WWE NXT |4-24-14| For the Good of NXT?

Hello my friends and welcome to my review of April 24th’s edition of NXT! Tonight on NXT The NXT General Manger, John “Bradshaw” Layfield has an announcement regarding Paige’s NXT Womens Championship! Also the advertised main event of the night is WWE Tag Team Champions, The Usos teaming up with Sami Zayn to take on Corey Graves on The NXT Tag Team Champions, The Ascension in a Six Man Tag Match!

Backstage Segment with JBL and Paige (c)

JBL tells Paige he needs to talk to her about something. He takes notice of both the NXT Womens Championship and the WWE Divas Championship on Paige’s shoulder and says that’s a good problem to have, but sadly he has bad news. With Paige defending the Divas championship all over the world on Raw and Smackdown its not fair to NXT for her to be carrying the NXT title around. Paige at first declines and expresses that he is not going to take away what he has fought so hard for, Bradshaw goes on to explain he has set up a tournament to determine the next Womens Champ and expresses they have big shoes to fill, Paige reluctantly hands over the belt and says let the games begin. The honestly does not make sense to me, we have seen WWE Divas like Natalya and Summer Rae challenge for the NXT Womens Championship, what would of happened if they won? Would the strip them of it right away? I guess WWE want it to seem like Paige is unbeatable, but I would of preferred her take the loss and give another Diva a rub!

Alexander Rusev W/Lana vs. Travis Tyler

Lana comes out and hypes of Rusev in Russian, and than Rusev made his way to the ring, while Travis Tyler awaits him. Tyler got off and early dropkick, but that was about it! Rusev dominated Tyler with many hard hitting strikes and numerous slams, all while the crowd chanted many things starting with Adam Rose’s theme song and even The Iron Shiek while Rusev locked in The Accolade to pick him up the victory.

Winner – Alexander Rusev

Rating – 5\10: Just another typical jobber match we have grown accustomed so seeing. Rusev is now dominating WWE talent so it makes sense the Travis Tyler wouldn’t put up a fight. The WWE really wants to get Rusev over and its smart to show him off as much as they can on house shows and NXT. The crowd seemed kind of iffy on Rusev tonight. They didn’t to be to into the match, probably because they already knew the out come, but the USA chant towards the end shows Rusev is getting over, and WWE is accomplishing their mission

Backstage Interview W/ Adam Rose

Devin Taylor is standing by awaiting the arrival of Adam Rose as a party ensues behind her, Adam is carried in by four big guys, he shhs the party as he talks to Devin about Camacho and the comments he made toward Adam. Adam responds by calling Camacho at Party Pooper and says he is boring and even goes on to challenge Camacho and ends it off by telling him to not be a Lemon, but a Rose Bud!

The BFFs (Charlotte & Sasha Banks) vs. Emma & ???

Charlotte and Sasha make their way down to the ring, and next out is Emma, and than we await for her Mystery Tag Partner while we go to commercial, and after the commercial break, the match has already started and we see Emma’s tag team partner is The WWE Divas Champion and Now the Former NXT Divas Champion, Paige. Charlotte looked good tonight as she took it to both Paige and Emma here, Sasha also got some of her moves in, but honestly we did not get to see much from Emma or Paige. Charlotte locked in a Scissor Lock on Emma, as she wrapped her legs around Emma’s throat. Emma fought hard to get out and avoid a elbow drop from Charlotte, both Charlotte and Emma made a tag to their partners, and Paige began to take it to Sasha, and it looked like Paige was getting read to lock in her Scorpion Crosslock, but Charlotte rushed in a drop kicked the back of Paige’s leg while avoiding and tossing Emma to the outside of the ring. Sasha tagged in Charlotte and The Dirtiest Diva in the Game ran and hit Paige with the Front Flip DDT and covered The Divas Champion for the three!

Winners – The BFFs (Charlotte & Sasha Banks)

Rating – 6\10: It was kind of strange how we did not get to see Paige’ entrance. I was honestly surprised to see her, I thought Emma’s partner was going to be Baylee, Charlotte looked good her tonight as she took it to two of the WWE’s Main Roster Divas! I know who won’t be getting the Superstar of the Night Award tonight, Paige! Paige not only gave up her NXT Women’s Championship here tonight, but was pinned cleanly tonight by Charlotte. It would appear The Daughter of The Nature Boy is destined to become the NXT Womens Champion, and a victory over the current WWE Divas Champion and former NXT Womens Champion, makes her the heavy favorite to win the upcoming NXT Womens Championship Tournament 

Tyson Kidd vs. Mason Ryan

Before this match, it was announced Tyson would be in action next, but I was not expecting his opponent to be Mason Ryan! Ryan has been building up quite an impressive list of victories in NXT, but Tyson Kidd has to be Mason’s toughest challenge yet. Mason dominated Kidd early on with his strength and counter Tyson every step of the way, but Kidd came back with his speed and high flying ability! Thew two went back in forth, but as the commentators pointed out Mason allowed Tyson to catch his breath and it came back to haunt him when Kidd moved out of the way and Ryan went chest first into the turnbuckle, Tyson climbed to the top of the turnbuckle and hit Ryan with a Front Flip Neck breaker for the three.

Winner – Tyson Kidd

Rating – 5\10: These two put on a decent match, but it wasn’t great! The mix between Ryan’s strength and Tyson’s speed made this match entertaining, as it was cool to see Tyson try to use his speed against Ryan, but Mason just countering him every step of the way. Renee Young joined Tyson on the entrance way and congratulated Tyson on the win and said it was great to have him back. Tyson hyped NXT and said with some many eyes on NXT ever since the launch of the WWE Network, NXT has had more eyes on it than ever before, and expresses that this is the re birth of Tyson Kidd! So it would seem like Kidd is going to use NXT to gain some popularity, and its not a bad idea we have seen Brodus Clay do it, so i’m excited for Tyson because he is a great talent and is sure to put on some great matches on NXT!

Angelo Dawkins vs. Tyler Breeze 

This is the first time were getting a look at Angelo Dawkins, he has very generic theme music but he does have this interesting skater look to him, but out next is Prince Pretty, Tyler Breeze! Before the match starts we hear the crowd chanting Breeze is gorgeous! Dawkins get the early control on Breeze taking him down with the most basic of slams. Breeze made his way to the ropes witch forced Dawkins to let go, and Breeze his a cheap shot and led the rest of the match with numerous hard hitting strikes, along with a very long headlock. Breeze kept it entertaining though as he screamed “Don’t touch me” to Dawkins every time he touched him. Breeze than forced Dawkins up to his feet before hitting him with The Beauty Shot for the win!

Winner – Tyler Breeze

Rating – 4\10: Not really a good match here, it was honestly the most basic of matches possible. We saw beginner slams from Dawkins, some punches from Breeze along with a headlock and The Beauty Shot. I know Tyler has more in him, but it seems he is on the beat jobber path right now as it would seem like creative has nothing for him to do. I don’t know if Dawkins is still green or not, but I would like to see more from him to be honest, because his look really caught my eye!

Brodus Clay Highlight 

We are shown the match from last week between Clay and NXT World Champion, Adrian Neville, it would appear backstage Brodus Clay attacked Adrian Neville backstage and Neville actually lost teeth. I don’t know if he had fake teeth there, but there were teeth on the ground and Neville was missing theme, than again now that I think about it he wasn’t bleeding, so maybe he really is missing his teeth there or just has fake ones, but either way Brodus was made to look like a threat, even though he suffered a loss to Neville!

Corey Graves & The Ascension (c) (Konner O’Brian & Rick Viktor) vs. Sami Zayn & The Usos (c) (Jimmy & Jey Uso)

It is now time for our main event out first was Corey Graves and he was followed by the NXT Tag Team Champions, The Ascension, and than their opponents, first was Sami Zayn and than the WWE Tag Team Champion, The Usos! We start off with One of the Usos along with Rick Viktor! The two traded blows, but it was The Uso who got the advantage on Viktor, until Graves tagged himself in. Zayn begged to get in the match, and The Uso tagged him in, but Graves avoided Zayn and tagged on Konner. Konner dominated Zayn, before Graves once again tagged himself in. Zayn began to take it to Graves and eventually tagged in Jey Uso. Jey was taking it to Graves, but Corey was able to land a shoulder block to the leg of Uso and tagged in Konner, and both Konner and Viktor traded tags as the took turns beating down on Jey. Jey Uso had many close calls to tag in his partners, but The Ascension and Corey Graves made it priority to keep Jey in. Jey did however finally make the tag to his brother Jimmy after quickly crawling through the legs of Viktor, and things began to look good for the Usos and Zayn. Graves eventually got the tag and this is where things began to heat up and Sami was able to tag himself in without Graves noticing and caught Corey off guard with a huge Cross Body and almost picked up the victory, he than went for the running boot into the turnbuckle, but Graves managed to move out of the way but he couldn’t rest for long as Zayn hit an impressive power bomb on Graves and almost picked up the victory but Te Ascension rushed in and broke up the pin. One of The Usos and Zayn took The Ascension out of the equation and Zayn ran at Corey and hit him with The Big Boot in the Turnbuckle, One of the Usos tagged himself in while Zayn and the Other Uso jumped over the ropes to the outside to take out The Ascension while The Legal Uso in the ring hit Corey Graves with The Splash from the top rope to pick up the win!

Winner – The Usos (c) & Sami Zayn

Rating – 7\10: I’ve been saying for weeks I want to see The Ascension get challenged and finally a challenge is put before them. Not only did they have to take on the impressive Sami Zayn, but also took on The Current WWE Tag Team Champions, Jimmy & Jey Uso! It was hard hitting and back and forth. Both teams had their chance to shine, and we may have gotten a preview of a future rivalry over the WWE Tag Titles between The Usos and The Ascension! It’s not often The Tag Champs taste to defeat so it will be interesting to see how they respond to that! On the other side, the rivalry between Sami Zayn and Corey Graves has yet another chapter added to it, as Zayn was able to get some well deserve revenge on Corey Graves!

Superstar of the Night – Tyson Kidd

Tonight NXT didn’t really have much of a pop! The only real big announcement is that Paige is no longer the NXT Womens Champion, but tonight we may have seen a new beginning for Tyson Kidd. Kidd has all the talent in the world and it deserves to be shown, and with NXT be more of a wrestling based show over Raw and Smackdown, this is the perfect place of Kidd. Tonight he picked up an impressive victory of Mason Ryan who is no easy match up. Hopefully Kidd NXT is the platform that finally shows The WWE Universe how good Tyson really is!

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WWE NXT |4-10-14|- They Stoped Bo-Lieving!


Hello my friends and welcome to my review of April 10ths edition of NXT. This week, a special announcement by Bo Dallas is being hyped! So let’s see what the Former NXT World Champion had to say!

Adam Rose vs. Danny Burch

We start off the night with The Party Man himself! Adam Rose, I know The Adam Rose character is still really early into its role, but he already has me hooked along with the NXT Universe! Whether Rose goes on to be a World Champion or a Jobber in the WWE, one this is for sure, his entrance will always be remembered. Most entrances that are memorable are the creepy ones such as, The Undertaker’s Kane,s and even The Boogeyman’s, so it’s nice to see an entrance that doesn’t rely on the dark and is just a party all the way down to the ring! Rose takes on a regular in the NXT jobber department, Danny Burch. As you would expect with this match, it was mostly Rose, but Burch did get in a few chops I believe, but Adam dominated Burch for the majority of the match, up until he landed an impressive looking flying forearm onto the face of Danny Burch to cover him for the three!

Winner – Adam Rose

Rating – 5\10: Just your basic jobber match here. Burch provided little to no damage to Rose in this match. It seems like Rose is all about fun in the beginning of the matches, but once you piss him off you unlock the other side of him. I’ll be the first to admit, in ring, there is a lot to be desired from Adam Rose, but his character is so fun! We recently so a Vignette for the debut of Adam Rose to the main roster this past Monday Night Raw, and I’ll be the first to say, I think it is a great idea! The way the crowds have been reacting to talent lately really leaves me with high hopes for this one. I can see the crowd singing Rose’s theme during his matches and even chanting his name. I’ll be honest, his popularity may propel him to the Upper Mid-Card Scene/Main Event Scene quick!

Devin Taylor Interviews Corey Graves

Before Graves is interviewed, Devin interviews The Ref of last weeks match against Sami Zayn and Corey Graves. The Ref goes on to explain that Sami was unresponsive to him and he had to end the match. Than Graves is interviewed about the match, Graves goes on to cut an impressive promo practically stating that a win is a win, no matter what happens!

Bayley vs. Sasha Banks w/ Charlotte

Next up we have some Divas action, and with Paige winning the Divas Championship this past Monday Night Raw, I look for her to drop the NXT Womens Championship very soon, and two names you don’t hear brought up a lot for the possible next Womens Champion, both Bayley and Sasha Banks have been very impressive. A couple of weeks ago Bayley picked up the victory over Banks, and Sasha has been on quite of a losing streak lately, but tonight she is looking to end that, and with Charlotte by her side, this should be easy, but Bayley puts up the fight to Sasha and honestly she looks really good in the ring. Bayley showed of some great skills tonight as she reversed majority of Banks moves, and when things started to look bad for Bayley, she got out of Banks Choke Hold and turned it into The Belly to Bailey to pick up yet another win over “The Boss” Sasha Banks!

Winner- Bayley

Rating – 6\10: Bayley got to show off a lot more of her move set tonight, and honestly with both Paige and Emma debuting on the main roster, look for Bayley to take over as the main face of the NXT Womens Divsion. Banks is also impressive, but as of late she has been reduced to Enhancement Talent. I still expect Charlotte to take the Womens Championship away from Paige, but expect Bayley and quite possible Sasha Banks face off with “The Dirtiest Diva in the Game” Charlotte for the championship in the future

Sylvester Lefort vs. Mojo Rawley

It has been awhile since we have seen Lefort, I guess he has finally healed from his battle with Mason Ryan..to bad he is taking on Mojo Rawley tonight, and here is a fun fact about Mojo Rawley, He does not get hype, HE STAYS HYPE! We have seen Mojo squash superstar after superstar, and its obvious the NXT Universe is behind him. I just wish we could see more from him. I was hoping since Mojo was taking on a guy with a name it would be a little match, but Mojo completely stomped over Lefort here. Easy Victory!

Winner – Mojo Rawley

Rating – 4\10: Unlike the NXT Universe, I’m not that into Mojo. I see potential in him, but he just won’t show it. Week after week I sit through watching Mojo pull off the same match over and over and over again, and its getting boring. I wanna see Mojo in a fight! and I hope it happens soon!

Brodus Clay Promo

Brodus comes down to the ring and further beats up on Sylvester Lefort, hitting a huge Powerbomb followed by a Splash off the top turnbuckle. He than got on the mic and expressed his anger about when John Cena and Triple H publicly endorsed Adrian Neville, he than calls out Neville, and Neville comes out. The NXT Champion and Brodus exchange words, and it seemed like they were about to brawl, but Brodus expressed only on his time as he exited the ring. I’m still pretty excited about this feud, and I’m glad Brodus is getting to show his better half!

Devin Taylor Interviews Oliver Grey

Oliver Grey is finally back, and was set to be interviewed by Devin Taylor, but Camacho of all people comes in claiming there is a poser in NXT and his name is Adam Rose. Camacho than goes on to cut a decent promo…at best about how Life is not about partying, its about hard work and he has been in all this hard work or something like that. Grey than interrupts him and says he should not worry about Rose, because he can’t think of a better way to come back to NXT than by facing him next week on NXT! I’ve admittedly never seen Oliver Grey, sadly I did not watch NXT at that time, mainly because I didn’t know how to, but its great to see him back. Camacho got to step out of his comfort zone today and got on the mic. It wasn’t a bad promo for his first time, but he’ll need to work on that, but it seems Camacho is set for two feuds now, one against Oliver Grey and the other against The So Called Poser! Adam Rose!

Devin Taylor Interviews The Great Khali

Devin as Khali how he feels now that he is on NXT for the first time. Khali said something, I’m pretty sure he said he was good? Luckily Bayley came running up and gave Khali a huge hug, and than enters Cj Parker, who hopes Khali recycles, because he guarantees Khali produces 3 times more waste than one person. Khali than apparently speaks some Punjab, witch Bayley is able to translate, telling Parker Khali will see him in the ring next week. I sure hope they give Cj the win next week, because he is proving to be pretty good on the mic and he really needs a big win!

Bo Dallas Promo

Dallas comes down to the ring, and gets on the mic and begins to talk about how there is a lot of people in the back think there next in line for a NXT Title match, but it’s Still Bo Time. Bo than asks everyone if they have heard of The Yes Movement, he than went on to say Daniel Bryan Occupied Raw and got a World Championship, and he is on a B+ player. Bo than asks his Bo-Lievers to help him occupy NXT. The NXT turns its back on Bo, and the former NXT World Champ breaks down for so long we had to go to commercial break, but once we came back, Bo didn’t cry for to long as the General Manger of NXT, John “Bradshaw” Layfield came out and told Bo that was the worst occupy movement he has ever seen, and says he won’t be getting his title shot but he will have a match enxt

Bo Dallas vs. Justin Gabriel

The Capetown Werewolf comes down to the ring and this should be a great match! Dallas whined at first expressing he doesn’t want to face Gabriel, and states he wants Neville. Gabriel gets the early offense in with some stiff kicks to the thighs of Dallas. Bo looked off his game tonight, and as he shoudl considering he is on a downward spiral right now, but Dallas did not let it effect him too bad as he fought back into the match up. The two superstars went back in forth, getting numerous near falls. The match started to heat up towards the end as Gabriel got to show off his high flying skills, but they weren’t enough as Dallas hit his Underhook DDT to cover Gabriel for the three

Winner – Bo Dallas

Rating – 6\10: Bo still looking good even without the gold on his waist! I’ll be the first to admit, I was worried about where Bo would fit in, but it seems Dallas is in store for some big things. Just this past Monday a vignette was aired about Bo Dallas’s debut to the main roster, tonight we got to see a new side to the Bo Dallas character, becuase now his Bo-Lievers have turned thier back on him, but with an impressive victory over Justin Gabriel. I’m sured he gained some more Bo-Lievers!

Superstar of the Night – Bo Dallas

Tonight, no one really stood out. Honestly this wasn’t the best NXT! With Bo really being in the only match that wasn’t practically a squash, he was really the only one qualified. Along with this change to his character and his debut in the WWE coming up things are looking up for Bo Dallas. Just goes to show what happens when you Don’t Stop Bo-Lieving!

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WWE NXT – 4-2-14 – Is Zayn 100%?

Hello my friends, and welcome to my review of April 2nd’s edition of WWE NXT! Tonight advertised main event is Sami Zayn vs. Corey Graves!

Zayn returns to action this week and is out for revenge against the man who injured him Corey Graves! Let’s get this one started!

Emma vs. Sasha Banks W/ Charlotte

We get to start off the night with some WWE Divas! As The leader of The Emmalution, Emma takes on The Boss! Sasha Banks! Now a couple weeks okay Sasha Banks tag team partner, Charlotte picked up a victory over Emma, with admittedly a little help from Sasha, but tonight Emma is looking to redeem her loss and get a little revenge on the person who cost her the match! Now I would like to point out how aggressive Sasha was early on, she just looks vicious in there as she strikes Emma! At one point in the match WWE Legend William Regal said he believes Sasha Banks is over looked and said Sasha will be a main component in the WWE Divas division for a long time! and that is a huge sign of respect from Mr. Regal! Unfortunately Sasha, tonight was not that night for her to take over The Divas Division, as Emma took it to Sasha and even turned The BFF’s plans against them when Banks accidentally knocked Charlotte off the apron! Emma was able to lock in the Emma Lock to force Sasha Banks to tap out!

Winner – Emma

Rating – 5\10: This match was decent, not incredible happened her, but it wasn’t a bad match to watch! As I mention before William Regal said that Sasha Banks had a huge future ahead of her! Well I can’t predict The Future but if Sasha does not improve in the ring I’m afraid she may not be going anywhere any time soon! I’m not saying she is bad, but there is just nothing impressive going on. She certainly has the personality to be in the WWE, she just needs to improve in the ring, or get a better move set! but until than, I don’t see what Regal sees!

Mojo Rawley Video Package

We are shown another video package of Mojo, nothing to special here. I do want to point out thought, that it seems like WWE has big things in mind for Mojo as we are constantly seeing him in either matches or video packages every single week! So I’m interested to see where this goes!

The Ascension (c) (Konner O’Brian & Rick Viktor) vs. Jack Hearly & John Vandal

Yay! Once again we are treated to the NXT Tag Team Champions battle a team of Jobbers. These matches are just getting repetitive week in and week out! So onto the match. There wasn’t one, this was complete domination as Viktor forced Vandal into the ring by tossing Hearly into his gut for the tag, so that was interesting never seen a tag like that. Than the beat down began for Vandal as Viktor and Konner took turns tearing him apart. The match ended as Konner and Viktor hit The Fall of Man for the Three Count!

Winners – The Ascension (c)

Rating – 4\10: As entertaining as it is to watch The Ascension completely dominate their opponents, I don’t want to watch it every week! I understand their isn’t much to the NXT Tag Division with the current reigning champs as the only legit team in the divsion, but I need some more. I wanna watch The Ascension have a hard hitting brawl with another team that takes them to the limit, not just a one sided beat down! The NXT Universe love this team, I’m heavily invested in them, but I want to see more, and of course with rumors running rampant that The Ascension will be heading to the main roster after Wrestlemania, more may be on the way for Konner and Viktor!

Xavier Woods vs. Brodus Clay

Nice to see Brodus Clay tonight, as he travels down from the WWE Main Roster to finish his feud with Xavier Woods awhile back. Now when Brodus first turned heel back in January I wanna say, I was excited because I’ve seen him as a heel before and I knew it was his strong point! but than he was never featured on WWE TV, so we never got to see his heel persona unless you watched Main Event or Superstars! Tonight though we get to see the heel persona at its best he took it to Xavier hitting numerous hard hitting manuevers! Xavier fought back though, but it wasn’t enough as a stiff headbutt followed by a “Better Than Batista” Powerbomb and than HUGE SPLASH from the top rope to get him the win over his old rival. but what happened next is unexpected as Brodus ask for the mic and begins to cut a promo stating the WWE took everything away from him, His Music, His Girls, His Tag Team Partner, and most importantly His Pride! he than goes onto state that he is doing the taking now and lays out a challenge to Neville saying he is going to take the NXT Championship away from him!

Winner – Brodus Clay

Rating – 5\10: The match itself wasn’t to entertaining as it was Clay beating down on Woods. Clay did hit an impressive headbutt and even a beautiful powerbomb, but what shines the most was that top rope splash! Not many men his side can do that! The most impressive part of the match was Clay’s promo as he practically challenged Neville for the Championship! Brodus Clay was the last person I expected Neville to face, but I gotta say I’m ready to see how Neville responds!

Backstage Interview with Adrian Neville (c)

Devin Taylor welcomes our guest The NXT World Champion Adrian Neville. Devin congratulates Neville on retaining his championship against Bo Dallas last week on NXT, Neville thanks her but says he wants to talk about other things, such as Brodus Clay’s recent statement! Neville goes on to have his best promo to date as he talks about NXT being The Future of the WWE and says if you want a shot you have to earn it and ir/when you do, I’ll be here waiting! One of the best promos to date that Neville has done, and I’m ready for this feud!

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Tyler Breeze

It was announced earlier in the night that Tyler Breeze had entered the building and now Prince Pretty is about to enter the NXT Ring to face Yoshi Tatsu, who has been on the losing side in matches against Corey Graves! Tonight was not Yoshi’s night, he provided no challenge to Breeze, and Tyler easily defeated him here tonight! Tyler was very aggressive throughout that match, and this seem to be a recurring theme here now as the commentators even mentioned that Breeze no longer cares about getting hit in the face. Breeze forced Tatsu up to his feet and hit The Beauty Shot for the win!

Winner – Tyler Breeze

Rating – 5\10: While it was great to see Breeze dominate here tonight, it feels like every match has been that way. We have seen The Ascension and Brodus Clay beat their opponents with great ease, and so did Breeze. This is a new side of Breeze that I am enjoying very much, and so is the NXT Universe! The Gorgeous One could be on his way to the NXT Championship soon! as the commentators made sure to mention Breeze’s issues with the NXT Champion, Adrian Neville!

Backstage Interview with Sami Zayn

A short interview between Devin Taylor and Sami Zayn here. Zayn comments that he feels fine and that he was cleared tonight, and the only one who has anything to worry about is Corey Graves. This promo is not one of Sami’s best, not that there is many in his best, but this one just felt really rushed!

Backstage Exclusive with Corey Graves

Right after the interview with Sami Zayn we are shown a backstage exclusive with Corey Graves as he is asked about his match with Zayn. Graves calls Zayn NXT’s resident underdog and than tells us a story about an Underdog who wander to far into the Forrest and got his paw stuck in a bear trap, and than it got dark and out came the wolves, and than says the wolf is out and this isn’t going to be pretty!

Backstage Exclusive with Paige (c)

After being shown a video montage about Paige, we are shown a Backstage Exclusive with her as she is asked about Charlotte coming at her at NXT: Arrival. Paige goes onto express she knew she was going to have problems but is very angry that Charlotte wouldn’t even let her have her moment after retaining her Womens Championship at NXT:Arrival. She than goes on to tell Charlotte to stop hiding behind her daddy(WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair) and face her in the ring one on one! A Nice promo here by Paige that further build into her feud with Charlotte!

Corey Graves vs. Sami Zayn

It is now time for our main event and this rivalry has really heated up. It all started back when Corey Graves made his debut on the WWE Network and called out Sami Zayn, the two later fought in the main event and Zayn picked up the victory. Graves got his revenge the next week by attacking Sami from behind on his way out to the ring and slamming Sami’s head into the steel turnbuckle post. Zayn was cleared for action tonight and he is looking for revenge. Early on the match Graves postponed the fighting as he laid back into turnbuckle and avoided Sami in every legal way possible. Sami did end up getting the upper hand on Graves and took it to him. Zayn wailed Corey with lefts and rights, and he even hit a beautiful swanton flip over the top rope to the outside on top of Graves, but this is where the downfall happened as Zayn started to feel the effects of his recent concussions and Graves took full control over that as he locked in numerous headlocks that at one point earned a chant from NXT crowd as the chanted “We Love Headlocks” Zayn fought out of the headlocks and swung aimlessly around obviously feeling the effects of the concussion. Sami got in a few big moves and even kicked out a ton of times, but Graves kept taking it to Sami’s head in every way possible and eventually after hitting a stiff punch to the side of Sami’s face, he knocked him down and locked in Lucky Number 13, but the refree called the match before Sami could tap out, because Zayn was unconscious. Giving the win to Corey Graves!

Winner – Corey Graves

Rating – 6\10: I had high hopes for this match but it really didn’t deliver. The early going were entertaining, but watching Graves hold Sami in a headlock for 10 minutes in not entertaining and earning a chant from the crowd where the say “We Love Headlocks” can not be a good thing. The only thing this match really showed off was how much heart and resiliency Sami Zayn has and how heartless Corey Graves can be. Graves showed no remorse to Sami as he hit numerous stiff shots to the head of Sami Zayn, but Zayn showed off his heart as he fought through his previous concussion and battle Graves for as long as he could. I’m interested to see what happens next. I suspect Zayn will be out of action for awhile, so we will to wait and see what happens next I suppose!

Superstar of the Night: Brodus Clay

Even though Corey Graves was supposed to be the highlight tonight, he ends up just missing the spot with the admittedly boring main event night. Even though it was supposed to show how heartless Graves is, we already kind of new. On the other Brodus Clay comes away with the surprise superstar of the night as he picks up an easy victory over old rival Xavier Woods and even cut a nice promo afterwards and practically challenging Adrian Neville for the NXT Championship!


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