends to save the world from being destroyed by PAC-MAN, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Centipede, and Space Invaders. Joining them is Lt. Col. Violet Van Patten (Michelle Monaghan), a specialist supplying the arcaders with unique weapons to fight the aliens.

Alright, so I was very hesitant to watch Pixels, especially since I hate Adam Sandler soooo much, especially here on Media in Review. Unfortunately, Sandler and company actually managed to impress me just a bit. I was glad to see a bunch of my favorite classics on the big screen in all of its amazingly animated glory. While the story for the most part was complete garbage, it definitely had its moments.

pixels-movie-trailer-large-10Of course though, Adam Sandler has unfettered access to even the most secure of places…the White House…seriously? It just shows how ingrained Sandler is into our movie viewing society.  I enjoyed everyone’s performances except for Sandler and James, mainly because I am tired of seeing Sandler as the hero. Don’t even get me started on Kevin James as President…what the hell were they thinking?



  • Nostalgia…
  • Classic video games!
  • Supporting cast performances.
  • Soundtrack.


  • Adam Sandler is yet another hero.
  • Kevin James as the President? BWAHAHA
  • Main cast performances.

SCORE: 6.0 / 10

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Cube: Plenty of Fear and Paranoia

Hello everybody! For our movie club this week, we have yet another psychological horror! The iconic Cube.



DIRECTED: Vincenzo Natali

STARRING: Nicole de Boer, Nicky Guadagni, David Hewlett, Andrew Miller, Julian Richings, Wayne Robson, Maurice Dean Wint

GENRE: Science Fiction, Psychological Thriller

YEAR: 1997


Six different people, each from a very different walk of life, awaken to find themselves inside a giant cube with hwt3syxct00cvivpkm82thousands of possible rooms. Each has a skill that becomes clear when they must band together to get out: a cop, a math whiz, a building designer, a doctor, an escape master, and a disabled man. Each plays a part in their thrilling quest to find answers as to why they’ve been imprisoned.

Now what did I like about Cube. For being such a low budget film, I was surprised how well done of a job Vincenzo Natali did. The story is rather interesting, as you don’t often mix sci-fi, horror, and mystery all together. At least it kept me entertained throughout the entire movie. The visuals and special effects were not half bad either, as I thoroughly enjoyed just looking at the general set design. For how dumb Cube appears to be, underneath all of the layers is a relatively smart film.

cube3To be honest, I almost wasn’t going to watch Cube for our movie club. It is a film series that I am not really into, unfortunately. While I know it is low budget, for the most part it nails it on the head pretty well, except for the acting. Not necessarily the actors themselves, but the characters they portray are absolutely horrendous.  This is only made worse when the actors completely overact their roles. They could also have used a different motif for the characters decent into madness, instead of just crazy eyes. We might continue watching the Cube series in the future, if there is enough demand for me to continue.


  • Genre mixes.
  • Interesting story.
  • Set design/special effects.
  • Smart film under all the layers.


  • Not my cup of tea.
  • Overacting.
  • Easily dis-likable characters.
  • Overused motif.

SCORE: 6.5/10

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Brick Mansions: Escape From Detroit with Paul Walker

Hello everybody! For today’s new movie show we have one of Paul Walker’s last films Brick Mansions.



DIRECTOR: Camille Delamarre

STARRING: Paul Walker, David Belle, RZA

GENRE: Action

YEAR: 2014

COUNTRY: United States, France, Canada

In 2018, in a dystopian Detroit, abandoned brick mansions left from better times now house only the most dangerous criminals. Unable to control the crime, the police have constructed a colossal containment wall around this area to protect the rest of the city. For undercover cop Damien Collier (Paul Walker), every day is a battle against corruption. For ex-convict Lino (David Belle), every day is a fight to live an honest life. Their paths never should have crossed, but when drug kingpin Tremaine (RZA) kidnaps Lino’s girlfriend, Damien reluctantly accepts Lino’s help and together they struggle to stop a sinister plot that involves a stolen bomb set to destroy the entire city.

Eventually, with the help of Lino and Tremaine, Damien realizes that his father was killed by his fellow officers and that the mayor was behind the plot. Damien, Lino and Tremaine confront the mayor and manage to prove his true intentions and have him removed from office. Brick Mansions is welcomed back into the city, with Damien and Lino continuing their friendship.


Brick Mansions or Escape from Detroit, yeah lets start with that. Brick Mansions is a fun, stupid movie that if you just want to turn your brain off for a few hours and tune in for some awesome and ridiculous action, then this is the perfect film for you. Mindless action and plenty of parkour, I can’t forget about the parkour. On a side note, the two main stars, Walker and Belle, actually have some pretty decent chemistry with each other.


That’s as far as all the good elements go I am afraid.Brick Mansions is a forgettable action flick with actually decent casting. The film’s story overall is nothing notable, but it is just enough. Honestly Brick Mansions is just one film that I actually don’t have much to say about it. Maybe I will keep my mouth shut, or not…


  • Plenty of action.
  • Good chemistry.
  • Parkour.


  • Turn your brain off.
  • Lackluster story.
  • Escape from Detroit anyone?

SCORE: 5.5 / 10

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